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Publication Order of Dragonfall Books

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Publication Order of Sovereign of the Seven Isles Books

Publication Order of The Primogenitor Conflict Books

David A. Wells is an American author of fantasy books. His book series include Sovereign of the Seven Isles, Dragonfall, and Primogenitor Conflict. He was born in LaGrande, Oregon and spent his childhood in Portland, Maine. After high school, David enrolled in the military and later attended college. After college, he worked several jobs, including driving and working in a warehouse, which all required long hours.

Because he always had a passion for fantasy and science fiction stories, he decided to try it. In 2011, his publishing dream came true when Thinblade, the first novel in Sovereign of the Seven Isles series, was published. The series ended after seven novels in 2014. In 2015, David Wells published The Dragon’s Egg, the first book in his Dragonfall trilogy set in the year 2178, seven decades after Dragonfall.

The first novel in the Sovereign of the Seven Isles series introduces us to Alexander, Darius, and Abigail, who set out on a mission to track down a wolf pack that has been causing havoc with their livestock. During their hunt, they encounter the wolves, but the situation takes a bad turn when Darius is struck in the chest by a poisoned arrow. Desperate to save him, they rush him back to Valentine Manor. Tragically, they arrive too late, and Darius dies in the arms of his mother.

A few hours later, a magical alarm goes off. This warning spell alerts the inhabitants of the Seven Isles that Prince Phane Reishi has awakened. Then, Alexander experiences a major and painful change: the Mark of Mage Cedric is imprinted on his neck. This sudden and unexpected event hints at deeper, more mysterious forces in the Seven Isles, signaling a shift in Alexander’s destiny and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Alexander’s journey is threatened when Phane sends a demon to hunt him down. Alexander manages to flee, but his parents stay behind to battle the demon, leaving their fate uncertain. Alexander and his companions make for Southport, only to be confronted by mercenaries. It is during this encounter Alexander faces the grim reality of taking a life for the first time.

They find shelter in an abandoned castle in Glen Morillian. Their rest is short-lived as nether wolves soon attack them. In the nick of time, a group of Rangers comes to their rescue, guiding them to the safety of the forest city. The Forest Warden acknowledges Alexander as the King of Ruatha, a title with newfound responsibilities and challenges. Alexander’s journey takes another turn when he saves Isabel, leading to his transformation into a wizard. They travel to New Ruatha, where Regent Cery officially recognizes him as the King. However, their departure from New Ruatha is marked by another bad encounter with Commander P’tal. Mage Gamaliel bravely holds off the attacker, allowing Alexander and his group to escape.

Their destination is Mage Cedric’s ancient keep, shrouded in mystery. Here, they discover the Thinblade, which hints at deeper elements of magic and power in Alexander’s journey across the Seven Isles. This series of events marks a pivotal transformation in Alexander’s life. They propel him into a role of leadership and magic he had not anticipated.

What makes Thinblade a must-read fantasy novel is the fast-paced and engaging plot. David Wells skillfully keeps the reader in suspense, not knowing what will happen next. The narrative doesn’t always provide an easy path for the protagonist. Alexander faces trials and challenges on his journey, emphasizing the effort needed to achieve his goals.

Alexander’s transformation is central to the story. Beginning as a simple rancher, he gradually adapts to the role of the King of Ruatha. A key aspect of his character is his reluctance to wield power; he would prefer to return to his rancher life. His experiences along the way, including witnessing strangers sacrifice their lives for him, harden his resolve. He also grows in humility, particularly after a near-fatal mistake with a crossbow bolt that could have been avoided with more vigilance.

Abigail starts as a typical girl and evolves into a fierce warrior through rigorous training and her first taste of battle. This experience solidifies her determination and exposes her to the brutal realities of war. By the end, her tomboyish, never-give-up attitude shines bright. Her courage is notably demonstrated when she refuses to surrender to the Southport City Guard, fighting bravely and alerting her group to an impending threat. These character arcs add depth to the story, portraying a journey of growth, resilience, and the harshness of their chosen paths.

The Dragon’s Egg is the first novel in the Dragonfall trilogy by David A. Wells. The book features several elements, including dragons, demons, angels, and a mix of horror, action, and gore. It combines sword & sorcery, magic, advanced technology, and ninja skills, peppered with robust language and themes of family. This chaotic world might seem overwhelming to some, but others may find it thrillingly complex.

At the heart of all this turmoil, one character stands out with his internal battle of emotions and knowledge, maintaining a sense of calm and control amidst the chaos. Another character brings philosophical insights, highlighting themes of overreaching authority and the manipulation of fear by those in power.

The story begins seventy-five years prior, when dragons, initially mistaken for meteorites, fell from the sky. The world, unscathed and oblivious to the looming threat, moved on. Over a decade later, these ‘meteorites’ true nature was revealed as dragon eggs hatched. The emerging dragons, weak and covert, slowly began to manipulate humans, trading magic for influence. The onset of war was abrupt and catastrophic, labeled the ‘apocalypse’ by survivors. Nine billion lives were lost in a single afternoon. The dragons, now revealing their true strength, scorched the earth, taunting the remnants of humanity. In response, four leaders emerged: The Wizard, the Dragon Rider, the Monk, and the Dragon Slayer. Together with a rebellious dragon, they fought back, only to be eventually overpowered, dispersed, or killed.
The war’s end left only one dragon standing, but its presence alone was enough to thrust the world into a dark age of tyranny. The Dragon’s Egg invites readers into this chaotic universe, offering a narrative rich in fantasy elements and heartfelt moral questions.

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