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Dark Swan: Storm Born, Vol. 1 (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

An American writer of fantasy and science-fiction genre novels, the novelist Richelle Mead is definitely an author with an ear for her young demographic. With big-screen adaptations of her work, she has had films produced from her books, such as the cinematic adaptation of ‘Vampire Academy’, which went on to be well received by a worldwide audience. Creating characters that are enduring, she is able to speak in an intimate manner that really draws the reader in, making them feel a part of the narrative itself. Writing a number of other successful franchises too, she has also made her name with a variety of other highly popular series too. A perfect example of this would be her long running and highly sought after ‘Dark Swan’ series of novels, this being a series set firmly within the Young Adult fantasy genre. Dealing with a coming-of-age style saga, it deals with a group of young teenagers coming to terms with their powers and destinies within a fantasy setting. Speaking frankly about such issues as sex and dealing with burgeoning desires, it manages to cast an eye on these topics in a somewhat fantastical style. Not only that, but it maintains a fast pace throughout, keeping up the levels of suspense and intrigue, as it manages to keep the reader hooked throughout until the very end. The characters themselves are extremely well drawn, providing three-dimensional personalities that resonate with the young readers on a more personal level. With the fantasy setting as well, it manages to fully utilize the imagination of Mead as an author who’s well versed in both scale and scope. Painting a picture that is broad, she is definitely a gifted at world building, creating a setting that is both engrossing and compelling in equal measure. With a lot of room to continue expanding upon the franchise into the foreseeable future, it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon.

So far there are four titles in the ‘Dark Swan’ series of novels, with the first one having come out back in 2008, and the last one arriving in 2011 some time later. Alongside this there are also a collection of omnibus editions collecting them all together, making this one of Mead’s most comprehensive series to date. With scores of fans worldwide constantly discovering this series every day, the mass popularity of the franchise will grow and grow, as the series goes from strength-to-strength.

Storm Born

Originally published in 2008 on the 1st of August, this was the first to come out in the ongoing ‘Dark Swan’ series of novels. Setting up the franchise, it introduces the character of Eugenie Markham for the first time, as well as establishing the world that it’s set within too. Brought out through the ‘Zebra’ publishing label, this would also lay the groundwork for the series to come, providing both the style and the tone, along with building the ambiance and overall atmosphere of the franchise to follow.

Utilizing a whole range of themes set around adulthood and relationships, this combines a variety of different ideas and themes into its initial concept. Introducing the character of Eugenie Markham for the first time too, it manages to provide her with her first adventure as well. The realms of the Otherworld and the mortal world are also clarified too, laying the foundations for the following arc.

An ever powerful shaman, Eugenie Markham makes a living from banishing fey and spirits attempting to cross over from the Otherworld into the realm of mortals. That’s when she’s tasked with locating a young teenager who’s been taken over into the other realm, as she must get them back, but not before facing up to a prophecy that will lay bare her many past secrets. This now leaves her exposed to a whole array of different demons and entities all looking to assassinate her, as she aims to keep her head above water. Will she find the teenager? Can she survive this ordeal? What will become of the Storm Born?

Thorn Queen

Brought out in 2009 just over a year after the first title, this book was this time released through the Bantam publishing label to much anticipation and excitement. Developing the world and the characters, it returns to where the previous title left off, whilst also paving the way for the rest of the books that were to follow. It would also allow Eugenie Markham to develop as a character, giving her her next challenge to deal with, whilst coming to terms with the previous novel.

The events portrayed in this book are far darker, as the many themes and ideas move on and progress from what came beforehand. Eugenie Markham is somewhat older and wiser, whilst still remaining as a mercenary, despite her being crowned Thorn Queen in the last novel. In regards to the world itself, the world-building is executed with expert precision, expanding upon the setting and allowing it to really flourish.

Now with her kingdom in ruins, Eugenie Markham had become the queen of Thorn Land only to have it all torn down plunging everything into chaos. Along with that she is attempting to avoid the prophecy whereby her first born will destroy mankind, as she continues to work as a mercenary for hire. Now Eugenie must venture once more into the Otherworld after a number of young girls are being kidnapped by a deadly unseen force. Can she prevent the prophecy? Where will her journey take her? What will become of the Thorn Queen?

The Dark Swan Series

A great example of its genre and of Richelle Mead’s skill as an author, there’s never a word wasted on each and every page, as she constantly keeps the story moving at a fast and fun pace. Never forgetting to keep it entertaining and witty, she is also definitely a writer with a sense-of-humor who knows how to make her material resonate with the young readers. Creating characters that seem both grounded and real, she is highly adept at making the fantastical story-lines easy to connect to, something that she will continue to develop for many years to come.

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