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Publication Order of Dark Warriors Books

Midnight's Master (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight's Lover (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight's Seduction (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight's Warrior (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight's Kiss (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight's Captive (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight's Temptation (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight's Promise (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight's Surrender (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Warrior for Christmas (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

She was born and raised in the Texas Louisiana border area. This gave her a wild and free upbringing having being raised on spicy food and bareback horse riding. As a child, she had the dreams of once dancing along Mikhail Baryshnikov as a ballet dancer. Although she never had this, she danced in front of the Macy’s thanks giving parade in Newyork. It was enough to satiate her want to dance with renowned ballet dancer.

When she was 12, she once came across a romantic novel in her mother’s office and began skimming through. Thereafter, she gained a greater lover for romance and more stories kept surfing through her head begging for writing. Besides this she also had a passion for history and historical settings.

In high school, one of her teachers noted her expertise in writing and proposed that she betook the career line which she did.

In college, where she met her husband, he was her main audience for her books.

After their marriage she sought to write her first book seriously during most of her free time as a full time mom. This took place after the events of Hurricane Rita displacing them off their original home in Texas.

She is currently married and lives with her husband, two children, their Chihuahua and three cats happily.

Since Donna made her first publication in 2005, she has had over 30 other publications made under her name. Her main genres include, romance, historical and fictional works. She has trilogies, anthologies, series, and stand alone novels in her collection of publications.

Like most other writers, she had several rejections from publishers until she landed one who was intrigued. Most others rejected her on the basis that her works were working with different genres.

Her work pieces are all best sellers in Newyork with readers of almost every age.

The dark warriors are among the series that she has published. Although she personally emphasizes that the readers should have a good reading of the first novel in the series, dark swords. The dark warrior has more than 4 books. The following midnight’s master and midnight lover make the first two in the series. The following are synopses for the novels.

Midnight’s Master

First released in May 2012, midnight master is the beginning of a new light in the novel prose from the previous series. It is the first in the series of the dark warriors.

Logan Hamilton is troubled by the warrior’s current situation. He sets out on a quest of finding a way to unite their souls again. He searches for a spell worthy of binding the warriors. In his quest, he meets a woman archaeologist at one of her work sites.

Gwynn Austin, the archaeologist uses magic spells Ito find the archaeological objects. Her quest started when she set out to look for her father who disappeared under mysterious causes on his way to Scotland.

An instant attraction occurred between the two when they met, Logan finds her witty strong and extremely attractive.

Meanwhile evil is pursuing her for her expertise in the spells. They seek her for their own nasty reasons and work. This leaves both of them to trust and protect each other. But the closer they get the stronger the attraction they have towards each other.

Gwynn discovers a mysterious bind between her and Scotland during the run. The evil forces are more than determined to get hold of the two and eliminate Logan until they are left with no option but to switch.

Donna Grants uses her writing prowess by unimaginably swapping the time setting in the story from medieval to a contemporary. Gwynn used her magic to help both her and her new lover escape the world. This does not stop the evil as they pursue them to their new world.

Logan comes in strongly to intervene with the powers he possesses to stop the demon powers from the past.

Midnight Lover

Midnight lover was released in June 2012 as paperback in the mass market. It is a continuous prose of two lovers who fight to break a curse travelling to the future. Curse in his land needed to be broken somehow.

Ian Kerr’s life is changed after he lost his land and brother; Two of the most important assets in his life. He is set to fight for both of these with all fierceness.

Danielle (Danni) is a woman of many charms; both magical and romantic. Ian falls for her as soon as their paths cross. She finds it intriguing that she is interested in helping a haunted warrior as Ian appeared. Her veins blood throbbed hard around him. This was an extraordinary sign she felt for no one else before. So she knew she had to help him however she could.

They both travel to the future four centuries ahead from their medieval time to help him free off from his ancient curse and find many answers to questions. It is in the new lands that they grow their love for each other to greater heights.

Other information
Donna’s husband is a great cook; their entire family prefers his food a lot more.

Donna hated college she had to quit to pursue a career related to books

She would never let her children read her novels due to the x-rated graphics put in words until they are 30.

She loves Scotland with her whole heart.

Most of her stories settings are inspired by some places she has been to.

Donna loves travelling. So far she has gone as far as Jamaica. She plans on visiting many more parts of the world. Natural features and medieval settings inspire her most. All these can be seen through some of her works.

Her work pieces are all best sellers in Newyork with readers of almost every age.

Her love for dragons and other extraordinary historical things was put in her writing piece. After her publisher requested for a change in the setting to a contemporary, she sought the best way to fit it all together.

Her husband assists her in framing and writing battle scenes in her books.

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