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David Jackson is one of the acclaimed authors from The United States, who is popular for writing mystery and crime thriller novels. He is particularly well known for writing the Callum Doyle series, featuring the chief protagonist as a police detective from New York named Callum Doyle. Recently, Jackson has started writing a new crime fiction series called as The DS Nathan Cody book series. The first book that author Jackson wrote was published under the title of Pariah. Immediately after its publication, the book felicitated as the Highly Commended Debut book at the Dagger Awards organized by the CWA. The publishing rights of the novel in the UK, are with the Pan Macmillan publication. In addition to the paperback format, this book is also available in the audio format, which, along with the foreign rights has already been sold. After the immense success of his debut book, author Jackson followed it up with 3 more equally exciting ones. For his unique writing style and excellent character and plot descriptions, The Guardian has praised author Jackson by saying that his writings remind the works of Harlan Coben, though Jackson has an upper hand slightly, in comparison to him. Author Jackson has obtained a bachelor’s degree and a PhD. He is happily married and has a couple of daughters. Jackson likes pet animals and he is raising a few of them at his house. With the tremendous success in the initial stage of his writing career, author Jackson believes to have achieved a lot more than he had expected. Now, he enjoys being a full time writer and spends most of his time trying to develop other interesting plots and exciting characters.

Jackson says that he has been influenced to take up writing as a career after reading the successful works of some of the prominent authors such as Robert Crais, Harlan Coben, Ed McBain, Michael Connelly, Geirge Pelecanos, Dennis Lehane, and many others as well. He is said to have received training during his graduation in Social Work, Psychology, Corrections, Law, and Education. On the basis of his vast knowledge, author Jackson has spanned a professional over the last more than 40 years. He began for the first time at the ‘Menninger Clinic’, located in Topeka, Kansas. There, author Jackson was involved in treating emotionally disturbed kids through his Recreational Therapy. Jackson has stated that he had not planned to become a writer, even though he used to enjoy reading a lot. He followed the footsteps of his father and became an academic. As a result, Jackson was involved in carrying out a lot of research work in conference proceedings and newspapers. This experience proved to be of great help to author Jackson while he was writing Pariah. And with its success, he was fortunate enough to get the offer of a 2 book deal from Pan Macmillan. As a means to pay homage to his greatest influence, the 87th Precinct books by Ed McBain, author Jackson has described the home of his protagonist, detective Doyle on the 87th Street. Jackson’s wife is a graphic designer. Apart from his writing schedules, he tries to take out some time to roam on the streets during the nights to look for any needy animals. As far as his second crime fiction series is concerned, author Jackson has mentioned that he is very excited and looks forward to its success as well, just like the Callum Doyle novels.

The Callum Doyle series of novels written by David Jackson is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2011 and 2014. All the books feature Callum Doyle as a detective from New York. The first book of the series is titled as ‘Pariah’. It was first released in 2011 and then republished in 2014 by the Pan Macmillan publishers. At the opening sequence of the story, author Jackson has asked the readers to imagine the condition when someone is being pressured to cut off from the society. Life becomes a living hell when you are forced not to go near your family, friends, and colleagues. In Pariah, he has explained the very same situation wherein death in certain when someone tries to break the rules of Pariah. As the novel starts, Jackson describes the pain in being unable to meet your children and your spouse. You are forced to live away from them and you cannot even go to work. The only environment that you are allowed to have is a claustrophobic room in a hotel, which does not seem to have any escape. You cannot even talk to strangers and make new friends as it might their lives also in danger. Such a situation is described as the ultimate solitary isolation. In such a state, the person becomes desperate for the isolation to end. A time comes when you are willing to sell out your soul just to get a chance to move out. Callum Doyle seems about to go through such a time and get the answers to all the questions. At first, he witnesses his partner’s murder. Then the story proceeds to land Callum Doyle in various difficult situations. He uses his wit and intelligence to come out of every situation. This novel was described as a slick, fast paced, cinematic, edgy, and brilliant story, with action packed and taut prose.

The next novel in this series was published as ‘The Helper’. It was released in 2012 and is set in New York City, New York, The US. At the beginning of this novel, a grisly murder is shown taking place in a bookstore in New York. It is later found out that the murder holds a specific significance for Callum Doyle. The murderer has marked a message on the body of the victim, which seems to be specifically for Doyle. As Callum tries to find out the reason behind it, he gets the first of the many sinister calls. The murderer informs Callum Doyle that he has planned more deaths and agrees to give the clues to each one of them on the condition that he will not share it with anyone. Callum finds himself in a great dilemma. He feels that if he takes one wrong decision, he will miss a deadly killer. Later, numerous other murders take place, each apparently random and increasingly vicious. As a result, the pressure from the public falls on Callum’s shoulders. It becomes extremely important for him to establish the link between the murders as soon as possible and stop the murderer from taking the lives of any other innocent victims.

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5 Responses to “David Jackson”

  1. Isabel Odendaal: 11 months ago

    Hi I. Think your books are the best ever I have read them 3 times now but what I am waiting for is the book with Cody in it I want him to find the clown that hunting him please let me know

    • Alan Dean: 2 weeks ago

      Like Isobel, I’m desperate for the next episode of the Cody series.
      The silence is deafening and worrying that we are going to be left in limbo for ever.

  2. Cephas Beer: 2 years ago


    Just finished book four in the DC Cody.
    Please can you let me know a release date for book 5, I’ve loved them and really can’t wait to see how things progress.
    Brilliant writing !!!

  3. mitch Wright: 2 years ago

    Will there be another Nathan Cody book because I loved them all!

  4. Kerry-Ann Howitt: 3 years ago

    Hey again!

    This one’s random. I totally forgot to message you when I’d finished the books. But this ties in, trust me lol.

    So I was just having a conversation with my Daughter about Squid Game. She’s only just finished it, so I was asking her thoughts. We both agreed that the ending was just a bit ‘pants’. She said that you can tell where people get fed up with the story and just finish it any old how. I was put in mind of IT. I’ve never read to the end of that book, but I watched the original two-parter with Tim Curry and the first one was wow! The second half was, however, very much ‘meh’.

    I said to her ‘See! This is why I love David Jackson’s books so much! The ending always blows your head off.

    To put it in perspective, at the end of The Resident, I found myself breaking my heart at the death of a serial killer.

    So I just thought that I’d take this opportunity to big you up once more. The talent you have for engaging the reader is something that I’d place even above James Herbert (my first love, author-wise). After I’d finished the Resident I’ve just gone off reading to a certain extent. I’ve read a couple of books but I’ve just not been able to engage.

    In other news, I’m buying myself The Rule for Christmas, so I will actually be able to contribute to your coffers, finally! If there’s an author that I want to financially benefit, it’s you. I bang on about you often on Facebook, when people ask what good books to read. Almost stuck myself in a pickle earlier today though (coinkidinkily) when someone was asking for good books to read and I was already typing when I re-read the question and realised that he was talking about the Bible! pmsl.

    So to summarise. Top author, will never get bored, keep doing what you’re doing and never stop or I’ll cry.

    Oh did I mention I’ve got my 20 year old Son reading Pariah? 😉

    Luv ya geezer. Big hugs to you and yours!

    Your avid fan, your personal Stan, Kerry-Ann


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