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Publication Order of Daughters Of The Sea Books

Almost an institution now in her own right, the American author Kathryn Lasky is a children’s novelist of largely historical fiction. With a clear voice and an insightful warm manner, she is highly regarded for her almost whimsical take on the genre, transporting and entertaining the readers. Creating characters that are much loved, along with stories that are engaging and compelling in equal measure, she is able to create worlds that allow the audience to lose themselves. One thing that she is particularly well known for is her ability to create long-running engaging series that continue to keep her many readers constantly coming back for more. A great example of this would be her much loved ‘Daughters of the Sea’ series of novels, as they have been running for quite some time now. With three mermaid daughters separated at birth following a major storm, they go on to lead three extremely different lives from one another. Set in Boston, America, it starts out looking at Hannah who feels somewhat different from everyone else, as it feels as if the sea is calling to her. Someone knows her secret though, and everything is soon going to become apparent, as her life will never be the same again.

Set over the course of four novels so far and counting, this series originally started out in 2009 and has continued on to 2015. Coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time, the series has made a lot of developments over the course of its run. Looking at the three sisters and their lives from all angles, it manages to incorporate a whole range of different elements, from the paranormal to coming-of-age drama and romance. Making an impact since its first release, it has managed to gain a worldwide following over its entire duration, allowing it to become one of the most popular series within its field to date.


Initially released to much acclaim in 2009 through the ‘Scholastic, Inc.’ publishing outlet, this would effectively kick-start the entire ‘Daughters of the Sea’ franchise. Setting the template for the series that was to follow, it would introduce the first of the three sisters and ‘daughters’, as well as providing the initial premise for the series too. Giving a mystery of sorts, it allows the reader to discover the truth behind the sisters at the same pace as that of the characters, letting them feel as if they are effectively there alongside them.

Using an air of whimsy, this story manages to create a highly stylized mystery, and one that really captures its subject well, whilst also offering a coming-of-age story with a twist. Introducing the character of fifteen year old Hannah for the first time, this provides her backstory, allowing her to shine some light on what exactly is happening here. The city of Boston also works as the setting for the story, a location that Lasky really makes the most of, allowing it to essentially become a character in its own right almost, with it being fully utilized throughout.

Now working as a scullery maid to a rich and influential family, the fifteen year old Hannah has always felt out of place living in Boston and growing up in an orphanage. Constantly drawn towards the sea she feels an irresistible urge pulling her towards the ocean, something that she has never quite been able to explain or understand. That all changes after a series of mishaps and accidents, as she begins to find her true identity, before realizing she soon has to choose between the sea or the land. Which will she choose? Can she leave hear old life behind? Just who is Hannah?


Published once again through the ‘Scholastic Press’ publishing label, this would continue on directly from the previous title, this being the second in the ongoing ‘Daughters of the Sea’ series of novels. First published on the 1st of March in 2011, this was released just under two years after the first, allowing the readers to pick-up from where they left off fairly quickly. Providing the story of another sister, this looks into the life of the next ‘daughter’ of the ocean; Hannah, as she is brought to the forefront here and her story is ultimately told.

Whilst the first title was introducing the series, this mainly focuses on the character, as the premise has already been firmly established, allowing the story to start straight away. Introducing the character of May this time, it sees her as more of a headstrong independent spirit, whilst also searching for love, alongside her quest to discover who she truly is and the secrets that lie in her past. Set off of the coast of Maine this time on a small island, this uses a more desolate set of locations, allowing for a more moody somber atmosphere before, so as to reflect the feelings of isolation.

Growing up in lighthouse, May’s parents are suspicious of her yearning to learn and her passion for books, along with forbidding her to swim at any cost. Not only that, but a suitor called Rudd seems to be highly persistent and doesn’t want to take no for answer, as she finds the sea calling to her instead. It is on her fifteenth birthday that transformations start to take place, as she catches the eye of Hugh, despite the rest of the local town finding her strange. Will she find her true calling? What lengths will Rudd go to in order to keep her from finding her true self? Who is the real May?

The Daughters of the Sea Series

An excellent example of its genre, this is one series that is perfect for its age range of both children as well as young adults hoping to get into the work of Kathryn Lasky. Offering a showcase of some of the best work that she currently has to offer, it’s a finely tuned series that manages to hit all the beats precisely throughout its entire duration. With more and more discovering the novels every day, this is one series that will continue to live on for quite some time to come yet.

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