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Publication Order of The Crystal of Life Books

Crestahn Kingdom (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forever A King (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Flying Fortress (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Escaping Altetza (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dartanyan Johnson
Author Dartanyan Johnson was born to make some music. Things don’t seem to have worked out too well like he presumed it would. And even though he still enjoys creating personal masterpieces at times, the pursuit of a rap career (his rap name: Bugz Bizarre) ebbed right to a halt.

He’s released three albums, the first in 2006, called “Hellbound”. The other two, called “Chapter 1: The Battlefield” and “Chapter 2: Betrayal”. He does also own BlackBack Entertainment, a hip hop music label and he also owns Oakland Ape Bass.

After high school, he studied Business Administration at Laney College from 2000 until 2003. Johnson lives in Oakland, California.

He penned his very first script during the sixth period class during his senior year of high school. He was just so bored (with apologies to his teacher, Mrs. Noonan) in the class that he chose to pull out his folder and just began writing something. It took him a couple of months to complete his first draft of this screenplay. It just had to be one of the best stories ever told!

About twenty years later, he ran across that exact same screenplay and came close to crying over it. His story, it turned out, was simply trash. But, with just a bit of care, he believes that script would make a fine fantasy trilogy someday. It would make a great future project for himself, but he finds there’s never enough time in the day for him to write everything he has got to do.

When he started writing, he would create characters with personalized theme music (yep, he used to get down on his keyboard) and their own backstories. His younger cousin was an artist, so he would draw each one of the characters. Together, they formed up a team for no real reason. Well, actually they wanted to make a fighting video game, but they did not know how to. Anyway, these characters were finally able to find a home for themselves outside of his head, at least, in a way.

He finds that having the ability to express yourself through different genres is possibly one of the greatest self-healing practices which underlays creative writing. He did not have any idea about this aspect until he began writing as an adult.

Dartanyan finds that songs (and creating music) are much more of a direct output of emotions because you are able to say what you want to. Creative writing was something that lead him to learn things he didn’t realize actually affected him until a random epiphanic moment hit him. It made him notice that the characters he was creating had his same afflictions and his same flaws.

Since he is an introvert (like a lot of authors seem to be), there are entire worlds inside of his head that are made up of fantasized characters that feel very much like members of his family. Welcome to a madman’s mind.

Dartanyan has been an intern at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter for seven months and has been a driver for FedEx Freight for over twenty years.

Dartanyan’s debut novel, called “Crestahn Kingdom”, was released in the year 2020. His work is from the epic fantasy genre, and is meant for readers ages fourteen to eighteen. The books are self-published by Dartanyan under D.CATZ Johnson Publishing.

“The Story Sha’el” is a prequel story in the “Crystal of Life” series and was released in the year 2020. Sha’el wanted to just live a simple life, but since his people are faced with extortion by some greedy king after he narrowly escaped a wintry death, he turns to bloodshed.

Follow Sha’el on his personal journey to become the very first crestonian king of Feldentus!

Fans found this to draw the reader into this world and set things up for the first novel of the series. It is a story that readers wish was longer and are intrigued to see where the series goes from here.

“Crestahn Kingdom” is the first novel in the “Crystal of Life” series and was released in the year 2020. In total, there’s seven books planned, not including the side short stories. The essence of a disgruntled being is trapped in a mask; its tether to the crystal that harbored all its energy has been severed. One millennium after its creation, the mask still manages to ruin lives.

Princess Sha’ella comes back home from the grandest assassins’ tournament to learn that her kingdom’s under attack. When the truth behind these assaults plays out, evidence reveals that her dad along with the king of Crestahn was plotting a coup against the ruler of the galaxy, and her mentor.

Lendelam believed she could escape from her past, where those that share her bloodline get murdered or blacklisted by the Beztiqi queen and the rest of the royal family. However when she gets quickly reminded that fate is not all that forgiving.

This is a world of bliss and pain, of self-discovery and regret. Welcome to Crestahn, where the warrior caste rules the entire kingdom.

The novel has betrayal, savage battle scenes, action, and science fiction technology dominate this genre-bender and intense family drama. The novel’s driven by a striking female main character that is sharp-tongued, multi-layered, wickedly good in a fight, and independent. It is a solid and enjoyable first book, meant for fans of Sword & Sorcery, Galactic Empire, and Dark Fantasy. Readers cannot wait to see where the series goes from here, and want to follow this Princess in future books.

“Forever A King” is the second novel in the “Crystal of Life” series and was released in the year 2021. Some kings are born, while others are made through bloodshed.

Blood-bonded to the guy she loves, mother of two gorgeous kids, the queen on Crestahn is living the good life. Until a hitman from her past attempts to murder her son. That is just the start.

The Sovereign (who is the ruler of the galaxy), for reasons unknown to her, wants her dead. Matters get even worse when she is introduced to this specific black mask.

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