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Publication Order of Darren Street Books

Justice Redeemed (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Justice Burning (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Justice Lost (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Darren Street is a mystery series by Scott Pratt. Darren Street is a defense attorney who tries to do everything by the book. The lawyer follows the law to the letter and is not afraid to stop those who mete injustice to the disadvantaged in their track. His dedication to correcting the justice system earns him many enemies, and it is not long before he finds himself in jail. While Street eventually gets out of jail, nothing is ever the same. He is traumatized, and trouble seems to be following him wherever he goes. Follow the story of Darren Street and see whether justice is served for him in the end.

Justice Redeemed

Justice Redeemed is the first book in the Darren Street series. The series features Darren Street, a lawyer credited for rooting corruption from the office of the district attorney. Unfortunately, in this book, Darren is thrown into the public eye for all the wrong reasons. Darren is accused of murder. Things start going wrong when Street takes up a new client, Jalen Jordan. What began as a minor traffic violation turns into a crime when evidence connecting Jordan to the killing of two boys emerge. Street wants out of the case, but Jordan is having none of this. He wants Street as his lawyer, and he goes ahead to threaten him into silence. After, Jordan’s body is discovered with a single bullet hole in the chest.

Darren Street is compassionate and willing to ensure justice is done. While this earns him trust in the public eye, his colleagues view him as a traitor. This book opens with Street fighting to bet his uncle released. Street’s uncle had been in prison for far too long for a crime he did not commit. Then the case with Jordan follows. Street approaches someone to handle Jordan when he threatens his family but later decides against this decision. He is surprised when the client he refuses to defend turns up dead. Even more shocking is that he is the main suspect.

Street is taken to trial, and while he knows enough to protect himself against a skewed justice system, he has enough enemies in the DA’s offices. Ben Clancy is the scheming lawyer working behind the scenes to ensure that Street is incarcerated. The sad thing is that Ben seems to be winning as Street is sentenced for life. The dedicated lawyer has no choice but to leave his young family and serve time in prison.

Street is sure that finding Jordan’s real killers is the only ticket out of jail. How can he be successful in hunting down the killers when he is confined within prison walls? How long will it take before someone else realizes that this was all a frame-up? Get these answers and more in this intriguing story. In a sea filled with people looking for his downfall, Street will find a lady who believes in him and is willing to help.

Justice Redeemed is characterized by a tight plot, flawless narration, and unexpected. The cast is quite intriguing and adds character to the story. Additionally, the building tension turns this into a page-turner. Join Streets on a journey in search of justice. Trying to get all he needs to continue with his investigation in jail is hard, but the ending presents a pleasant surprise. There is going to be a courtroom drama, unexpected enemies, and enough action to keep you glued to the pages.

Justice Burning

Justice Burning is the second book in the Darren Street series. Here, Darren Street is already out of prison after spending two years behind bars. Street is rebuilding his life, his law practice, and his relationship with his son. His love life is also going great as his relationship with his girlfriend attorney Grace Alexander has never been better. However, the long shadow cast by the trial and Street’s sentencing is not going away yet.

Street was tortured during his stay in prison. After his release, the torment follows him in the form of violent mood swings and nightmares. Street is already seeking PTSD treatment, and everything seems to be going great until his mother dies in an explosion. After doing a preliminary exam, the police confirm that the blast was meant to take Street out. An enemy from the past is back, and this time, Street’s life is the grave danger.

After his mother’s death, Street falls on a downward spiral and starts taking matters into his own hands. After doing his investigations, he follows his mother’s killers to a bar in West Virginia and takes them out. The murderous rage doesn’t go as Street now turns to miscreants who hurt him before. While he does enough to cover his tracks, it will not be long before Street is out of luck. Just how much will Street go to avenge his mother? What will happen if the police link him to the killings? How about his numerous enemies who seem to be lurking in every corner?

If you are a legal or crime thriller fan, you are going to love Justice Burning. This story welcomes you to the gritty side of the law and the far-reaching effects of trauma. Street turns into someone unrecognizable when his mother’s death compounds his trauma. Soon after, his son is removed from his life, and his fiancée starts to see through the lies. How does one recover from such an experience? Does Street know that his actions are also hurting the people he loves?

Street is a relatable character. There is a lot he is struggling with, yet it is refreshing that he cares about those who are denied justice. Justice Burning will introduce you to another side of former defense attorney Street. Through an exciting cast, the author takes us through Street’s journey of pain, recovery, and relapse. This book is low in legal discussion and high on struggles the protagonist is facing. How far does Street go with vigilante justice? Do his actions bear any fruits? Discover all these in this intriguing book.

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