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Publication Order of Darklanding Books

By: Scott Moon, Craig Martelle

Craig Martelle is a published American author and the co-author of the Darklanding series with Scott Moon. He has written stories in different genres on his journey, from science fiction to fantasy and dystopian stories.

Craig grew up in the state of Iowa and served in the Marine Corps for over twenty years. He has since used that experience along with his education in law and his career in business consulting to be able to write characters that he thinks are believable and residing in a world that also seems real. The author enjoys writing characters that are compelling and in depth that are dealing with issues that would believably be part of the real world. He likes to incorporate themes that are relevant to the modern times of America and some stories’ life lessons can be applied no matter what time it is.

Craig would end up moving to Fairbanks, Alaska for a time through a series of strange events. He never thought that he would go to a place to retire where the local golf courses can only be open to golfers for a whopping four months out of twelve of the year. Despite that fact, he really enjoys being there. The author is married and they love living together there out of the way and doing thigns like watching the northern lights from their home in the driveway. Their dog also likes living there even if it does get really cold because of all the space to run. In the winter, there’s 3.5 hours of sunlight but then the summer sees the sunlight going to 24 hours a day, so it’s quite extreme.

Scott Moon is a published author of fiction. He is the co-author of the Darklanding series along with fellow author Scott Moon. Similarly, he writes in different genres that include fantasy and science fiction, genres that he has been writing in since he was young.

He has served as part of law enforcement for seventeen years sand has belonged to different homicide investigations, tasks forces, and special teams. He has now taken on a career as a fiction writer and has since writtten several novels and different series.

The Darklanding series is a series of novels written by authors Craig Martelle and Scott Moon. The sci-fi series began in 2017 with the publication of the debut novel, Assignment Darklanding. The second novel would come out in 2018 and is titled Ike Shot the Sheriff. From there came the third novel, Outlaws, and the fourth, Runaway. The fifth novel in the series is titled An Unglok Murder, followed by Sagcon, Race to the Finish, Boom Town, A Warrior’s Home, Hunter, Diver Down, and the twelfth novel in the series, Empire.

Assignment Darklanding is the first novel in the Darklanding series by Scott Moon and Craig Martelle. If you’re into stories in the fantasy or science ficiton genre or just love unique new series, check this one out! It’s a great pick if you loved Firefly.

When it comes to the frontier world, there can only be one Sheriff. Then there’s the action that can’t be held by one Spaceport. If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that space has its very own version of the wild west in Darklanding. In this book, main character Thaddeus Fry is the Sheriff here, but he knows that part of him will always belong to Centauri Prime’s battlefields.

Now he’s got a new assignment to occupy Darklanding’s Sheriff’s office. It could be the type of position where he doesn’t have to do much at all except for be the place that he’s supposed to be. Then again, it could be much more dangerous than that and end up getting him hurt or killed. When Thaddeus shows up, he finds out that the headquarters of the person that came before him were beombed.

That was why he was appointed to the job, because the bombing had created a vacancy. Suddenly he’s thinking that this doesn’t seem like that easy of a job at all. Thad’s accommodations are located in the misfit center of Darklanding. He even tries to promote a native there to deputy. The mines are what is really important on Darklanding. But will Thaddeus take to his new position or find out the hard way that ultimately it’s not the right fit? Read the first book in this series to find out!

Ike Shot the Sheriff is the second novel in the Darklanding series by Scott Moon and Craig Martelle. If you read the first novel and thought that it was interesting or are a fan of science fiction, check this book out!

When main character Thaddeus Fry first came to the frontier world, he thought that he didn’t have to learn much about the place. But the wild west of space soon proved him wrong. The more that he’s here and spends time on Darklanding, the more he finds out. Then the more that he ends up realizing that he does not actually know.

When it comes to surviving here, every day you have to fight to get by. He gets precious little help from the Company Man. Then there are all the other people there, like the madam, the Mother Lode purveyor, the minders, the workers, his Unglok deputy. Things are also getting stirred up with the miners as there’s vague unrest happening.

The Company Man is starting to get desperate and doesn’t want her career ruined over a single wrong decision. But when it comes to things like that, the sheriff isn’t bothered. With new people in town, there’s a chance that they could all be enemies. He’s also trying to work out how a runaway is involved with this whole thing.

Thaddeus is being helped by friends and a thing that is part pig and dog that won’t leave him alone. His goal is to have the frontier world experience law and order in a place where guns are the answer to justice or things being fair much of the time with the consequences solving things (or not).

When his enemy will do anything to make sure that the failure of Darklanding is complete, Thaddeus is trying to do everything that he can to in order to win. Will he and Darklanding come out on top? Read this book to find out!

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