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David Hosp is one of the well known authors of America who is famous for writing all his novels based on the suspense genre. He is particularly famous for writing the novels of the Scott Finn series. In addition to being a writer, David also works as a lawyer in Boston and a partner at the Goodwin Procter LLP, a law firm based in Boston. Before going on to take up his professions as a lawyer and author, he completed his graduation from the Dartmouth College. Later, David attended the Law School at the George Washington University and obtained his law degree. Right after his graduation, author David began practicing law in the Wall Street, after which he moved to Boston. As of today, David lives happily near Boston along with his wife and a couple of his children. Author David began his writing career in the year 2005 with the publication of his debut novel titled ‘Dark Harbor’.

The law firm in which avid works as a partner and lawyer is one of the largest and oldest law firms in Boston. Being born in New York, he spent most of his growing years in Rye and Manhattan in New York. During his college days, David used to study at the School of Economics in London along with his regular studies. After completing his graduation from the Law School, David returned to his hometown in New York and began practicing law at a large law firm located in the Wall Street. After practicing for a few years, David moved to Boston and joined the Goodwin Procter law firm as a partner. He made good use of his experience while working as a lawyer on the Wall Street. As per his legal career, David spends a considerable portion working for a number of organizations as pro Bono, including The New England Innocence Project and The Boston Public Library. The third novel written by author David in his writing career is titled ‘Innocence’ and is inspired by a real legal case in which he represented a man who was convicted wrongly for the murder attempt on a police officer of Boston in the year 1997. The man was exonerated in the year 2004 based on the DNA evidences provided in the court by David. The first novel written by author David, Dark Harbor went on to be nominated for the Barry Award in the category of the Best First Novel and was also picked as the book of the month by Book Sense. His third novel, Innocence went on to be named as one of the best readers of the summer of the year 2009 by The Daily Telegraph.

The Scott Finn series written by author David Hosp consists of a total of 4 books published between the years 2005 and 2011. Its first novel was published under the title ‘Dark Harbor’. This novel was released by the Grand Central publishing house in the year 2006. The plot of this novel depicts a superb and unique new talent in the form of author David. While writing the plot of this novel, he followed in the footsteps of the prominent authors like John Grisham, Scott Turow, and David Baldacci. Similarly to the bestseller novels written by author Dennis Lehane, this novel too shows the many aspects of Boston. The foreign rights of this novel have been sold to the countries like Japan, England, and Germany. The next novel of the Scoot Finn series was published under the title ‘Innocence’. It was released in the year 2007 by the Grand Central publishing house. The plot of this novel introduces the main character of Scott Finn and revolves around the happenings in his life. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Scott Finn’s life is nothing more than a pawn in one of the prestigious law firms of Boston.

Therefore, he decides to set his course through the colorful bedrooms and back alleys of a more legal world and begins to practice on his own as a solo practitioner. He mostly takes up the cases related to divorce law, criminal defense, and civil litigation. But soon, the new environment and his habit of serving legally for fair play and justice enable him to take up a case which seems to threaten his life. Scott comes to know that a policewoman has been been almost dead in the alley and after gaining consciousness, she takes the name of an immigrant from El Salvadoran. This person seems to have his ties with one of the most deadly and notorious gangs of South America. However, the major problem is that the victim has pointed her finger at the wrong person. Now, it is up to Scott Finn and his detective friend named Tom Kozlowski to carry out the investigation and save the life of an innocent man. They are also required to find the reason as to why the decorated officers risk their lives and careers by telling lies about the crimes. With the passage of time, the lives of Kozlowski and Finn seem to at risk while they search desperately for the thin line between innocence and guilt.

One of the other novels of the Scott Finn series written by author David Hosp was published under the title ‘Among Thieves’. This novel was also published by the Grand Central publishing house in the year 2010. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that paintings worth $300 million get stolen from the Isabella Stewart Museum located in Boston in the year 1990. This theft becomes one of the greatest art robberies of the 20th century. And after nearly 20 years, the case appears to open once again. Scott Finn learns about the deaths of the members of the criminal underground of Boston. But the attacks do not seem to be normal. They appear to be done by someone highly trained by the IRA. Later, Scott Finn comes to know that one of his clients named Devon Malley was also a part of the deadly crimes and as a result, he is also drawn into the case. Due to the involvement of Scott Finn, the case of the missing paintings gets renewed, endangering the lives of Finn as well as that of his colleagues.

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