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David C. Taylor is an American based producer and author specialising in crime stories. His work has featured in different TV films and movies. He was born and raised in New York, his father Samuel Taylor was a movie playwright in Broadway. He was raised in a writing family; his brother is a journalist while his mother used to write cooking and life experiences diaries. David early years basically revolved between Europe and America schooling. Together with his brother, they enjoyed spending their youthful years exploring New York jazz clubs, pool halls and games arcades.

After graduating from Yale University, David spent two years in Marshal Island working as a Peace Corp. He later on moved to New York where he worked as a teacher before relocating to Madrid to concentrate on nurturing his writing career. He has also lived and worked in Vienna where he met his wife and Los Angeles where he spent 20 years working as a script writer for different TV series. He has two daughters. David and his wife currently spend most of their time between Boston and Maine coast homes.

David has been working as an independent producer since 1978 to date. He has worked on more than 100 films and different programs. His work has been featured on popular broadcasting channels like National Geographic, TLC, BBC Channel 4, A&E and The History Channel among others. His writing work revolves around politics and past historical occurrence. He has served as a guest lecturer in different universities like The George Washington University, College of William and Mary. David currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at James Madison University.

In addition to being an academician and author, David has published various articles for magazines and short stories. He has won different awards throughout his writing career. In 1987, David won Award for Excellence in Journalism, National Emmy Award in 2004 and Peabody Award. Other awards and honours include New York Film Festivals, Royal Society Award and Bronze Eagle Awards. David published his first work when he turned 70 years old.

Night Life Novel

David C. Taylor inspiration to writing this novel is based on his earlier year’s memory while growing up in New York City. The story is based on a fictional crime character in New York in 1950’s. The story indicates historical similarity between modern day city life and earlier years. This is the first fictional novel in Taylor series of transporting historical crime.

Night Life is a crime novel based on a fictional character Michael Cassidy a New York Cop whose life revolves around different issues. During this time, Senator Joe McCarthy is facing a hard time hunting for the communists due to the quick spreading cold war. The CIA and FBI are fighting each other in order to showcase who deserves to be accorded as the best US intelligent unit.

Michael father is a European refugee who works as a Broadway Producer. He appears to be having a hard time getting along with his fellow workers but at the same time possess a strong background as a New York cop and wants to satisfy the orders of his mafia. He is assigned the task of investigating the death of Alexander Ingram who was found murdered in his apartment kitchen. Ingram is a Broadway chorus dancer, the same production company where Michael father works.

The situation appears to get out of hand as many young men are murdered each day. FBI, CIA and the mafia appear to be taking a lead in manipulating some of the murders and throwing accusations to each other. Michael frequently dreams about misfortunes which come to pass. He dreams of someone sent to murder him. Cassidy is attracted to a mysterious woman who has just relocated to his Greenwich homeland. He hopes to find love and live a happy life thereafter but will the woman be the best choice for Cassidy?

Night Work Novel

This is a second fictional novel by David Taylor on the transporting historical crime series. The story revolves around Michael Cassidy, a New York based cop. Michael is confused about some dreams which sometimes come to pass in real life.

It is during the end of Batista dictatorship era after being overpowered by Fidel Castro. Cassidy is charged with different responsibilities in line of his job. He is assigned the task of accompanying a prisoner charged with murder to Havana. He also rescues KGB agent from a planned execution. Upon accomplishment of his duties he returns to New York City. Alcohol and sex appears to be the lead comforts upon his return to the city.

Three months after arriving to the city, Cassidy life becomes complicated. He is assigned with the task of investigating the murder of a young man that occurred in Central Park. Before accomplishing on the task assigned, he is required to join Fidel Castro’s protective team. Fidel’s appears to be having enemies all over. Americans cartels flushed from Havana, Batista secret force that wants him dead and businessmen who are uncertain about their investments in Cuba. Will Cassidy help prevent another murder from happening while investigating a current murder case that occurred in Central Park?

Featured Films

David C. Taylor has several works that have been adapted to movies and films. Some of which include:

Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky was directed by Sidney Poitier and written by David Taylor and Henry Rosenbaum. The film was shot in 1982 and is based on story of an innocent young man Michael Jordan. Michael gets on wrong side with the government after he is seen accompanying a girl carrying suspicious package in a taxi. The girl is later on found murdered and Michael is the main suspect for the murder. This forces him to run away to avoid be arrested.


The film is written by David Taylor and directed by Roger Young. It was shot on 1984 and is based on story of a handsome jewel thief operating in the streets of London in late 1930’s. He is arrested and is handed with a challenging offer as an alternative to prison sentence. He is asked to break in heavily guarded Germany Embassy in London and steal millions of worth gems.

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