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Publication Order of Inari's Children Books

The Kitsune Stratagem (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Law of Swords Books

In Treachery Forged (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Forgery Divided (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Division Imperiled (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Shieldclads Books

The Merrimack Event (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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To the Rink of War (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Collections

This Book Cannot Make Any Money (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Worlds Enough: Fantastic Defenders(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

David A. Tatum is a renowned American writer of science fiction, space opera, military fiction, and fantasy stories. He is famous for writing the Shieldcalds series, the Inari’s Children series, and The Laws of Swords book series. Author Tatum is a native of Ithaca, New York. His father was a librarian, who later turned into a spy, while his mother was a fashion designer. Tatum had learned to spell words by the age of four and this had made his parents believe that he was destined to become a writer. As the years went by, he developed an interest in reading and also started writing stories. When Tatum was seven years old, he relocated to Washington, DC to be in the company of his parents. It was there that he began training in the martial art form of Kenpo. However, he could not earn his black belt even after training for around 20 years.

With this, his hopes of making a career in the field of martial arts also vanished, forcing him to shift his focus towards his other love, that is, writing. When Tatum started high school, he got associated with an organization dedicated to exploration and adventure. Later, Tatum became a chapter president of this organization. He intended to find a route to Earth’s center and exploring it for a unique experience. But, his hopes in this activity also vanished after exploring the Suffolk, Virginia caves because all he came across was dead ends. A few years later, Tatum’s father died and left behind a large library for him to inherit and explore his writing interests. The library was so big that it occupied most of the space in his house.

At that time, Tatum was also going through dental problems. As he grew up, he dealt with both of them. Tatum did not have high hopes of getting a high-paying job after obtaining a degree because he came to know that his degree in history could only get him a job at a fast-food center at the best. So, he decided to choose a career in professional writing, which brought him even lesser money, but there was a satisfaction that he was involved in something that he liked and was excited about. Nowadays, Tatum tries to juggle publishing and writing and keeping up with the deadline of his manuscripts. He enjoys writing in different genres at the same time and having to come across different scenarios. Tatum’s books have been appreciated by a large audience across the globe. He has managed to develop a huge base of dedicated fans for himself, who love his work and support him all the time.

Tatum’s writing skills have also come to the notice of some prominent critics, who have praised his work and applauded his efforts in coming up with excellent stories every time. There are some fellow writers, who have reviewed Tatum’s with genuine positive comments on several popular literary platforms. Many upcoming writers look up to Tatum for inspiration. They are influenced by his excellent character developments, plot descriptions, settings, and storytelling abilities. Overall, Tatum is quite content with the amount of popularity and fame he has earned so far in his writing career. He intends to achieve more heights of success in the years to come through his future projects. For that, he demands the support of his fans and promises them to provide mind-blowing stories one after the other.

A popular book series written by author David A. Tatum is known as The Law of Swords series. It is comprised of just 2 books released between 2013 and 2016. This fantasy series is set in a fictional kingdom known as Svieda. Some of the lead characters mentioned in the books by Tatum include Prince Maelgyn and Euleilla. Tatum has based this series around a set of laws laid down to prevent the fighting of the Royal Heirs of Svieda among themselves during the unexpected death of the King. One of the laws was not required until a situation arises where it becomes highly important to use it. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘In Treachery Forged’. It was released by the Fennec Fox Press in 2013. Initially, it is depicted that the Svieda kingdom entered into a pact with a group called Sho’Curlas Alliance after the Borden Isles rebellion. This was a necessary step taken to maintain the balance of power.

Several years later, Svieda faces betrayal at the hands of the Sho’Curlas Alliance when they brutally assassinate the kingdom’s Sword King and invade its borders. Following this irrevocable and shocking betrayal, Sword Prince Maelgyn decides to take command and avenge the killing of his father. He wants to save his kingdom from further destruction and doesn’t want to go the war unprepared. With that purpose in mind, Maelgyn travels to the Sopan Province and assembles his armies. His cousins join him in the battle. While on his way to the war, Maelgyn comes across a Dwarven caravan that is was desperate need of help. His generous assistance to the caravan brings his alliance of the dwarves, which proves to be good news at such a desperate time. Shortly after, Maelgy gets married accidentally and goes on to learn about dragons.

The next installment of the series is called ‘In Forgery Divided’. It was also published by the Fennec Fox publication in 2016. This book opens by showing that Maelgyn succeeds in proving to the world that he is the strongest Mage after defeating Paljor. But, he is more concerned about other powerful things than just Mages. After returning home, he comes to know that the old enemies are still plotting to cause him harm, while the new enemies have already started playing the game of politics to break his kingdom from inside. When the situations begin to go out of control, Maelgyn turns to the Law of Swords to protect his kingdom from devastation. To his utter shock, he learns that the enemies are actually getting help from those laws. And to make matters worse, new problems arise from the Elves. Maelgyn tries to deal with every problem one at a time and bring back peace to his kingdom. This novel contains gripping battle scenes and interesting settings. Author Tatum has done a wonderful job of creating well-developed characters and adding intriguing plot twists. Being not predictable is what gives this book’s story a refreshing touch.

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