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Dave Bara is one of the prominent authors of America who has written many successful novels in his writing career. All the novels written by him are based on the science fiction genre and have been quite successful all over the world. Dave was born and brought up in Seattle, United States. He considers himself lucky to have come into the world at the beginning of the space age. As a child, Dave grew up watching the Apollo and Germany space programs on his television. He was so much influenced by the research activities shown in those programs that he dreamed to become an astronaut after growing up. His interest in space programs led him to develop an interest in the science fiction genre and began watching the science fiction works on television. Initially, he used to watch dozens of the exciting episodes of the original shows of Star Trek, The Outer Limits, Lost in Space, as well as The Twilight Zone. Later, Dave shifted his interests in science fiction from television to books and began reading the popular novels of the genre. During his teenage years, Dave used to keep himself engrossed in the voracious reading of science fiction books of the famous authors like Arthur C. Clarke, Jerry Pournelle Joe Haldeman, Isaac Asimov, Gordon Dickson, Frederick Pohl, and Larry Niven. These authors had become his favorites. As his interest grew further, he decided to try his hand at writing his own science fiction novel. He continued doing so throughout the years of his college studies. Dave even chose a novel project as a part of his subjects for his undergraduate degree. Throughout these years, Dave gathered his life experiences and his love for the science fiction genre to develop story concepts that formed the base of his first novel as a writer, The Lightship Chronicles. It is clearly evident from his writings that Dave’s works are influenced by the successful works of the famous science fiction authors that he read in his growing years. The most notable novels from which Dave took reference include the Dune, Dorsai!, Tau Zero, the Foundation series, The Mote in God’s Eye, and The Forever War. Now being a full time writer of the science fiction novels, author Dave Bara looks forward to bring many interesting and exciting works based on the soaring adventures and heroic characters for his science fiction fans in the coming years.

One of the initial novels written by author Dave Bara was titled ‘Impulse’. This novel was published as a part of the Lightship Chronicles series and was released by the Del Rey publishing house in the year 2014. The plot of this novel revolves around the lives of the primary characters, Peter Cochrane and Nathan Cochrane. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Peter Cochrane is introduced as a lieutenant in the Quantar Royal Navy. He believes that he has mapped his future very well, which seems quite clear to him. Soon, as a part of a new assignment, he is asked to join the Spaceship Starbound of Her Majesty as an officer. The Starbound was a Lightship that was used for exploration of the deep space through voyages. The life of Peter Cochrane undergoes a drastic change when he gets summoned to his father’s office. His father, Grand Admiral Nathan Cochrane, is a very respectable personnel of the Royal Navy. The office of Peter’s father gives him the devastating news of the death one of his loved ones.

The Lightship Impulse, which was carrying his former girlfriend a number of her shipmates underwent an unprovoked and a mysterious attack in a distant solar system that resulted in the death of everyone on the Lightship. This causes the future plans of Peter Cochrane to get torn apart as he gets transferred under the foreign command to a Unified Navy ship. He is asked to go to an unexpected destination which seems to be fully surrounded by strangers. To add to it, he has been given some secret orders by his superior officers, that might force him to abandon the mission and become a mutineer. The crisis situation that surrounds Peter Cochrane become a pathway to something more unexpected when the Historian of the spaceship takes Peter and his colleagues into an unknown galaxy. This new place seems to be full of ancient technology, new cultures, unexpected romances, and age-old rivalries. Peter Cochrane takes the responsibility in an overwhelming because one wrong step might plunge the whole humanity in a dangerous apocalyptic and interstellar war.

One of the other novels written by author Dave Bara initially was titled ‘Speedwing’. It was published by the Creek Press publishing house in the year 2012. The plot of this novel deals with the life of the main character named Ethan Cochran and is set in a galactic space. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Ethan Cochran is introduced as a 16 year old boy and seems to be like any other kid of his age from high school. He likes to play football and has a girlfriend with whom he loves to go to proms. When Ethan graduates from school a couple of years early, he goes on to do something different instead of learning his family business or going to college. To everyone’s surprise, he decides to volunteer to become a fighter pilot and join the colonial Sector Navy. Once he joins the Navy, he comes to know that the things are not like the way they were portrayed on Earth. He also finds out that the humans are getting pushed away aggressively from their original 12 colonies by the alien group Kalian. A coalition of the government and business groups on Earth named World Gov works to keep the Earth a paradise for the humans. It moves out in the space colonies and exploits their resources and leaves behind the environmental disasters. Even the colonies do not seem to be the happy pioneers as they depicted on the television. In fact, they are more like the grumpy conscripts. In spite of having his own reservations, Ethan gets commissioned to operate the most effective weapon of defense of the navy against the aliens of Kalian. The weapon is known as Speedwing. Ethan fights against the aggressive alien invaders along with his friends Sono and Meredith in order to defend the planet Earth. Soon, the things take an ugly turn when Ethan Cochran gets shot down and taken over by a Kalian. After getting captured, he comes to know about the more truths, that his captor was a friend and the group of Kalian aliens were all very much human.

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