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The 25th Hour (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Thieves (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

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When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Kite Runner (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inside HBO's Game of Thrones (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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David Benioff is a popular novelist from America, who has written several successful books as well as successful screenplays for television serials. Apart from being a noteworthy writer, he is also a famous screenwriter and a television producer. He particularly popular as as the showrunner and co-creater of the award winning and widely acclaimed HBO television series called Game of Thrones. Author David was born as David Friedman on September 25, 1970. He was born in a Jewish family in the New York City, New York, United States. Author David’s parents are Stephen Friedman and Barbara Benioff. His father is the former boss of the Goldman Sachs. Marc Benioff is the distant cousin of author David. After he became an adult, he decided to change his surname to Benioff, which is the maiden name of his mother. He did so because he did not want the readers to have any confusion between him and the other writers with the name David Friedman. He has two other siblings and is the youngest among them. The family of author David actually belongs to the Russian Jewish and German Jewish descent. Author David completed his school studies from The Collegiate School and then his graduation from the Dartmouth College. While he was studying at the Dartmouth College, he became a member of the Sphinx Senior Society and the Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity.

When he was 22 years old, he used to work as a club bouncer in order to earn his living. Later on, he went on to become an English teacher at a high school named Poly Prep, located in Brooklyn, New York City. After teaching for a few years at the high school, author David decided to pursue his master’s degree. Eventually, he joined the California State Irvine University and then the Trinity College, Dublin for obtaining his master’s degree in Fine Arts in the program of creative writing. Author David tried his hand for the first time at writing a novel when he was teaching English in a high school. During his teaching period, he had completed the writing work of his famous book called ‘The 25th Hour’. The was published and became immensely successful all over. It was later adapted by author David into a screenplay for a movie starring Edmward Norton. The film was directed by the popular director named Spike Lee, and also became successful just like the original book. After this, David wrote and published a collection of short stories which were titled as ‘When Nines Roll Over’. This short story collection was released in the year 2004. In the same year, author David drafted an interesting screenplay based on the mythological epic called Troy.

The screenplay was bought by Warner Bros production company for $2.5 million. Later, David also wrote the script of the psychological thriller movie called Stay, which was published in the year 2005. The film was directed by well known director named Marc Foster and showed Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor in lead roles. After this, author David adapted the screenplay of the movie, The Kite Runner from the book of the same name. This book too was directed by Marc Foster and was only the 2nd occasion when both of them worked together. After all this success in his career from writing screenplays, author David kept on focusing on that part only and minimized his interest in writing novels. The highlight of is career as a screenwriter came with the adaptation of Game of Thrones into a television series. The series is still going on with author David Benioff as its screenplay writer. He married the famous actress Amanda Peet on September 30, 2006 in the New York City. The couple is blessed with three children and are living their lives happily together.

One of the initial and successful books written by author David was titled ‘City of Thieves’. This book was released by Viking Adult publishers in the year 2008 and is set in Saint Petersberg during the time of the year 1942. The story of this novel is filled with captivating tales of war, survival, courage, and a friendship of a lifetime. The main characters featuring in the plot are Lev Beniov and Nikolai Alexandrovich Vlasov. When the novel begins, it is shown that the Nazis seize Leningrad brutally and arrest Lev Beniov on the charges of looting. He is kept in a small prison where he becomes famous along with a handsome deserter with the name Kolya. Before getting executed by the Nazis for their crimes, Kolya and Lev are given a chance to save their lives. They are asked to comply with a dangerous directive in which they are given the task of securing 12 eggs for using them in the wedding cake of a powerful Soviet colonel’s daughter. In a city which is cut off from all the supplies and suffering from deprivation, Kolya ad Lev set themselves on the hunt of finding the impossible behind the enemy lines and through Leningrad’s dire lawlessness. In the end, the book proved to be extremely thrilling, insightful, terrifying, and funny. The Second World war adventure described by author David in his own unique style was very much appreciated by the readers all over.

The other successful novel written by author David Benioff was titled as ‘When Nines Roll Over’. This book was written in the form of a short story collection and was published by the Penguin Book publishers in the year 2004. In the story of this book, author David has made use of rich characterizations and humor for exploring the pathetic and thrilling lives of the unique set of characters that he has mentioned. Throughout the set of 8 short stories, the readers are introduced to lots of young people who face loss and discovery. With the different set of characters, author David has tried to evoke the different stages of pleasure and agony, rebellion, desire, humiliation, and camaraderie. He even displayed a profound understanding of the transforming power of one moment and showed how humorous flip side can be used to illuminate sadness. With the success of this collection of short stories, author David showed a lot of promise as a talented writer and went on to emerge as a strong storytelling force.

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