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Daughters of Promise Books In Order

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Publication Order of Daughters of the Promise Books

As an American writer hailing from Texas, Beth Wiseman is no stranger to success, having written a number of well received contemporary romance novels. Reaching scores of readers worldwide, her books tend to focus on more faith based narratives, as she provides something of her own perspective in them. This makes for highly inspirational stories that essentially lift her readers up, giving them a sense of hope and, ultimately, motivation. Over the years her audience has continued to grow, as she has also produced a number of highly regarded series as well, ones that have really stood the test of time. The series the ‘Daughters of Promise’ is one such example of a franchise that Beth Wiseman has been working on for a long time now. Featuring a set of inspirational stories set around the Amish community, they tell of how these people come together and overcome hardship. Moving around the women of these communities and how they are all connected, it tells their stories through their eyes, allowing their voices to be heard. This then also provides moral sustenance for the reader too, as Wiseman delivers a message that really is at once both profound and real.

The series itself has run for over six titles so far, with the first one being published in 2008, and the last in 2013. This clearly shows how far that they’ve come in such a short space of time, giving the reader a window into the creative mind of Beth Wiseman. There are also a number of omnibus editions too, collecting them altogether in larger, easier to manage formats for her many fans.

Plain Perfect

Published through the Thomas Nelson publishing outlet, this manages to effectively introduce the readers to the ‘Daughters of Promise’ series for the first time. Coming out on the 9th of September in 2008, it would establish much of the series that was to come, whilst also providing a clear and conclusive story in of itself. Paving the way to the subsequent books, it manages to set-up the world giving an idea of its sheer scope and scale too.

This being the first title, Wiseman really manages to make every moment count throughout her good natured storytelling. With characters that are warm and gentle in nature, this is definitely a story that leaves the reader feeling good long after they’ve put it down. It also manages to paint a vivid portrait of what life is really like living in the Amish community, giving the readers an otherwise previously unseen way of life.

Searching for the house of her grandma and everything else beyond, Lillian Miller is on the rolling plains of Lancaster County, PA. Following many years of abuse and neglect, she’s finding a new life within the Amish community, as she seeks simplicity and happiness. Finding companionship with one widowed Samuel Stoltzfus, she befriends his son as he works on the farm of her family. Looking for the good life, will she find it here with faith, or will she return to her old life, are questions she must now ask herself. How will she decide? Can she really find happiness here in amongst the Amish community? What really is her plain perfect?

Plain Pursuit

Released through the Thomas Nelson publishing label once more, this continues on in much the same vein as the previous books. First published in 2009 on the 24th of April, it builds upon the themes of what came before, setting up the world of the Amish community even more. It also establishes and introduces new characters too, getting to see the world through fresh new eyes, with a whole new perspective.

Visiting the farm of Lillian deep out in Amish country, Carley Marek receives a culture shock quite unlike any other. Looking to gain an article detailing their whole way of life, Carley hopes to get an insight into how it is they really live. That’s when Samuel and Lillian’s son falls ill, and they don’t have the help of the doctor, as he’s being shunned by the community at large. It is then that Dr. Noah decides that he must intervene, even though he has been forbidden from doing so, whilst Carley begins to question everything she knew, as she begins to discover love there. Will she find more about what God means? Is the doctor going to be able to help? What will happen to Carley as she finds herself in plain pursuit?

Plain Promise

This being the third and final book in ‘The Daughters of Promise’ series, this essentially wraps everything up. With it being published through the Thomas Nelson publishing outlet once more too, it closes the whole series, as Wiseman says everything she wants to say. Published in 2009 too, this was released on the 29th of February, giving the Amish community another final visit once more.

An Amish widow, the young Sadie Fisher is looking to lead a simple and good life in the Amish community of Lancaster County. Whilst she manages to sell goods to local tourists, she keeps wondering if there’s something more to her life, as she starts question whether it’s God’s will that she’ll remain alone without a family. That’s when the bishop Kade Saunders arrives to rent the Pennsylvanian cottage for three months, allowing her to endure the harsh cold winter. Following this the five-year-old autistic son of Kade, Tyler, turns up, as Sadie immediately forms a bond with the young child. Will her attraction to Kade himself grow? Can anything happen between them, despite being world’s apart? What will become of their plain promise?

The Daughters of Promise Series

Using her vast and expansive knowledge of the Amish community, Beth Wiseman really has created a series that feels both wholly authentic and real. Extremely well researched, no expense has been spared when paying close attention to detail in the story, allowing it to really speak to the reader. Her characters are also heartfelt, giving them a real vibrancy, despite many in the audience likely not having much experience themselves with the Amish community. With such a rich and varied world having been created, it’s easy to imagine her continuing indefinitely for quite some time to come.

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