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David Hagberg a former Air Force cryptographer was a best-selling author of thriller and suspense books. David passed on September 8, 2019.

The now Sarasota-based author of more than 70 novels started his career with his first work the novel “TWISTER” which was published in 1975 by Dell. He began writing as a cub reporter on the Duluth Herald and The News-Tribune and later as a news desk editor for the Associated Press. Born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota, David Hagberg joined the Air Force immediately after high School where he was trained as a cryptographer, stationed in Greenland above the Arctic Circle and in Germany where he helped construct the (then) world’s largest crypto center on the planet.

He attended the University of Maryland, Overseas Division and the University of Wisconsin studying physics, mathematics and philosophy. In his writing career Hagberg has been nominated for The American Book Award, the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Award and Mystery Scene Best American Mystery awards.

Hagberg apprenticed as an espionage novelist by helping more than 20 “work-for-hire” sections of Nick Carter – Killmaster arrangement of surveillance novels between the years 1976 and 1987. He likewise composed “work-for-hire” books focused around Flash Gordon funny cartoons.

Hagberg’s work majorly features the super-spy Kirk McGarvey but hehas also made writing featuring the pseudonyms David Bannerman,Sean Flannery, Eric Ramsey, David James, Nick Carter andRobert Pell. Hagberg published at least one novel and up to seven or eight novels a year.

David’s writing style is continuously being been depicted as a combination of Ian Fleming and Tom Clancy. His thrillers by and large peculiarity a mix of specialized super-spy heroics, subtle element and opportune time that are frequently just about prophetic in their precision. For instance, looking at the book Joshua’s Hammer written in 2000, David Hagberg gives a scary record of a super terrorist plot by canister bin Laden to execute a huge number of the citizens of United States of American on their home land, produced a a whole year before the attacks on World Trade Center . His situation of Mcgarvey following Osama up to his urban den and taking a shot at him in the head in Pakista, a long way from Tora Bora’s hollows was portrayed and executed in “Allah’s Scorpion (2007)” four prior years before the frightfully comparative occasion reverberated Hagberg’s novel.

Hagberg’s work over time has been generally welcomed by his partners in the crime writings group. Three of his books, “The Kremlin Conspiracy”, “False Prophets, and Broken Idols”, were designated for the award Edgars by the MWA in the “Best Paperback Original Novel” classification. Three of his novels fearturing Mcgarvey, among them “Crossfire”, and “Countdown” won the award American Mystery, handed by Mystery Scene Magazine, in the classification “Best Spy Novel.”

Having spent his spell of military obligation working in cryptography unit of the U.S. Air Forces Intelligence, in the same way as other “shroud and-blade” authors, Hagberg has an expert foundation in secret activities.

Hagberg wrote a short story titled “Genesis” in Twilight Zone: 19 Original Stories on the 50th Anniversary. This story covers an event in World War II, where an American platoon is under assault by the Japanese in the Philippines. As they strive to surpass the adversary position, one occupant of the platoon intermittently endures illusions that demonstrate to him occasions in interchange times and places.

David and his wife Laurie, who is an expert fundraiser, have made their home in Sarasota, Florida from where, at whatever point they have extra time, cruise the West Coast of the State and the Keys

David Hagberg Books /Characters

1. The Novel the Dance with the Dragon” (McGarvey)

At the CIA everything is overwrought. All signs show that something is having a go at the United States. Maybe an alternate to 9/11 or possibly something much bigger and dangerous than that.

The body of CIA operator Louis Updegraf is found lying on the steps of the US Embassy in Mexico. His last operation was to tap into the communication systems of the Chinese Embassy and take advantage of the interchanges to gather intelligence information, however there is no record of why. He seemed, by all accounts, to be outsourcing and the Agency must dig deep to get it together with reference to what he was after.

Kirk Mcgarvey, serving as a professor while visiting the University of Florida, is by evening after his duties of the day yearning for the activity of the field. So when his old companion Otto Rencke requests that him figure out the connection between China and the killed operator, it requires practically no persuasive skills from Otto Rencke to get Mcgarvey up and running for the task.

The main source of information they can reach out to is a difficult Iranian belly dance lover the dim and beautiful Shahrzad Shadmand. However her story changes with the wind, and her insight into Mcgarvey’s past is uncanny. Kirk Mcgarvey must unwind her broken personality to get to worthwhile information that may assist with insight in their quest.

2. Castro’s Daughter (McGarvey)

Maria Leon who works for the Cuban Government as an Intelligence Operator as a Colonel is called over to the the diminishing Fidel Castro. L,eo happens to be Castro’s illegitimate daughter as secret well kept within the government and she has never been recognized by Castro to this very moment when he is in his death bed. Castro directs her and makes her pledge to reach out to unbelievable previous high ranking official of the CIA a U.S Intelligence organisation Kirk Mcgarvey to assist her on a recondite journey to discover Cibola, the mythical seven urban areas of Gold.

While the government of Cuban disentangles, Leon need to utilize each methods and resources available at her disposal to find Mcgarvey, not forgetting having to battle with members in her own particular Operations Division who need the big position she has or at least her demise. In anxiety, Leon captures Mcgarvey’s close companion, Otto Rencke, to pressure Mcgarvey into action.

Mac’s get-together with Leon dispatches the most peculiar mission of his whole vocation put him on a move from Cuba all the way to Mexico City, to Spain lastly to an antiquated zone in New Mexico that is vastly known by the Spanish as Jornada del muerto—the Journey of Death.

In a bid to escape Cuban discernment executors and homicidal Mexican drug cartel fighters who will remain absolutely determined for a bit of the awesome fortune, Mcgarvey battles to interpret reality covered in Leon’s misleading stories.

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    I love your website and visit frequently.

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Hi Bob – I researched it but cannot confirm whether or not they were written prior to his death, or if someone else wrote them. I even picked up the last book to see if it mentions anything but unfortunately not.


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