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David Lynn Golemon was born in September 25, 1955 in Chino, California where he also grew up. His family is deeply immersed in military history, from from the civil war through to Vietnam. David is the father of three children: Shaune, Brandon and Katie Anne and currently resides in Long Island, New York after leaving Loveland, Collarado. It was instilled into him by his father at an early age that the written word is the only form of communication, unlike other forms, that allows the individual to use his own mind to visualize a story. Authors who made him besotted with books, and inspired him to pursue writing from the age of nine, include: Clive Cussler, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tom Clancy, Larry Bond and Stephen King who he considers the unsurpassed character writer in history. The only thing that calls into question David’s love for writing is research, particularly historical research. He is undoubtedly second to none when it comes to writing compelling paranormal thrillers that will ensnare your attention from cover to cover. His most renowned book series is Event Group Thrillers. His belief and the connotation of the Event books is that by figuring out our present by understanding our past makes comprehending our present, and creating a better future a tad easier. Coming from a military background, he recognizes that you can not seem to write to glorify war, but you can write to give the inevitable reasons for it. The Event Group epitomizes this. That if force is to be used, it is to be used only as a last measure.
The first installment of the Event book series is Event, and it is a riveting tale of the most secret organisation in the United States.

The Event Group consists of the country’s most intellectually superior in the branches of science, Philosophy and the military. At the helm of this organisation, is Major Jack Collins whose chutzpah is legendary. The group is wholly devoted to uncovering the concealed truths behind myths and legends propagated all through world history. These include: underground agencies, UFOs, extra terrestrial life and conspiracy theories. A new, unmentionable threat to humanity has been exposed, and the fate of the world lies in the Event Group’s hands. In a cruel twist of fate, the group faces off against a formidable foe with unimaginable tenacity and power. In a feat to make certain that the errors in history are never repeated, the Group must join forces with an unexpected ally to defeat a malevolent presence known as the destroyer of worlds. The mother of all wars between two irreconcilable forces is set to take place in the desert wastelands of the American Southwest.

The main character of this book, Major Jack Collins, is indeed a victim of circumstance. His lucrative career is jeopardized after he testified candidly before congress about a fiasco in Afghanistan. This ensures that Jack is well versed with the proverb, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” When he’s drafted into the Event Group, his fall from grace becomes a thing of the past and he is cautiously optimistic about the future. However, this new prospect is a covert organisation that hides behind the veneer of the National Archives. The enigmatic leaders of the group divulge to Collins that they have served every U.S president in strict confidence since Lincoln. Their run-of-the-mill work includes tracking down artifacts such as Noah’s Ark in the pure interest of national security. Jack Collins is the recipient of a baptism of fire when the crashing of s military aircraft is seemingly the doing of the same kind of UFOs held accountable for the epic Roswell incident in 1947. Critics claim that the escapes by the skin of their teeth of the characters of this book is reminiscent of the early work of Preston and Child.

In the second installment of the Event book series, we delve into a river of no return careening toward an ominous encounter with a beast whose existence far predates humanity by a staggering 90 million years. This is all for a treasure that has enthralled man’s desires for centuries. Indeed this makes for a fascinating read.

This book transports us to a different historical era; 1533 whereby a Captain Hernando Padilla and his spanish expedition are sent by Fransisco Pizarro to pursue gold in El Dorado, the largest gold deposit in the world. This is renowned as an Eden of sorts, untainted by the passage of time. The crew end up discovering a legend that would cause even warriors of men to shake in their boots, the stuff nightmares are made of. Unbeknownst to them, Padilla and his crew awaken a devil hidden in the lost valley that rises from an enormous river to ferociously obliterate any living soul in its wake. This is to safeguard the secret of the long-vanished Incas gold. All but one in the crew succumb to the savage assault, a soldier who chooses to relieve his burden by sharing this story with a solitary priest in Peru. In this case, a problem shared isn’t a problem halved, because the Vatican hastily buries this secret.

It is present day and a professor named Helen Zachary is on a quest to find a hidden legend entombed within the Amazon Basin. What she discovers instead wipes her and her team off the face of the earth. A letter from Zachary’s colleague to the Event Group provides hope for the modern world. The Group, led by Major Jack Collins carry on with the professor’s lost expedition in the darkness of the Amazon to find the lost Incan gold and to rescue the U.S president’s daughter, who disappeared on the same quest. Using cutting-edge technology exclusively designed for them by the U.S military, they travel from Brazil to Little Bighorn, from Columbia to the sanctified grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. As they navigate the land, they encounter mounting opposition form various antagonists either hell bent on discovering the location of El Dorado, or trying to keep the secret hidden for eternity. This book was nominated for a RITA award for paranormal fiction, and it was also a New York Times best seller.

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  1. mave626: 6 months ago

    i really like this style of writing , a balanced blend of suspension of disbelief, blockbuster action and comedy , with enough supernatural sprinkled on top to make it fancy.
    except for one thing, the end of empire of the dragon would have been a kick to my genitals if i had read it on release date and had to wait for season of the witch…i hate total cliffhanger endings

  2. Richard Wright: 2 years ago

    This is a great series and a terrific read. Do we have a publication date for “Master of the World”? Thank you.

  3. Warren Goodwin: 2 years ago

    I’ve read all the Event books and I can’t wait for the next one. Hope to see soon.

  4. Tammy Lander: 2 years ago

    I’m a new fan! I had some very rough 2 years and I desperately needed a diversion. I came across Mr Golemon’s book Event. Then I search for more books by him. I am going to start reading Ancients. I hope he comes out with more books! I have managed to get my hands on all his books. This will keep me busy for awhile 🙂

  5. Barry Gold: 2 years ago

    I’ve been eagerly anticipating David Lynn Golemon’s next book but haven’t ready anywhere if he’s coming out with another Event series book. Do you know if he is?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Yep! It is tentatively titled Master of the World. Last update I heard was he was in the final editing process in early December of 2021.

  6. Barry Gold: 3 years ago

    Is David Lynn Golemon working on a new book? I kind of miss new adventures of the Event group.

  7. Larry Johnson: 3 years ago

    Just read the event series in order for the second time.. I hope you are going to write another event novel. Actually I hope for more than one

  8. Francis: 3 years ago

    I just read “Ancients.” Awesome book. Fantastic job.


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