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Dark Legacy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dark Legacy Books

By: Tate James, Jaymin Eve

Dark Legacy
Dark Legacy is a romance series by Jaymin Eve and Tate James. This series follows Riley, a young woman who finds herself amid a powerful elite. After her adoptive parents die, Riley’s birth mother finds her and turns her life upside down. This woman introduces Riley to a life she only dreamt about before. Her new home also brings four notorious boys into her life. One of them catches her attention and becomes more than a friend in the course of the series. These books will appeal to contemporary romance fans and those who enjoy a bit of darkness in romance stories.

Broken Wings
Broken Wings comes first in the Dark Legacy series. The book introduces Riley Jameson, a lady who has just lost her adoptive parents. Just shy of eighteen years, Riley is left with no family of her own. Aside from her friend Dante, Riley is aware that she is alone in the world. This is until her birth mother shows up. A shit storm ensues, and now Riley is stuck with a bitch mother, four cocky, filthy-rich guys, and a powerful organization. The boys are nothing like Riley has seen before, and she is quick to notice that they rule not only her new school but also the entire town.

The four gorgeous boys are Dylan, Jasper, Evan, and Beck. There was a fifth member in the group, but he died, leaving his position vacant. Riley is forced to take this position, and even though she wants nothing to do with the rich boys, no one offers her a choice. The more she interacts with them, Riley starts to get attached. However, her heart is being claimed by Beck, who also happens to be the worst among them all. While it seems that their attraction is mutual, there are so many things standing in the way of any chance of romance. There is the power, money, and an Elite that doesn’t shy away from showing that their fate was determined a long time ago.

Beck calls Riley butterfly, but she is sure this is more of a threat than a compliment. It is clear that Beck wants nothing but to pin Riley on a board and break her wings. However, Riley is no damsel in distress. Just like the boys, she had learned how to fight her battles without breaking a sweat. The elite might have always had their way, but clearly, they had never met Riley Jameson. Many unexpected twists are hidden in the story, making it hard to predict how it will end. It is incredible how the author grabs your attention, hooking you in the first pages and never letting go. Sure, the book ends with a cliffy, but this will only make you curious to read the second installment in the series.

Broken Wings is a dark romance story featuring a strong and resilient protagonist and a pack of four dangerous boys. While the guys seem like bullying snobs in the beginning, you learn they are not as bad. The storyline is unique, and the authors bring such a fresh addition to the world of romance. This book is quite layered, and the tough heroine, crazy hot guys, and steamy times will have you hooked. The pace remains fast throughout, and you will not want to stop reading once you open the first page.

Broken Trust
Broken Trust comes second in the Dark Legacy series. The story starts days after the first one ended with Riley going through the worst betrayal of her life. She flees from her new homes and stays holed in Dante’s apartment. It seems like he is the only person Riley can trust now. However, even though she wants to be left alone, the boys are not ready to let Riley go. Every day, one of them shows up in Dante’s apartment, begging Riley for forgiveness. Can she forget how they played, seduced, and manipulated her before the painful betrayal? Will these four and Riley ever be friends again?

Riley plans to let the boys think that they have won, only to take her revenge later. However, with her heart playing all kinds of tricks on her, this will be hard. Beck is also not ready to let Riley go even though she is not making things easy for him. His fixation is almost an obsession, and Riley doesn’t know how to deal with him anymore. When a new threat appears, they all have to forget about their feelings and focus on the common enemy. It seems there is a spy inside Delta, and the boys have to move quickly before more damage is done.

If you are a fan of high school drama, you will love this book. The girls are all in love with the bad boys, and other guys want to be just like them. There are many nail-biting-moments in this book, and your anticipation may get so high you will need to take a breather. Riley and Beck seem to be getting more serious in their relationship even though she hasn’t opened fully to him. While the boys get into all kinds of mischief, you cannot help but love them. They bring a lot of action to the story, and their influence on the protagonist is key in this book. The author has developed all characters so well it is easy to see where they are coming from, even when they don’t always make the best decisions.

Broken Trust is a fast-paced, dark, and action-filled book. The story comes with all the right ingredients, complete with characters who will stay in your mind long after you are done reading. There is a huge dose of high school drama, but this story offers so much more. If you loved the first book in this series, you will be happy to know that this one is even more intense. Everything gets better, and, incredibly, there is a little of everything for the readers to enjoy.

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