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with David Thorne
East of Innocence (By: David Thorne) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing Sacred (By: David Thorne) (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Promises of Blood (By: David Thorne) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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David D.B. Thorne is a British author from Bristol, best known for writing psychological thrillers and mystery novels as David Thorne. He went to Queen Mary’s in London, where he studied English Literature though it never did teach him how to become a good author. Once he was done with college, he got into advertising and got a job writing ads for radio, TV, newspapers and anything his bosses shoved through his door. However, the advertising job did teach him economy, which would come in handy when he needed to keep the pace up. He did advertising for several years before he graduated to comedy writing, where he wrote scripts, gags, and sketches for the likes of Channel Four and the BBC. Thorne wrote scripts for the likes of Bob Mortimer, Alan Carr, and Jimmy Carr who are some of the best British comedians out there. He asserts that this was invaluable in developing his character writing skills since comedy demands that you become really good at taking risks in the development of characters. Similarly, sketches need to be bonkers, absurd and believable, which means that one needs to be able to take risks in their stride. This is what has made him an excellent thriller writer as he transferred the skills he got in comedy writing to his psychological and mystery works.

In 2010, David D.B. Thorne moved to the Essex and it was at this time that he got the inspiration to write his first novel. He asserts that the nature of Essex with its dodgy policemen and criminals made him realize that it was the perfect setting for a novel. In 2014, he published his first mystery in the Daniel Connell series “East of Innocence.” The novel and the series follows the life and times of a lawyer from Essex that investigates different cases involving criminals and the policemen who investigate their cases. The case of the first novel is about the lead finally resolving the mystery of his mother who had left town abandoning him when he was but a child. He would go on to write two more titles in the series before he decided to turn his attention to psychological thrillers. He wrote his first psychological thriller “Troll” as D.B. Thorne in 2017.

David D.B. Thorne’s mystery series Daniel Connell is set in Essex, where a lawyer named Daniel Connell deals with ex-girlfriends fallen on hard times, childhood friends in trouble and crooked policemen. Connell is a lawyer with well-refined manners, good education and is a man with moral standing given that he has transcended his beginnings. He had been brought up in crime-ridden suburban Essex, where he was abandoned by his mother and neglected by his small-time criminal father. His life would have been ruined had it not been for a teacher that has encouraged him to try make something of his life by applying for a scholarship. But then he had run into trouble when he tried to protect a secretary who was being harassed. He has been fired and had to come back home to Essex where he now takes on shabby cases dealing with criminals and lowlifes from his childhood. Throne tells the story of how hard it is to escape the gravitational pull of how one is brought up. Connell’s biggest struggle is with himself as he seemingly cannot break free of the experiences of his upbringing. “Troll” which was Thorne’s first attempt at a psychological thriller is the story of a minor celebrity and author named Sophie, who suddenly goes missing. She writes a scurrilous “Sex and The City” style series named “Girl on the Town.” The police have no leads on the disappearance and after month working the case it is pushed to the back burners. But Fortune her estranged father refuses to give up hope and decides to go digging on his own. DB Thorne’s greatest skill in his thrillers is in making his reader care about his characters as real persons right from the get-go.

“East of Innocence” is David Thorne’s first novel that introduces Daniel Connell, a disgraced ex-city attorney. He is now way outside the law living on the edge of London and on the hunt for truth in the suburbs of Essex. He was brought up in Essex and has been trying to escape the clutches of his upbringing for years. But then an old childhood friend comes asking for help in the case of police brutality. While he is not interested in getting involved with local law enforcement, he feels obligated to help his friend. It is not long before he draws the attention of Essex police and finds himself at the center of the shadowy business involving a local crime lord. But his involvement could turn up more than he could have ever thought it would – including helping to unearth and explain the mystery of his abandonment by his mother as a child. Daniel needs to keep well ahead of his detractors long enough if he is to find answers to the mysteries that had plagued his life. He is also working to protect a woman too sweet and innocent to survive in a dangerous world that is Essex.

“Nothing Sacred” the second novel of the Daniel Connell series by DB. Thorne is a disquieting journey into a world where pervasive evil rules supreme and normal rules do not seem to apply. It is a world in which nothing is sacred and no one is safe. Daniel Connell knows that his old lover was prone to erratic behavior and even clearly remembers how she often got him into unnecessary fights when they were together. But she is desperate when she calls on him to help her as her children have just been wrested out of her hands. Even as he is concerned by the mysterious injuries on her, he thinks there is something very weird about the whole situation. The woman thinks the children have been targeted by supernatural powers that arrange her furniture, seek to harm her children and leave dead animals in their house. He is a lawyer and not an exorcist but he agrees to look into what proves to something dark and more frightening than he could have ever anticipated.

“Troll” is an explosive and gripping psychological thriller about Sophie, a young woman who goes missing in mysterious circumstances. She had been the victim of a vicious online troll who is now the lead suspect in her disappearance. Sophie had been a troubled adolescent who has been estranged from her father Fortune who now reappears looking to find his daughter. The police investigate the case for weeks but cannot come up with any promising leads and soon give up on the case. Raced by guilt and determined to make up for his failures when his daughter needed him most, Fortune will do everything to find his her. The amateur sleuth soon learns that Sophie has been the victim of an online troll that had her living in fear. The man knew far too much about her that he is convinced he had to be either close to her or had conducted meticulous research. Fortune is convinced that the unknown man has something to do with Sophie’s disappearance but soon learns that monsters who live online can also cause havoc outside of it.

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