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Publication Order of The Assassin, the Grey Man and the Surgeon Books

The Assassin the Grey Man and the Surgeon (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Kill a Grey Man (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wicked Profit (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A British author of high-octane thriller novels, the London based writer David D C Stansfield has been writing for quite some time now, producing stories of assassins, international conspiracies and crime ridden underworlds filled with shady dealings, all of which has ensured that he has amassed an ever loyal following of readers from all across the globe. With his books being appreciated by both critics and the general public alike, he’s a consummate professional who writes in a direct and accessible manner, drawing his readers in with his vivid and evocative prose. This has seen him also become one of the most prolific figures currently working within his field to date, creating characters that resonate with his many readers, whilst also dealing subjects that are high-concept and larger than life. Providing entertainment, his novels are filled with suspense and intrigue, something which he clearly has a gift for, keeping his audience hooked right until the very last page. Over time this has all lead to him receiving numerous nominations and recognition for his work too, thus ensuring that each of his books are met keenly with a sense of eagerness. All this is set to continue in the following years to come, as it appears that he’s not stopping any time soon, with his writing career growing from strength-to-strength on into the foreseeable future.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in London in the United Kingdom, David Stansfield would show promise from an early age, as he would attend grammar school there. During this time he would turn his attention to both reading and writing, clearly professing a love of the written word, whilst showing a highly refined gift for storytelling and engaging audiences. Over time this would progress, allowing him to develop his voice as an author, all the while cultivating other interests, such as him studying martial arts throughout his twenties and becoming a black-belt self-defense instructor. All of this he would feed back into his work, giving it a highly vital sense of energy, as he still continues to write to this present day from his home in East Sussex in Britain.

Writing Career

Starting out in 2014 he would come a long way extremely quickly in a relatively short amount of time, subsequently releasing another two books in 2016, both of which would also be thrillers. Not writing any series as such, he would show a penchant for depicting the criminal underworld in all its murky glory, whilst also taking readers on a journey throughout international conspiracies, all the while providing a joyous sense of escapism. Shortlisted during the year of 2015, he would be nominated for the IPR Agent’s Pick competition, something which would provide an enormous boost to both him and his career overall. Now living in East Sussex with his wife and two children, he manages to maintain his profile both online and off at a regular and consistent pace. With much of his work formulated whilst working as engineer in business, he would write many of his books during his time on the road staying in various hotels, something which has helped him become one of the most enduring writers to date.

The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon

Initially brought out on the Kindle in 2012 on the 21st of November, this would work as a stand-alone novel, not being a part of any series as such. Working as an international action thriller, it builds the suspense right from the beginning, keeping the reader glued to the edge of their seats. This is clearly a gift that Dave Stansfield has as an author, bringing to life the many shady elements of the criminal underworld involved in drugs.

Taking on themes of international drug networks and assassins with a grudge to bear, this really makes the most of its material, having as much fun with it as possible. Creating characters that are up against insurmountable odds, it also works at making them entirely real and grounded at the same time too. With the action taking place on an international stage it really manages to make the most of its locations too, working with a broad brush that is both fun and exciting.

With the drug empire of Peter Lee growing at an exponential rate, everything seemed to be going well for him as he expanded his operations into Pakistan and Afghanistan. There was only one issue and that seemed to be that of a little old lady who owned a small shop, as she refused to accept any of his suspect packages, leaving him to threaten her. Unbeknownst to Lee though, was that she was married to an ex-assassin and one that used to be one of the best in the game, as he seeks to right what’s wrong. Will he be able to protect his wife though? Can he really hope to stop an entire international drug ring? What will become of the assassin, the grey man and the surgeon?

To Kill a Grey Man

Released on the Kindle once again, this would come out on the 28th of November in 2013, not long after the first. Whilst it’s a stand-alone novel, it does use some elements from Stansfield’s first book. Creating another action packed thriller though, it really manages to stand out on its own, making it one to really remember.

Although this is a stand-alone title and not part of any series, it does bring back the characters from his previous novel ‘The Assassin, the Grey Man and The Surgeon’. Providing another singular adventure for the cast, it manages to offer another mystery story, once again filled with action and suspense. Not only that, but it builds upon the locations, giving even greater insight into the characters and their various backstories and motivations.

Holding complete control over a highly secretive organisation simply known as ‘The Firm’, there’s a legend called ‘The Grey Man’. Renowned within the world of espionage, this mysterious figure holds all the power, which is something that head of the MI6 Sir Thomas Robertson, or ‘C’, wants to gain for himself. Looking to take his chance to seize the reigns of power after hearing of the Grey Man apparently going blind, he’s going to take his opportunity at the first chance he gets. Will he be able to contend with the Grey Man’s two greatest assassins though? Where will he strike next? What does it really take to kill a Grey Man?

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