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Publication Order of Dating Games Books

Writing largely Christian fiction for a whole range of different age groups, the American writer Melody Carlson has been writing for a number of years now, making her stories accessible to a worldwide audience, with her universal themes of faith, love and romance resonating on a global scale, as her books ring true for a whole range of people. Producing over two hundred books over the course of her career so far, she is also one of the most prolific authors to date as well, having consistently put out work that manages to reach her readers on an even deeper level. Knowing and understanding what her audience wants, she has been able to find her own unique voice, saying exactly what it is that she wants to say, a factor which lends her work a large degree of personality. Creating work that is both witty and warm, she manages to craft characters and stories that are extremely well drawn, regardless of the age range or demographic that she’s targeting. In the past she has also had some of her work adapted for television, with novels reaching ‘Lifetime Television’ and being made into a movie. All this has ensured her success as one of the foremost bestselling authors currently working within her field to this very day. Throughout her writing career she has also written a large amount of series too, many of which follow along thematic lines, some with recurring characters and arcs. One such series that does happen to follow a set narrative arc, though, is the ‘Dating Games’ series of novels, which is aimed at teenagers and young adults. Following a group of Christian teenage girls, it sees them as they set-up the ‘Dating Game’ club; a secret group for girls who will arrange dates for each other then report back to the Dating Game group, or DG for short, with what goes on. Vowing themselves to remaining pure, they each aim to find the perfect date so as to meet the ideal partner that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Along the way they come up against a series of obstacles and challenges, all set to test them in different way, as they deal with parents, friends and school. With the series being a bestseller worldwide, though, it is perhaps once of Carlson’s most successful franchises running, something which will continue for quite some time to come.

Lasting for over four books, the series ran from 2013 to 2015, as it come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, with the characters developing exponentially throughout the entire course of the series. Dealing with dating and faith they come from a resolutely Christian perspective, taking ideals of love and soulmates, as it takes a look at a group of girls coming-of-age. This could be seen as being for a specific demographic, but many different people can aspects relevant to them within the stories, as the themes of romance ring true for readers of all beliefs and outlooks.

First Date

Brought out through the ‘Fleming H. Revell Company’, this was to be the first in the ongoing series of ‘Dating Games’ books following the four high-school friends. Introducing them all for the first time, it manages to bring in ideas of love and faith and what it takes to really be an adult looking for love. Initially released upon the 15th of October in 2013, this was released to much acclaim, as it would establish the series for the first time along with its many arcs, whilst also providing the girls with their first challenge.

Set around four girls in high-school in their sophomore year, this sees them starting out with none of them ever having gone on a date in their entire lives so far. With the homecoming dance coming soon they take it upon themselves to find a date, as they set up a secret group called the Dating Game, or the DG for short, whereby they will find a partner that they can take. What follows is a series of fun and exciting events that they all go through as they learn what becoming an adult and finding romance is really all about. Will they find the ideal partner? Can they deal with the pitfalls of high-school? How will they come across that ideal first date?

Blind Date

Once again released through the ‘Fleming H. Revell Company’ outlet, ‘Blind Date’ would be the follow-up sequel to the first, this being the second in the now much loved ‘Dating Games’ series of titles. Picking up from where the last left off, it would be published on 17th of June just under a year later in 2014, as it was eagerly awaited with anticipation with an already growing legion of fans. Similar to the first, it finds them in the next stage of their lives still attempting to navigate the pitfalls of high-school, whilst there are plenty of new surprises along the way.

This time it’s the masquerade ball that’s coming up for the girls, so it looks like they need to find another partner once more. Heading back to the Dating Game society they set-up before, they aim to keep their promises made to each other, as well as themselves. It might prove to be more difficult than they initially expected though, as it appears that some people may not have their best intentions at heart. Will they find the ideal date for the ball? Can they remain true to themselves? Who is the perfect blind date?

The Dating Games Series

Definitely very much a novel of its specific genre, there is something here for everyone, whatever their background or upbringing, as the ideas are well and truly universal. Looking at what romance and love really is, it casts an eye on growing up and what it really takes to remain true to a person’s beliefs, regardless of whatever stands in their way. With more and more discovering this series every day, this is a franchise whose legacy will continue to live on into the future for many years to come yet.

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