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Publication Order of The Dark Elite Books

Dark Elite Series

Dark Elite is a trilogy of fantasy books by Chloe Neill. The series features Lily Parker as the main character, one of the Adept members a group of high school kids with magical powers whose sole purpose is to protect Chicago from supernatural entities, demons, vampires, and reapers.

Chloe Neill began her Dark Elite trilogy in 2010 when Firespell, the series debut novel was published and concluding in 2012 with Charmfall.


Firespell, the first book in Dark Elite series, tells the story of a sixteen-year-old girl, Lily Parker who moves to a Chicago boarding school and her encounters with magical teens who work to keep the city safe and her self-discovery that she might be one of them.

As the new girl at the school, Lily is surrounded by rich kids, and she is pretty sure that her fashion-obsessed and spoiled classmates are the scary things she will have to face and to survive their naughty jokes proves tougher than her homework.

But besides being the joke of the day each day of the week, Lily has also been hearing strange noises and seeing weird things in the shadows of an old building. It’s true that all buildings have their creaks, but she is 100% certain that someone is watching her.

The only thing keeping Lily an inch from insanity is her roommate Scout. But something seriously strange is going on in her room as well. Her roommate Scout keeps on disappearing during the night and reappearing with minor wounds and tired as well and she won’t reveal to Lily where she has been all night long until a not so good prank results in Lily getting trapped in the Catacombs.

Scout is one of the teenagers with special magical powers sworn to guard the city against vampires, demons, and reapers. But as much as Lily would love to offer help, it becomes too dangerous without magical talents especially if she is to face the Firespell herself.

The first book in Dark Elite series is a brilliant read. The characters are beautifully crafted, and the pacing of the narrative is perfect, starting at a medium then tossing you into an adventurous pace. The author’s descriptions are vivid to ensure that you get a grasp of the whole story without getting overwhelmed or without the feeling that the author is trying too much to impress you.

Additionally, you’ll find humor and sarcasm pretty much on each page to help you connect with the characters as well as the story. The female lead characters, Lily and Scout, are lovely young girls any young girl would look up to. For example, Scout is sharp-minded, straight forward, spunky and quick with her tongue. She is the type of girl who isn’t afraid to stand for what’s good either for herself or her friends. On the other hand, Lily is open-minded, bold and open-hearted and a true friend to Scout. The two characters sarcastic and they have a strong friendship bond.

Then there’s Jason and Michael the male protagonists. Jason is sweet, mischievous and honest. All the secondary cast are also well developed, and you get to see the personality of each character without the feeling that they were thrown in to fill the plot.

The plot itself takes a whole new approach in the world of magic. Some reviewers have compared the story plotline to Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyers, but whether you liked or never liked any of Twilight books, Firespell is a book worth your time.


Things at St. Sophia boarding school have cooled down after the dramatic conclusion of the Dark Elite debut novel Firespell.

Lily has joined Adepts team with her newly discovered Firespell powers and is on a night patrol when she and the team come across bizarre creatures reproducing in the city’s underground tunnels. It’s upon Lily and the team to investigate and find out the origin of such creatures before they begin hunting down innocent humans, but soon Lily figures out that the Sterling Research Foundation might have some connections to the creatures.

At the same time, Lily is having troubles balancing her friendships, school and growing love for Jason. While she’s trying to sort out her love life, a mysterious reaper, monsters causing havoc and the secrets of her parents keep on making contact with Lily.

After almost murdering her with Firespell and triggering Lily’s powers and then helping her discover how to use it, Lily can’t figure out the reaper’s motives.

Just like the series debut novel, Hexbound is a beautifully written novel with fascinating characters, plenty of twists and turns and enough thrills. While Firespell can be said to be a discovery novel, Hexbound is about Lily finally accepting her new powers and life as one of the Adept members. Relationships begin sprouting in this novel, but the author handles it pretty well in a sort of backstory that doesn’t interfere with the main story. Story-wise, Hexbound is a well narrated and crafted story that expands to the realm of vampire covens.


Charmfall is the third in The Dark Elite series. High school can at the time be a battlefield, but for our heroine, Lily, surviving at St. Sophia high school is a matter of life and death.

Protecting the city of Chicago from demons, vampires, reapers and other creatures who want to bring harm to humans can be a tough job especially when you’re just a teenager with magical powers. So when St. Sophia’s girls begin their preparation for the fall formal Lily jumps in to help in party preparation even if it means not giving the vampires, reapers, and demons her undivided attention.

However, when a twisted magic user infiltrates the school, Lily Parker does not forget what she has sworn to protect. In response, she reaches out deep to draw out her magical talents only to discover that her magic is gone- and it turns out that she’s not the only one affected. A magical blackout has hit the entire paranormal Chicago city and knows one knows the person or what caused it. But to Lily, she knows that getting her Firespell powers back is worth the risk of infiltrating the enemy fortress.

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