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Publication Order of Dark Sword Books

Dangerous Highlander (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forbidden Highlander (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wicked Highlander (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Untamed Highlander (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Darkest Highlander (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dark sword series by Donna Grant contains a series of six books, the Dangerous Highlander, the Forbidden Highlander, Wicked Highlander, Untamed Highlander, Shadow Highlander, and the Darkest Highlander. The books were released in that order, with the Dangerous Highlander being the first in the series as well as the Darkest Highlander being the last. This article will highlight what the books are about as well as some of the interesting features including the characters.

Dangerous Highlander

The Dangerous Highlander released on 29 December 2009 is the first book in this series by Donna Grant. It entails a lot of passion and love as one man Lucan MacLeod who is among the three brothers cursed by a dark magic for eternity. He is passionate and bold almost any woman’s dream man. Lucan is way so strong and Donna portrays him as a dangerous character as well as very seductive man.

In addition, he is a warrior and one of the most respected and worshiped in his clan. In fact, he is referred to as a legend among warriors. Grant makes him as dangerous as possible and almost every man and woman gets the chilly fever just from his presence and mention of his name. In other words, he installs fear both men and women.

Just like in every love or romance book, his darkest desires are awakened by the bliss of a young woman, Cara despite having nothing to do with the outside world for three hundred years. His reason for that, hiding from the vengeful god lying prison in his soul. Let the games begin, Lucan is driven by strong desires for Cara but fights his deepest desires to possess her.

Alternatively, Cara is swept into Lucan’s world like a storm. A world full of magic and druids. He appears like a fiery vision in the storm and pulls her into his arms. However, as the battle between good and evil intensifies, Lucan is caught in a dilemma. Either, he keeps fighting his strong desires for Cara or get consumed with the flood of evil and impossible love that will destroy them.

Forbidden Highlander

Yet again Donna Grant involves you this second book of her popular series, Dark Sword. This book released on May 25 2010 engages readers in an epic of events as tension, suspense, and drama all wrapped up in the world of dark magic. Three brothers, Fallon MacLeod, Quinn MacLeod, and Lucan MacLeodfight an evil with the hopes of overcoming an ancient curse and consequently find women they are destined to be with. The story takes a twist though as Fallon has a big secret. He has super strength, unmatched skill, and he is immortal. However, his gifts come at a price that eventually puts his loved ones at greater risk. He leaves his Highland home to seek the King’s help when his brother, Quinn is taken captive. And just like the first book, his deepest desires are awakened by Larena Monroe, a beautiful woman he meets at the king’s court. Caught in a world of desire, both Fallon and Larena are set on the same path as both of them want to defeat evil that is about to unleash terror on earth.

Wicked Highlander

Released on November 2, 2010, this book as opposed to the first and second books, is about Quinn MacLeod , the most reckless and fierce of the MacLeod brothers. He is held prison to the god inside him as he is haunted by guilt of his inability to save his family from slaughter. He is driven by fury and he gets susceptible to evil almost everyday. However, he has his desires to be with a woman. He meets a beautiful woman, Marcail. She captures the attention of Quinn as he believes she is the most out stunning woman he has ever seen. However, he doesn’t know that this is his weakness and his enemies such as Deirdre, it is a perfect bait.

Untamed Highlander

Donna Grant released yet another addition to her collection of the series Dark Sword on April 26, 2011. This book involves Isla, a druid-born and magic-blessed woman and among one of the deadliest womanto ever serve dark forces. Hayden Campbell, an immortal Highland warrior has to destroy Isla and her kind. However, Isla is a big temptation for Hayden. Nevertheless, he takes her captive with the hopes of avenging his kind who have died on Isla’s hands. Passion and deep desire set as great temptations take over Hayden, who falls for her deeply and he believes they can beat the dark forces who conspire against them.

Shadow Highlander

This fifth book in the collection of Donna Grant’s Dark Sword features a warrior sent out on a dangerous mission into the world of magic and Druids. Galen, the warrior, is faced with th e task of finding a powerful ancient relic to defeat the enemies of MacLeod Castle. However, he meets a more dangerous and more powerful force, Reaghan, a woman with powerful magic. Galem is overwhelmed with such beauty. He cant believe his eyes. Nevertheless, Reaghan is immune to Galem’s mind reading traits. Alternatively, Reaghan is feeling something for him. She feels safe with Galem. However, its the secret she holds that is a threat to both of them. Therefore, Galem must defeat the dark forces that are tormenting them if he wants to be with her.

Darkest Highlander

This is the last book in this series. Released on January 31, 2012, the book presents a secret affair involving Broc, a warrior. He has watched and protected Sonya for years. She is beautiful and nothing like anything Broc has ever seen. However, she gets caught up in a difficult situation that rendered her hopeless. Broc saves her but gets captured by his enemy. Sonya sets to save him from his imprisonment that involves pain. Broc is prisoned by a powerful dark magic. Sonya hopes to use her magic as well to save him but her magic is slowly fading. However, she seeks aid from great power to save Broc.

Bottom line

The series, the Dark Sword contains books that involve intense passion, love, temptation, magic, power, dark magic and Druids, warriors, beautiful women, among other things. The story line is based on three legendary brothers who are cursed by fate however bound by desire for the women they love. Quite interesting.

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