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Publication Order of Dark Protectors Books

Dark Protectors is an interesting book series written by Rebecca Zanetti, who is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling female author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense novels. The Dark Protectors series consists of around seven main book titles that have been published up to date. Dark Protectors takes the reader to the land of the supernaturals where strange beings like witches, shape shifters, demons and vampires are the norm.

This is an interesting, well-crafted story about the “Kayrs” who are vampire brothers from the royal family tasked with protecting the supernatural world and creating balance between the various races that reside there. The brothers are determined to face all odds and enemies in order to protect their mates and fight for their survival.

A description on some of the book characters found in Dark Protectors

Cara Paulsen

Cara Paulsen, who is a scientist working with plant genes manipulating them to make disease resistant crops is a single mother to Janie. Apart from being independent, she is a persistent, independent and courageous woman who would do anything to protect her fragile daughter from potential harm risking her own happiness in the process. She is also depicted as a spunky heroine who would gladly fight for what she wants or believes.

Talen Kayrs

Talen Kayrs is a member of the vampire royal family and brother to the king. He is a complete Alpha male warrior responsible for the safety of the Realm, which is the name for the supernatural world they live in. The three hundred old vampire is hot, sexy, mysterious, strong, stubborn and quite dominant when he wishes. He also happens to be the strategic leader of the Realm.


Janie who is Cara Paulsen’s 4-year-old daughter is gifted with psychic abilities that enable her to see and predict the future with a great deal of accuracy. She is very cute, sweet and considerably wise beyond her tender age. She is also portrayed as a likable and adorable character throughout the series.

Jase Kayrs

Jase Kayrs who is the youngest of the Kayrs brothers was the fun, charming and easygoing brother of the vampire leaders until he was captured and tortured by evil demons for about five years turning him into a dark, violent and evil person. He later became haunted, vengeful, and angry as a result of his experience in captivity. Although he is quite damaged, Jase also happens to be a sexy determined fighter and survivor.


Brenna is a smart, sassy, funny and classy female character. She is also depicted to be quite brave regardless of the situation she finds herself in.

Novels in the Dark Protectors book series


Fated is an interesting love story about Cara Paulsen and Talen Kayrs who are the main protagonists. Cara and her daughter Janie live a normal life until one day when a stranger barges into their house in the middle of the night, grabs them and speeds them away claiming their lives are in danger and he is taking them away to protect them. The stranger who is Talen Kayrs offers a weird solution to their problems asking Cara to be his mate and marry him as soon as possible in order to allow him to protect them both from the potential danger.

Cara is surprised by the fact that her daughter seems to know the intruder quite well and that she is insisting that they should trust him. Being a rather strange request for any normal lady, Cara declines to give in to the stranger’s demands at first, but when she learns about the Kurjans and shapeshifters who are after them she decides to submit for the meantime until things get a little better. Talen, who together with his brothers rule the Realm has been searching for his true mate for years and isn’t willing to let her go when he finds her.

It is a normal tradition for vampires to find one human mate who has special abilities and mate with them in order to have vampire children. Talen and Cara both share an immediate and deep attraction that helps things along greatly turning their relationship into a steamy one in no time. Their passionate relationship is one filled with descriptive sexual encounters, bringing them closer together and although Cara had agreed to marry Talen to protect her daughter she starts falling for him with time.

The Kurjans who are the vampire’s sworn enemies are out to take Cara and her daughter for themselves. Sensing the danger that awaits his mate and her daughter, Talen decides to do everything in his power to ensure their safety against the shapeshifter and Kurjans. Things also take a surprising turn when Cara’s sister goes missing and they have to find her before anything bad happens to her.


The Shadowed novel is a story centered on the lives of Jase Kayrs and Brenna and how they beat all odds to become lovers and get their powers back. Jase who is the youngest brother in the Kayrs family is captured and tortured by evil demons for about five years. They play evil mind tricks on him, turning him into a dark, violent weapon that they aim to use against the vampire brothers when the time is right. All is not well when a female demon that Jase had previously rejected sets on a journey to destroy him.

Dage who is the king and Jase’s oldest brother asks him to mate with Brenna, one of their allies as a favor in order to save her. Brenna had been poisoned 10 years ago by a crazy witch leaving her with little time left to live. It is believed that mating with a powerful vampire is likely to reverse the poison making her healthy and strong in the process.

Sensing that this might be his only chance for redemption, Jase agrees to mate with Brenna not only to save her, but also to gain his lost powers and gain some of hers. He plans to use his new powers to exert revenge against the demons who had tortured during captivity. Contrary to what they had expected, the attraction between them both is quite strong making them fall in love.

Garrett Kayrs who is Talen’s teenage son gets abducted by the Kurjans forcing the vampires to team up in order to fight them off and bring him back. Jase also gets his powers back in time to save Brenna from the serious danger she was facing. Shadowed is full of action, rescues, kidnappings and sweet revenge, which are key ingredients in a must read novel.

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