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David Caris
David Caris is an award winning and traditionally published author that has struck out as an indie writer to write books that he loves reading. The first of these novels, called “Shadow Kill”, was published late in January of 2021. The novel is David’s first thriller.

David has lived in Australia, the United Kingdom, America, Japan, and Canada, and he travels any and every chance that he gets. He follows global politics closely and he loves all history, especially 20th century history. David has also immersed himself in cyber security research.

“Shadow Kill” is the first novel in the “John Kovac” series and was released in 2021. A hitman that is looking to set things right, one cartel boss after another.

John Kovac, an ex-Navy SEAL, is an assassin on a mission to take out a yakuza boss when the job spirals out of his control. Kovac, having been left for dead and betrayed by his employer, decides that he should lie low in Tokyo. His plan is revenge. However when a young woman asks him to keep her safe from the yakuza, he feels he’s duty bound to help. She is an abuse victim, and long experience tells him that if he does not step in tonight, she will be a corpse before the sun rises.

While he works to uncover the full truth behind his last job, he finds himself getting pulled into a conspiracy that goes far beyond the yakuza to this horrifying and new multinational cartel. One which will stop at nothing to control the global drug trade.

These kingpins are sure they have covered all of their bases. They are utterly ruthless and well funded. However they have failed to account for one man: John Kovac.

For those that are fans of Jack Carr, Mark Nolan, Nicholas Irving, David Baldacci, Scott McEwen, or A. J. Tata, be sure to add “Shadow Kill” to your library.

This is the first in a fast paced and unflinching thriller series which won’t shortchange you on action. Be ready to immerse yourself in all things John Kovac, because this is an intense thriller that is worthy of a binge read, while being action packed from start to finish. Kovac is a protagonist that many readers will gladly follow after finishing this one.

“Shadow Code” is the second novel in the “John Kovac” series and was released in 2021. A poison deadly enough, that just a single gram can murder every single human on this planet. Curzon International has been hacked. Its staff have been locked out, its systems are down, and clients are demanding compensation. The multinational is on the brink of collapsing. Even worse still, John Kovac (the inhouse hitman for the company) has just found that his identity is up for auction on the dark web.

In order to keep his past out of the public realm, and the crosshairs off of his back, he’s got no choice. Being Curzon’s go-to “fixer”, it is time to return to the fold. Good news is: John’s got an ally in Megan Curzon, the new CEO of the company.

But the bad news: the threat to Curzon extends far beyond just a simple data breach. This lethal bioweapon lurks in the well-to-do boroughs of London, where this young woman, who is a bitter mercenary, and this group of terrorists are putting the final touches on this attack that’s unlike any other. They want Kovac dead, Curzon wiped out, and all of Europe begging for mercy. And they aren’t even above killing kids to get this job done.

This is the guy you call, if you ever wanted a more ruthless version of the Gray Man or Mitch Rapp.

“Shadow Hunt” is the third novel in the “John Kovac” series and was released in 2022. Hitman John Kovac is striking out all alone. His first solo mission sees him returning back to London, targeting Anton Sanz, a gang leader. Kovac is expecting this to be a cathartic revenge hit, however there’s this unwelcome surprise waiting in Sanz’s SUV. Two half-dead Cantonese boys, covered in blood.

When a couple of Chinese agents attempt gunning Kovac down just minutes later, he knows that he has stumbled across something larger than he is able to take on by himself. Whole entire families have been disappearing, right the way around the globe.

The murder teams continue coming, tasked with protecting powerful people and one ultra secret program, and Kovac has got every reason to ditch these boys and exit out of this war. But instead he makes a pact. Take on the most powerful nations in the entire world. Bring the deadliest of opponents down. Or die trying.

This novel is a page turner with great suspense, some interesting characters, and makes for an exciting read from beginning to end. All while being filled with terrorism, company espionage, and intrigue.

“Trigger Point” is a prequel novel in the “John Kovac” series and was released in 2022. Go back to where it all began for John Kovac.

He was dressed in a hooded wetsuit and wearing insectoid goggles. Today’s comp was constant weight no fins (or CNF for short). Any weight that was taken down by the diver needed to be brought back up, accounting for the “constant”. This was pure diving, and it’d mark the end of Kovac’s life.

When John Kovac reaches the surface, he’s a participant in this tightly controlled script; an incredibly public performance that’ll convince the entire world that he’s dead. In the following weeks, he’ll exit the legalized world, with its constraints and rules, and enter into a whole new shadow realm as a corporate assassin for Curzon International.

His first job will be to locate Odette Karekezi, a kidnapped sixteen year old girl. Her mom works at Curzon, and she’s too scared to even report her daughter as missing. All the evidence suggests that this is extortion, and his orders are simple. If it’s nothing, then cross it off of the list. But if it is something, find those that are responsible, and fix it with a clean kill.

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