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Publication Order of Dark Love Books

Chasing Love / Into the Darkness (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Us / Into the Light (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Her / Julian (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Him / Adriana (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Fate (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Heartbreak (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lex (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Dark Love” series of novels is a set of works by the Australian bestselling romance author Kat T Masen. The author grew up in Sydney as a child and loves to say that she lived at a time when social media and fancy gadgets did not exist is what probably led to a career as an author.
Given that she did not have smartphones or Twitter as a distraction, she spent most of her time reading books and it was from this time that she developed a passion for reading and writing.
While she believes she would never have become an author if not for the absence of social media, she now uses the medium to meet friends that love storytelling just as much as she does. She has said that she met some great friends online and it was from these friends that the seed for becoming a fiction author was planted.
“Into the Darkness,” her debut novel came out in 2014 and she has never stopped writing. She now has more than twenty novels across several series of which the “Dark Love” series is the most popular.
Kat Masen is married and has four children that she says have a great sense of humor and are just as crazy as her.

Kat T Masen is an author inspired and obsessed with the 1980s, which is a time when she was in her childhood years. She loved this time as she got to listen to some great music, experience neon-colored lights, and skated any time she wanted. As a teenager in the 1990s, she started dating and this period also informed her later works.
The author now combines her love for the 80s and 90s bands and the swoony men she dated and obsessed over to write some very sexy novels with some very humorous scenes.
Once she was established as an author, she felt that she needed to do more for the writing community. She became the founder of the Books by the Bridge Author Events which are held every year.
When she is not writing or reading novels or planning her annual writer events, she can be found munching on a plate of nachos while watching reruns of the “Gilmore Girls.”

The “Dark Love” series of novels by Kat T Masen tell the romantic stories of men and women who cannot get enough of each other.
The series introduces Lex and Charlotte who are characters who have a complicated past. They have to deal with loss, betrayal, and forbidden love which makes a future seem unlikely. After they had broken up, Charlotte went on to date a successful lawyer while Lex became a billionaire.
Their relationship has run into headwinds not because love was lacking but because they always had trust issues and insecurity. When they get back together after revealing their secrets, they believe that they will now have a perfect relationship but that is not to be.
But through Lex’s jealousy, they make for an emotional and heartwarming romance even in the midst of heartbreaking conditions.
The third novel of the series is about Julian a man that had to go through tragic loss when he was very young. The only person that offered comfort was Charlotte.
Since that time he tried to hold onto Charlotte but he always knows that she loves another man. In trying to change his life, he reaches for help and finds himself working with someone he never expected.

“Chasing Love” the first novel of the “Dark Love” series of novels is the story of Charlotte. She is bitter with Lex Edwards who eight years ago had left her in a lurch and shattered her heart.
He is now back but Charlie is engaged to be married even though the man is determined to get her back. She had fought so hard to move on and rebuild her new life and is not interested in the past. Moreover, Julian Baker, her current fiancee, has just proposed marriage and she intends to say yes.
But in a cruel twist of fate, her future and past come together and she has to face the man she vowed never to get back with. Lex is a cunning and ruthless billionaire who is determined to get her back.
Charlotte had never thought she would ever be in a love triangle especially with Lex who she thought she had gotten over. Over several weeks that follow, it becomes clear that egos and hearts will be broken.

“Chasing Us” the second novel of the “Dark Love” series of novels is an intriguing romance story that may involve a love triangle.
Charlotte never intended to fall in love with her best friend’s brother who happens to be a married man. She had made a ton of mistakes over the course of her life but more recently, she impulsively married Lex Edwards.
Trying to find their happily ever after, Charlie and Lex embark on a journey of trying to find love and leave the broken past behind, while looking forward to a new future. They had vowed to stay together forever but their lives were destroyed by cruel fate.
When they finally find themselves having to bid each other goodbye, they promise to see each other again.
But then a scorned ex-fiance comes back onto the scene wishing to take back what he believes should always have been his.

Kat T Masen’s “Chasing Her” is the third novel of the “Dark Love” series of novels. The lead is Julian who knows that he should leave Charlotte alone. He is certain that she could destroy his life if he continued ignoring the voice in his head warning him to stay away.
To the outside world, Julian is the perfect man with intelligence, wealth, good looks, and one of the most beautiful girls in the city on his arm. But fate has always been cruel to him and it is not going to stop now.
Behind the mask of perfection is a man haunted by his past which revisits him and causes his life to start spiraling out of control. Trying to forget his misery, he tried to hold onto Charlotte Edwards who has become unattainable.
In a desperate effort to steady the ship, he reaches out for help and is lucky to form an unlikely friendship with Adriana Evans.

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