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David Chill is a bestselling American writer of crime fiction, suspense, and mystery stories. His books have featured on the USA Today bestseller list and are popular all over the world. Chill is particularly popular for writing the Burnside Mystery series. He has also penned a single novel called Curse of The Afflicted, which is a medical suspense book published in 2017. All the books in the Burnside series are mystery/suspense novels featuring Burnside in the lead role of a private investigator. Author Chill made his debut in the field of publishing with the 2013 book called Post Pattern, which is also the first novel of the Burnside series. This book helped Chill win the contest organized by the Private Eye Writers of America in the category of new authors of the mystery genre.

The series is still going on and over the years, its books have received lots of critical acclaims. They have also spent considerable time on the bestseller lists of various literary magazines and journals. Author Chill was born and brought up in New York City. He studied at SUNY-Oswego and obtained his undergraduate degree before relocating to Los Angeles, where he joined the Southern California University and earned his Master’s degree. As of today, Chill resides in California and works on his novels from the comfort of his home. He is happily married and has a son. His family supports him and his writing interests with all their heart. Chill considers them his first critics and asks them to review his new books before taking them to the publisher.

Author Chill likes to describe his novels as great mysteries having tight plots and loaded with lively characters. Numerous critics have praised his work by saying that his writing is sharp and crisp. They have also appreciated his style of using fast-paced action scenes and snappy dialogues in the stories. Chill says that his influences in the genre of crime fiction have primarily come from the field’s giants, including Ross Thomas, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Robert B. Parker. As all his books take place in Los Angeles, he has taken inspiration from a few local writers as well, such as Walter Mosley, Gar Haywood, Robert Crais, and Les Roberts. Chill considers Los Angeles a fascinating city.

According to him, what attracts people more about this city is the extraordinary level of beauty, wealth, despair, and sin that it contains. He fell in love with the place the moment he arrived there for pursuing his master’s degree at USC. He lived in Los Angeles for several years and developed a love for the football team of the Trojan. This is what inspired him to create the protagonist, Burnside, in the role of a former football star from USC turned police officer in LAPD and current private investigator. Chill appreciates great writing more than anything else. As a reader, he likes the works of prominent authors like Saul Bellow, Charles Bukowski, John Updike, Pat Conroy, and Kurt Vonnegut.

In the non-fiction category, the authors he admires the most include Joan Didion, David Rakoff, and Studs Terkel. A typical writing pattern for Chill includes resting for around one month after the release of a new book before moving on to write another. The resting period allows his mind the freedom to wander and come up with ideas that become the base of his new novels. Chill is grateful for all the support he has received from his fans across the globe and wishes to keep getting such love for many more books in the future. He is looking forward to writing a lot of other interesting novels in the coming times and also trying his hand at different genres.

The Burnside Mystery series written by author David Chill began in 2013 with single or double releases every year from then on. He has set the stories in Los Angeles, California, and has mentioned the central characters in the roles of Burnside, Corner Blitz, Judy Atkin, Gail Pepper, and several others. An exciting novel of the series is entitled ‘Bubble Screen’. It was released in the Kindle format in 2014. This book opens by showing that a local warehouse owner is stressed due to several thefts at his warehouse. So, he hires Burnside to find out the culprits and catch them. Burnside learns that the owner gives huge donations to his alma mater, USC, every year and thinks that he knows the person behind all the thefts.

Shortly after, the case of theft turns into a murder investigation, forcing Burnside to get involved in a complex case that seems to expand beyond a simple larceny case. As Burnside investigates more, he is set on the trail of some money-minded who would go to any lengths in acquiring money. These people are known to be dangerous as they employ any means to hold the stolen money. While dealing with this case, Burnside is also required to care about his relationship with Gail Pepper and take an important decision about their future together. This book interweaves the worlds of college football and business. It involves a captivating murder mystery and combines a fast-moving storyline, fascinating characters, and a highly unexpected and dramatic ending.

Another excellent installment of the series is known as ‘Safety Valve’. It was also released in 2014 by the Cold Spirit Press. Initially, it is mentioned that a well-known sports agent is faced with the accusation of trying to murder his business partner. When he approaches Burnside to ask for his help, Burnside seems hesitant to take up the case at first because of sharing a checkered history with him. However, the intrigue and suspense of the case force him to take it. As he begins his probe into sports marketing’s steamy world, he unravels much more than expected. Burnside comes to known about several former clients, angry underworld people, and spurned lovers that the sports agent is involved with. And most of them have their own motive to commit the crime.

Due to his involvement in the high-profile case, Burnside finds himself standing against the local authorities, who suspect him to be associated with a crime that he has no knowledge about. Author Chill has combined this novel’s intricate plot with wry humor, compelling characters, and an engaging storyline. It keeps the readers gripped with interest from start to finish and makes them enjoy every bit of it. Just like the previous installments, this installment also succeeded in reaching out to a vast number of readers in different countries. Its reach ensured its immense success and worldwide popularity and also helped Chill in adding more stars to his already successful writing career.

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