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David Kreizman is a reputed American writer of young adult and romance novels and TV shows. He has worked several successful soap operas as a writer and won many awards for his excellent work. Kreizman has served as the head writer and co-creator of the hit audio program called The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel. This program is the winner of the Peabody Award in 2016. For the past several years, Kreizman has been the Gen-Z Media’s Chief Creative Officer. By holding this position, he oversees the production and development of over a dozen audio projects with original scripts for teens and kids. In the past, Kreizman has worked as the head of the writing teams on As the World Turns, WWR, Guiding Light, and All My Children. He has received many accolades and awards for his contribution to such shows, including 2 Writers Guild Awards and 2 Emmy Awards.

Author Kreizman was born in 1974 in New Jersey to his parents, Joan and Ira Kreizman. His mother serves as a superior court judge based in Freehold, New Jersey, while his father works as a school principal. Author Kreizman resides in Maplewood, New Jersey. He is happily married to his beautiful wife named Natasha Katzive, who is Guiding Light’s Associate Director. They have three children and all of them live happily in their lovely home in Maplewood. During his free time, Kreizman loves to be in the company of his sweet family and spend some quality time with his wife and kids. As a novelist, Kreizman is particularly famous for his debut work called The Year They Fell. He is now looking forward to writing many more novels in the coming years and extending his career as a novelist.

Kreizman hopes to achieve as much success as an author as he has achieved by writing for TV shows, and maybe more than that. He feels extremely proud to know that his debut novel has worked very well and received excellent reviews from various critics and reviews all over the world. Kreizman claims that he will be forever grateful to such critics, fellow writers, and readers who have helped in making his first novel a worldwide success. Before making his entry into the world of TV soap opera writing, Kreizman completed his graduation from Virginia University. In 2013, he was appointed as World Wrestling Entertainment’s head writer. Kreizman followed it up with founding Gen Z Media. During the late 1990s, he was employed in the writing team of Guiding Light for CBS Daytime.

In 2004, Ellen Wheeler promoted him to the position of the show’s Head Writer. Wheeler was newly appointed as the Executive Producer at that time. After this promotion, Kreizman took the place of writer Ellen Weston. His age was much talked about at the time of his appointment to the Head Writer position as he was just 29 years old. In 2009, CBS offered him the chance to work another of its shows called As the World Turns. But, the show was canceled at the last moment following which Kreizman was asked to become the Co-Head Writer of another show called All My Children a few months later. Kreizman performed his duties in this position for around a year, along with Donna Swajeski before being replaced with another pair. A number of new stories were introduced in Guiding Light during the tenure of Kreizman.

The most notable one among them was the introduction of Jonathan Randall as the illegitimate son of Reva Lewi. This character proved to be too volatile and darker than many other characters. There were several controversies associated with the show due to the depiction of Jonathan Randall’s illegitimate relationships within the family. Despite Guiding Light’s record-low viewership during its May 2008 and June 2009 run, the writing team under the leadership of Kreizman went on to win the Daytime Emmy Award. During the show’s later runs, the production house had adopted a new production model. Therefore, it was difficult to make out what effect did Kreizman’s writing have on the show’s final rating. However, the viewers had divided opinion on this matter and most of them continued to credit Kreizman for the show’s success. As of now, Kreizman has shifted his focus towards novel writing and wishes to continue doing it for some more time. He wants to test his capability in the field of novel writing and find out how well he can do and for how long.

The debut book written by author David Kreizman is entitled ‘The Year They Fell’. It was released by the Imprint publication in 2019. This contemporary romance, realistic fiction novel consists of the lead characters in the roles of Josie, Dayana, Jack, Harrison, and Archie. Initially, it is depicted that the five friends were very close during pre-school and shared a strong bond of friendship. But, that was before they joined high school and began indulging in football games and parties. As they move on to the senior year, all five of them become strangers to each other. Later, the 5 high school seniors are pulled back together following the tragic deaths of their parents in an airplane crash. Suddenly, the 5 former friends are left to look after themselves.

In such a difficult time, they are the only ones who can really feel what they are going through. As the former friends worry about their survival, they decide to deal with the issues that had driven them apart in the past. While doing so, several secrets are revealed that they had kept hidden from each other. They become friends again and discover what they are meant to become. As Harrison, Dayana, Jack, Josie, and Archie face public scrutiny, they come to confront the mysteries that were left behind by their parents. They also come across betrayals that pose a threat to their re-bonding and become obstacles in their attempt to become friends again.

Overall, this book offers a surprising, funny, and heartbreaking story in which a new family formed by a group of teenagers who lose their original family in a tragic accident all of a sudden. The story is a complex, deeply felt journey of teenagers into adulthood and explores the issues of trauma, grief, racism, and sexual assault. Author Kreizman has tried to show that when tragedy strikes, people often discover that their life’s worst moments can help them determine who they really are. And it has been portrayed very well through his characters in this book.

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