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Kiss My Assassin (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Agent Provocateur (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Venetian Blonde (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Eva Destruction Books

The Barista's Guide To Espionage (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Amnesiac's Guide to Espionage (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rookie’s Guide to Espionage (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Spy's Guide to Espionage (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Past Transgressions (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow Hunting (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil's End (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dave Sinclair is a screenwriter and USA Today bestselling thriller author who also has to be one of the best at parallel parking.

He published “The Barista’s Guide to Espionage” his debut novel and the first of the “Eva Destruction” series of novels in 2016. He has since become a prolific author with at least a dozen works of fiction to his name spread across several series.
Outside of his writing pursuits, he is an award-winning filmmaker which he admits sometimes sounds more impressive than what he believes it is.

He won a Best Cinematography and Comedy Screenplay award for one of the short films he directed and wrote. What was interesting about the whole thing was that at the time he had no idea what cinematography even meant.
He has since become more informed and even has a screenplay out there.

Just like most authors, Dave Sinclair did not have it easy when he was trying to become a published author. She first had the idea for Eva Destruction her kick-ass heroin when she was looking for a book she wanted to read and could not find one.
All she wanted to read was a book with a funny, sassy, badass, and smart heroine who would easily jump off an exploding building and make a smart-ass quip while at it.

Since she could not find anything remotely similar, she sat down to write the “Eva Destruction” series. It was from that series that she would then spin off the Bishop character and the “Charles Bishop” s
eries of novels.
Dave currently makes his home in Melbourne Australia where he lives with his wife and two daughters.
When he is not writing his novels, he can usually be found reading.

His bookshelf is overflowing with titles from the likes of John Le Carre, Douglas Adams, Zadie Smith, P.G. Wodehouse, Ian Flemming, Dashiell Hammet, Janet Evanovich, and Raymond Chandler.

Dave Sinclair’s novel “Kiss My Assassin” introduces Charles Bishop, an MI6 spy. He is saving the world from an unknown arms dealer who is practically unknown to everyone, even though he could not be any more dangerous.
Bishop needs to decide who he can trust and who to let in the quest to track down Kali the elusive man. But the the thing is the mission has just become personal as the ruthless and deadly arms dealer took a shot at him.
He is now more determined than ever to go at the man, even if he has to travel through hell to accomplish his mission.

It is an intriguing ride that makes a character that you would want your James Bond to be even though he just will never be.

Full of whip-smart dialogue, a femme fatale to drool over, and all manner of action, it makes for an interesting ride.

The exchanges between Oleg and Bishop are out of this world as they go from Haiti, Morocco, and London in a very interesting thriller story.

In Dave Sinclair’s novel “Agent Provocateur,” Charles Bishop has been charged with taking down his old mentor, who also happens to be the father of the girl he let get away.

Given that Kevin had trained him, it would not be so easy to find the man. Ultimately, he picks up Kevin’s trail and heads to China but immediately begins to fear that they may both never return.
Hunted down by a powerful enemy that is targeting them both, Bishop has to keep both his enemies and friends close if he has to have any hope of getting out of China alive and accomplishing his mission.
Armed with the odd rocket launcher and his wits, he will need to deal with a rogue agent who is determined to start and finish a new war.

Full of all manner of twists, snappy dialogue, and full-throttle action, it is a work that will have you thrilled from the first page to the last.

In “Venetian Blonde” by Dave Sinclair, a cargo container is caught in a storm where it is boarded. No one had a clue about the carnage it would release when it was boarded as the contents inside had not been known to most people.
Somebody has left a message for Charles Bishop the MI6 agent which could cost him not only his job but also his life.

Bishop finds himself in an investigation that takes him from the chaotic streets of Istanbul to the sun-kissed Venetian shores and the frozen climes of Scandinavia.
With his dark history catching up to him, he may have to deal with his past to survive the present.

It is an all-out adventure full of deception, and fast-paced dialogue that makes for an unputdownable story.

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