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Dave Lloyd is a young adult and historical fiction author, poet, and short story author from Montana. The fourth-generation Montanan claims ancestry from a grandmother that came to the US on a steamboat and lived in Miles City. The great grandmother has been a huge influence in his career as an author as he would get stories handed down from her about the men and women that lived during the days of the Wild West. Growing up listening to the stories of how rowdy the times were, he became fascinated with the history of the time. He would later grow up and work as a cowboy and then as an assistant ranch manager in charge of one of the largest ranches in Montana. Working for the Western Cattle Company he was responsible for thousands of cattle and thousands of acres of land. He is known for his deep insights gleaned from his highly accurate historical work that creates characters that reflect the times. He has published more than ten novels in the “Riverboat,” “Ben Hite,” “Montana Saga,” and “Buffalo” series among many other single standing novels. Lloyd currently lives with Donna his wife in Helena, Montana, and in his novels often chronicles the history of the state which he has come to call home.

As an adolescent, Lloyd wanted to grow up and become a poet and this was a dream he held throughout his years in college. It was while he was doing his doctorate at Brown University that he studied under John Hawkes, the novelist who he describes as an amazing author and magnificent teacher. He so loved the fiction writing class that he decided to enroll for a master’s program at Brown even as he pursued his Ph.D. It was not long before he discovered that he loved writing story cycles such as “Boys: Stories and a Novella” rather than in stand-alone fiction works. He would soon get into the publishing of long-form fiction novels where he made a name for himself with several series. As for poetry, he has three collections to his name that include “Warriors,” “The Gospel According to Frank,” and “The Everyday Apocalypse.” All of the poems written by Dave Lloyd are about aspects of the Welsh American experience or something to do with Wales. Nonetheless, his collection “The Gospel According to Frank” is themed on the ebb and flow of cultural ideas and forms, and the blended experience. Lloyd currently has more than fifteen novels including his three collections of poetry, more than ten long-form novels, tens of short stories including the popular title “The Moving of the Water” that he published in 2018. He was the winner of the Robert H. Winner Memorial Award by the Poetry Society of America. He was also made Scholar in Residence on a Fulbright Distinguished Scholarship at the Bangor University in the UK. In 2020, he was granted a Fulbright Scholarship at Cardiff University in Wales. He still directs Le Moyne College’s Creative Writing Program.

“Sharp Shooter” the first novel of the Ben Hite series introduces Ben Hite the lead protagonist. At the start of the novel, Ben is just coming back from fighting in the Civil War, where he was a distinguished member of the Berdan Sniper Regiment. Having been released from active duty, he is now looking West where he has been informed that there were good prospects for a new prosperous life in the goldfields of Montana. While the prospects are true, he soon has to confront the organized lawless gangs that are seeking easy prey among the miners and things will soon come to a head. He had also decided to help a group of orphaned children that will face sure death of left all alone in the bitter Montanan winter. He needs to find a way to keep his new family and himself alive as he battles the fierce elements, Indians, and outlaws in the Montana frontier. To protect his family, he will need to bring to bear his experiences fighting the Civil War, where he had relied on his 1859 Sharps riel and his expertise with a knife. Taking the stories he was told by his mother and grandmother and other historical research from the period, Lloyd tells a thrilling tale of the gold rush in Montana and the development of the cities of Salt Lake City and St Louis.

“The Hunters” by Dave Lloyd continues the story of Ben Hite the lead protagonist of the series. At the start of the novel, Hite goes on a search for some kidnapped children that had been reportedly taken by the Navajo. Finding them results in several positive consequences including finding a wife. As they are journeying to find the children a home, they are confronted by the Mormon Militia intent on killing all of them though they fail in the attempt. They then continue the journey forward to reach St Louis where they believe they can find some children’s homes. They are unable to find any home to take them in and it is a dire situation as they have to bring them back on the perilous journey back. While on the journey back, they meet a German Count and his brother that challenges him to a duel. It will take a lot to defeat the man and he may have to call upon his vast experience and those of his companions if they are to stay alive against the murderous scalpers and savage tribes along the way.

Dave Lloyd’s “Legacy” opens to the aftermath of the death of Ben who was killed by the Danites. His old colleagues and family are out for revenge and teaming up with the Crows are walking to the Mormon strongholds to get justice for Ben. There they intend to mete out justice to Porter Rockwell, a Mormon assassin who works with a group of outlaws in the Montana wild. With justice attained, the family heads back home with Freddy getting a job as a detective while Betty tries her hand at starting a family. Meanwhile, Katy is working to become a physician, and Kills Twice is heading back to join up with his tribe. But Brigham Young the Mormon tyrant is planning evil against the family and Katy is forced to run away to China to practice medicine to escape the vindictive man. In China, she is soon embroiled in a feud with Chinese gangsters even though her siblings back home fare a little better.

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