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David Kazzie is an American author of science fiction books. He works as a lawyer by day and burns the midnight lamp, writing sci-fi stories. Some of Kazzie’s novels include The Living, The Immune, Anomaly, The Nothing Men, Nightfall, Shadows, and Daybreak. On the other hand, his well-known book series include American Midnight, Immune, and Charlie Dallas series. He is the author of a series of animated videos, including the So You Want to Write a Novel, and So You Want to Go to Law School series. The videos have amassed more than 2 million views on YouTube. In addition, the videos have been featured in the Washington Post, CNN, the Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

In 2011, David Kazzie published The Jackpot. Two years later, in 2014, he sold the Bulgarian language rights of the novel to Bard Publishing. However, he still owns the North American and many foreign publishing rights to the novel.

When the story starts, we learn that a lottery ticket worth $415 million was stolen. This causes a whirlwind of trouble for attorney Samantha Khouri on a day already plagued by personal setbacks. She was passed over for a promotion, battling a cold, and finds out that her parents are struggling with business. Worse enough, she digs up a shocking revelation: her boss, desperate for money, stole the lottery ticket belonging to their client.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Samantha decides to take action. She embarks on a daring mission to return the ticket to its rightful owner. However, this considerate endeavor sets her against her unethical boss, who is determined to keep the money and a dangerous mercenary, determined to retrieve the ticket by any means necessary.

With her adversaries closing in, Samantha faces a dilemma. On the one hand, she dreams of claiming the Jackpot by presenting the ticket at the lottery headquarters. On the other hand, she knows the moral importance of returning it to its rightful owner, battling against imminent threats in her pursuit of justice.

David Kazzie crafted an exciting thriller that draws comparisons to the engaging writing stylistic devices of Carl Hiaasen and Elmore John Leonard. He does this while still possessing a unique and fresh narrative voice. Right from the start, the story grabs your attention and keeps you hooked.

Kazzie excels at all levels in this book. The story moves steadily thanks to unexpected twists and turns, violence, and sudden, unforeseen deaths. Additionally, the main and supporting cast stands out due to their unique personalities. The author delves into each character, revealing even their darkest desires.

What makes this novel unique from typical novels in the same genre is the instant bond it creates between the readers and the characters. For instance, Julius, watching the lottery draw with his cousin, unexpectedly realizes he holds the winning ticket. Then there’s Samantha Khouri, an ambitious lawyer entangled in Julius’s situation seeking legal advice. As a reader, you will naturally root for these characters. Surprisingly, even the antagonists, like Samantha’s stressed-out boss or the strange bounty hunter on the hunt for the ticket, evoke empathy rather than pure dislike.

The Richmond, Virginia, setting is vividly depicted without overshadowing the storyline. It’s a real place that complements the action without taking center stage. The book weaves an entertaining glimpse into the legal profession, leveraging the author’s expertise showcased in his YouTube commentary yet keeping it well-contained within the narrative.

As Samantha grapples with her conscience about the ethical handling of the lottery ticket, the story hurtles toward its climax, revealing a twist that catches readers off guard despite the subtle hints dropped by Kazzie along the way.
David Kazzie portrays both the harsh realities of life in the ghetto and vividly depicts the emptiness within the wealthiest in society. He also touches on attitudes resembling Richmond’s Confederate history without being overly forceful.

In summary, Jackpot is a unique legal thriller novel you’ll ever read. Even if you have watched his YouTube animated videos, until you read this book, you can’t fully appreciate Kazzie’s flair for dark humor. Its fast-paced, entertaining, clear dialogue and vivid details make this book a worthy legal thriller you should add to your bookshelf.

Published in 2015, The Immune is a story of a crisis similar to an Ebola outbreak but amplified globally within the blink of an eye. Sounds impossible, right? Now, imagine this catastrophe isn’t natural but instead caused by a genetically engineered superbug. This aspect sets this story apart from the typical apocalyptic tales filled with zombies or aliens. The disaster portrayed in Kazzie’s narrative could happen in reality, making it even more compelling.

A small fraction of the population possesses a natural immunity and survives. A doctor from Richmond, the protagonist, embarks on a journey across the country to locate his daughter and determine if she shares the same immunity. Along the way, he gains companions and draws closer to confronting the evil responsible for the world’s downfall. The narrative illuminates how individuals wield tremendous power, either for good or evil, even in the aftermath of a near-extinction event. It showcases people’s resilience, courage, collapse, or breakdown in the face of disaster.

The Immune stands as a solid post-apocalyptic novel, which can be compared to books like The Stand, minus the supernatural elements. Unlike Stephen King’s work, this story is tailored for 21st-century readers, addressing fears and concerns relevant to the time it was written (2015). Kazzie emphasizes the impact such a catastrophe would have on survivors, especially those witnessing their loved ones perish while feeling helpless. Another deviation lies in portraying survival as a logistical challenge. Finding essentials like water and food becomes crucial, gasoline spoils, and traveling across the continent becomes daunting.

David Kazzie’s book, The Immune, is structured into four sections, with the initial two (the pandemic and its immediate aftermath) being the most interesting. The intense grip provided by the nearing extinction of humanity gradually transitions the story into an action suspense set in a desolate world, focusing on the survivors’ challenges.

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