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Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Books In Order

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Publication Order of Daughter of Smoke & Bone Books

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Days of Blood and Starlight (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night of Cake & Puppets (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dreams of Gods and Monsters (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is an amazing fantasy book series written by Laini Taylor and published by Hachette book group. The imaginative tale is based on monsters, magic, war and heartbreak. The novel is breathtaking with aspects of legends and other worldly mysteries. The trilogy of this series comprises of several sequels ; The first being ‘The Daughter Of Smoke And Bone’ published in september2009 in the states, followed by ‘DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT’ published in the year2012 in the states and finally the ‘Dreams Of God And Monsters’ which was published in the year2014 in a variety of different languages.

It follows a seventeen year old girl who is an art student and who was raised by the chimaera; creatures made by both human and animal parts, to perform tasks such as collecting teeth for her father .She has no idea who she really is and is determined to find out. Her real self is revealed by her lover who wants to kill him but he realizes he something that makes him waver.


The DREAM OF GOD AND MONSTER is the conclusive book in the series DAUGHTERS OF SMOKE AND BONE. In this stunning conclusion, a young lady Karou is not ready to forgive her lover after she knows the whole truth about herself. Akiva her lover was the one who killed her as a seraph before she was adopted by her father Brimstone who brought her back to life. She is determined to avenge for herself and her people. She is now in control of the Chimaera rebellion, an army she has built with her art of resurrection got from her adoptive father. She is ready to steer the war against them. The future rests on her but this does not go on for a long time.

When the jael’s army army gets into the human world there is need for two enemies to combine their effort and counter the threat despite the hatred built between them. This is a twisted version of their long ago dream and their hope is that it will bring a way forward for their people and themselves as well. The seraph don’t seem to be the only threat but a vicious queen is also looking for Akiva. More to that, the huge stains are spreading from skyline to skyline with great storm hunters gathering ,incessantly spinning and a deep sense of wrong saturates the realm.

The fight goes on between the two groups, the seraphim against the combined humans and chimaera from the streets of Rome to the caves of Kinin each striving to save his own life. The juels now seem as just a minor irritant.

Earlier books in the series.


The main actor Karou now knows the secrets hidden from him and which she always wanted sought. She understand what she is and who she is with every detailed explanation of the tattoos and the blue hair that grows on her hair. She is a madrigal, a chimaera which comprises of both animal and human parts. Another secret unfold and which she would give anything to undo it .It was painful for her thinking about the betrayal by Akiva. She comes to know that she was killed by the seraph Akiva and had resurrected by Brimstone through his art of resurrection taking the form of a girl. The chimaera had now taken her back since she was the only one who could perform the art of resurrection.

She leaves for Eretz the land for the seraphim and the chimaera and there she starts her work; the art of resurrection that was to bring all the members of the chimaera to life in order to beat the seraphs.

In this amazing sequel of the highly acclaimed Daughter of smoke and bone, Korou is required to make a decision on how far she would go to revenge for her own people. The Days of Blood and Starlight finds the two lovers in opposing sides and war arises between them. Akiva is not determined to fight the Chimaera but instead fighting a battle for redemption, in order to build a hope from the ashes of their broken dream unlike his opposes who built an outrageous army in the land of dust and starlight.


A young art student is about to be caught in a brutal war living her double life of humans and monsters. She lives among the humans though she was raised elsewhere by her father who is a demon. He sends her all around the world to collect human teeth for a reason she doesn’t quite know. She is very determined to know her kind having a clear understanding of all that was around her including the tattoo shaped eye on her face, her blue hair and her ability to communicate in different languages.

All the mysterious question and origin start unfolding when three angel find their way to the earth. These are not humans neither are they from the world; they belong to the sky and in fact enemies to the humans. Akiva is the name of one of the angels who fall in love with Karou. The feeling between the two was so intense despite the many differences between them. There was something strong tying them together .When Akiva fixes his eyes on is lover in Marrakesh, there is a power that conduct her blood and breath like a symphony, the secrets are unveiled, and a star crossed love whose roots drink deep of a violent past. The two unfortunately are entangled in a war between the Chimera and the secrets are slowly brought to light.

Daughter of smoke and bone is dissolute story about love interesting to read. Karou wish she could be a complete person, comfortable and serene but this was not for her, instead she was very lonely and always wished for someone to be next to her to help her during her hard times and share in her secret. She had so many wishes which but the next question is’ will she live to regret the truth about who she really is?

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