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Publication Order of Daughters of the Moon Books

The Daughters of the Moon book series is a wonderful series of fantasy, paranormal, young adult, and supernatural stories. It is written by a noteworthy American novelist and screenwriter named Lynne Ewing. The series is comprised of 13 books in total, released between 2000 and 2007. This series revolves around 4 fiction girls, later 5, who are depicted as mortal goddesses. They fight an old evil named The Atrox. The girls have different destinies, powers, and dark sides. All of them wear moon amulets. After turning 17, the girls have to make a choice between continuing to live their lives as they have been living or turn into something more. If they choose the first option, they will be forced to live like mortals and give up their lives and their special powers.

Lynne Ewing has shown the Daughters as living in Los Angeles and battling the evil Atrox as well as his dark followers. She followed up the success of this series with a companion series called Sons of the Dark. The central characters mentioned the series by Lynne Ewing include Vanessa Cleveland, Serena Killingsworth, Catty Turner, Jimena Castillo, Maggie Craven, Tianna Moore, Stanton, Morgan Page, Cassandra, Chris, Atrox, Hector, Justin, Mason, Kyle Ormund, Lambert Marmaris, Aura Triton, Zoe Reese, etc. In the earlier part of the series, Catty, Vanessa, Jimena, and Serena are shown as the four Daughters. They look like ordinary girls, but each possesses a secret power. Vanessa can travel back in time, Vanessa becomes invisible, Jimena possesses premonition, and Serena can read minds. These qualities band them together.

After the sixth book, Tianna joins them as the Fifth Daughter. Her special ability is to use her mind to move things. Vanessa Cleveland plays the lead role in the first, seventh, and thirteenth novel. She is able to become invisible by expanding her molecules. At times, Vanessa can also move things, but it requires too much concentration. Serena Killingworth has long hair, green eyes, and several piercing on her body. She appears as the main character in the second and eighth book. Serena and her brother Collin live together. Her special ability is to read minds. Serena has a good friendship with Jimena. Catty Turner is seen playing the primary role in books four and eleven. Her mother, Zoe Reese, abandoned her after birth.

Kendra Turner found her and raised her as her own daughter. Catty can undertake time travel and see things that have happened in the past. Jimena Castillo is a Mexican with as strong premonition power. She can see what is going to happen in the future. Jimena lives in her grandmother’s apartment and goes on to date Collin Killingsworth, Serena’s brother. She used to be a tough rat and a member of a gang before learning that she is one of the Daughters and has a purpose in life for which she has been given her special power.

The debut book of the Daughters of the Moon series written by author Lynne Ewing is entitled ‘Goddess of the Night’. It was released by the Volo publication in 2000. The main character of this novel is Vanessa Cleveland and the story takes place in Los Angeles. Initially, it is mentioned that someone follows Vanessa, but she does not know who it is. She wonders what her stalker wants from her. Vanessa suspects that she might be followed because of her secret ability to become invisible. The power can be used by her at any time, but the problem arises when she unable to control it. The worst fear that Vanessa Cleveland is getting discovered. Vanessa has told about her secret only to Catty, who is her best friend and possesses a special power of her own.

Another exciting novel of the series is known as ‘Into the Cold Fire’. It was also released in 2000 by the Volo publication. This novel features Serena Killingsworth as the central character. The novel opens by depicting that the Dark Side is targeting Serena. They want to get hold of her power of reading minds and use it to destroy the four girls. Serena is known to have a rebellious personality that might make it unable for her to resist the Dark Side’s seductive temptation and their mesmerizing and sexy leader named Stanton. Just like the previous installment, this book is also set in the gritty streets and mystical desert raves of Los Angeles and comes out as a powerful and provocative read.

Lynne Ewing is a popular American screenwriter and author. She is famous for writing the Sons of the Dark series, Daughters of the Moon series, and the Sisters of Isis series. Lynne Ewing has also penned several standalone books in her career. At the age of 30, Lynne started writing for magazines, documentaries, newspapers, and also took up screenwriting. She released her first book, Drive-By, in 1996. It was followed by Party Girl in 1999. Lynne Ewing took 6 years to finish the writing part of her debut novel. Her second book, Party Girl, has been adapted into a film titled Living the Life. Lynne Ewing’s books have been translated into multiple languages. She was born in Nevada and currently resides in Los Angeles and Washington, DC. Other than writing, Lynne Ewing loves to read books and indulge herself in different art forms.

In 2005, Lynne emerged as the winner of the Arizona Teen Readers Award for one of her books. She was married for some time, but her husband is no more now. Her family consists of her two children, Jonathan and Amber. Jonathan works as a molecular biologist, while Amber is an international lawyer. Author Lynne says that she had to move around too much while growing up because of her father’s frequent transfers as a Marine Corps officer. She completed her schooling from Lima, Peru before attending several other schools in different places. During her stay in Peru, Lynne learned Spanish. She earned her college degree from California University in Santa Barbara. One of her earlier jobs was to counsel troubled teens. The places that Lynne visited during her travels include Laos, Thailand, Europe, Japan, Myanmar, China, Malaysia, Russia, and Singapore. She intends to travel to many more locations and explore the things that interest her.

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