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David Gordon is a renowned American novelist, who is famous for writing mystery, thriller, crime fiction, contemporary, and humor novels. He has penned a number of successful standalone novels in his career, including The Bouncer, The Serialist, Hard Stuff, Mystery Girl, The Amateur, White Tiger on the Snow Mountain, etc. Author Gordon was born in 1967 in New York City, New York, United States. He is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. Gordon holds a master’s degree in Comparative Literature and English and also an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University. Prior to establishing himself as a novelist, he used to work as an editor and writer for adult magazines during the 1990s. Some of the adult magazines that he has worked for include Chic, Barely Legal, and Hustler. In addition to that, Gordon has also worked in the fashion, film, pornography, and publishing industries.

Gordon made his debut as a novelist with the book called The Serialist. This book won the First Novelist Award in 2011. It was also a finalist for the MWA’s 2011 Edgar Award in the category of the Best First Book. The Serialist has been translated into multiple foreign languages, including Japanese by a renowned translator named Aoki Chizuru. It was a major hit and was read by readers all over Japan. After winning 3 literary contests, the Japanese-translated book was adapted into a full-length movie by Toei Company Ltd. The film starred Kamikawa Takaya in the lead role and was directed by Izaki Nobuaki. The works of author Gordon have appeared in Purple, Fence, Paris Review, Vice, and several other publications. Gordon’s fiction work does not comfortably fall into a single category.

Depending upon what the readers are reading and who they are talking to, Gordon might be seen as a mystery writer, a satirist, a postmodernist, or even a hybrid. His stories, mostly have large and varied casts, including graduate students, vampires, gunmen, investigators, struggling writers, internet trolls, etc. Gordon’s storytelling is often described as jarring and crisp. His plots unravel in strange ways. Many critics believe that it is of no use for the readers to try and situate themselves according to the generic conventions while reading Gordon’s books. To enjoy his stories in a better way, they should just keep up with the disorientation and trust that they are in the hands of an established storyteller.

Author Gordon often has one of the characters in his novels named as himself. He began this habit when her friend named Rivka Galchen had put him as a narrator in one of her stories. This idea interested him and he continued with it in most of his novels. Gordon says that success has come his way after a long wait. Even after knowing at an early age that he wanted to become a writer, he had to go through a lot of struggles to make his dream come true. Whenever he remembers his journey, it appears to him as an epic, long one. This is the reason why he likes to depict people like struggling writers, artists, drug dealer, comp-lit professors, etc., in his books who don’t see themselves as a part of the mainstream society. Gordon is quite happy with the way his career has shaped up so far and hopes to achieve more success in the time to come. He is grateful for all the love and support received from his fans all over the world. Gordon is looking forward to writing a lot many exciting books in various genres in the upcoming years.

A popular novel penned by author David Gordon is entitled ‘Mystery Girl’. It was released by the New Harvest publication in 2013. Gordon has mentioned the main characters in this novel as Sam Kornberg, Lala Kornberg, Solar Lonsky, etc. The plot is set in and around Los Angeles. Initially, it is shown that Sam Kornberg’s wife named Lala leaves him and runs away after being fed-up of his struggling life and career. Sam is an unemployed man with a broken heart and a failed novelist. He tries to earn his living by working as a clerk at a used-book store. In his desperation to win Lala back, Sam takes up the job of an assistant detective. He starts working under Solar Lonsky, an enigmatic private eye who is seen by some as a morbid and eccentric genius and as an obese madman by several others.

Sam’s job is simple as he just has to look for a mysterious and beautiful lady around Los Angeles. But soon, he finds himself falling for the quarry helplessly and gets hopelessly entangled in a case of murder that involves Satanists, underground filmmakers, big shots from Hollywood, succubi, sexy doppelgangers, Mexican shootouts, and video-store geekery. This case highlights all the risks involved in hardcore reading and sympathizes with a novel’s death. The thrilling story is based on the dangers that come with marriage and an investigation revolving around the unsolvable mysteries of art, love, and other individuals.

Another interesting book written by Gordon is known as ‘The Bouncer’. It was published by Mysterious Press in 2018. Some of the essential characters depicted in this novel are in the roles of Joe Brody, Gio Caprisi, Donna Zamora, and several others. The book opens by introducing Joe Brody as a bouncer at a strip club. He is an average looking guy, who is expelled from Harvard and who loves to read Dostoevsky. Joe Brody has a highly classified history with the military. His best friend from school is the head of the mafia named Gio Caprisi. Donna Zamora is seen as an FBI agent. She was the topper of her batch during her training at Quantico. Donna is the mother of a child and raises him as a single mother. The bureau has given her a desk job, where she mans the hotline and hates every second of it. The lives of Donna Zamora and Joe Brody intersect in the most unusual way. Following a tip from an informer, Donna and her team arrive at the Queens-based strip joint owned by Gio Caprisi. They track down several law offenders and arrest many people from the club, including Joe Brody. Outside the prison, Donna and Joe lock eyes and get indulged in a series of non-stop action. They go from gun-running on the back road to a perfume heist with high stakes. Everyone from the Triads to the CIA is touched by the events that follow in this story. Beneath all of it, a criminal mastermind lurks and manipulates plans to cause devastation on a largely violent scale.

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