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David Pedreira is an American author of science fiction and thriller books. He is famously known for his books The Never Wars and Gunpowder Moon. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and from the University of Maryland with a Master’s in Journalism. Before becoming a full-time author, Pedreira worked as a newspaper reporter, including the Capital, the St. Petersburg Times, and Tampa Tribune in Annapolis. He won several awards from the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association, the American Society of Newspaper Editors, and the Associated Press. Pedreira also was a corporate communications director for various software and telecommunications companies.

In 2018, David Pedreida published Gunpowder Moon. 1962, President John F. Kennedy gave a speech at Rice University in Texas. He said America should land on the Moon “before the decade is out.” He wanted this not just for science or exploration but to show superiority over the Soviet Union during a tense nuclear conflict.

David Pedreira’s novel imagines a future where humans live on the Moon, becoming crucial to a big fight for control over the planets. The story is set in 2072 when Earth faced apocalyptic-like events due to global warming and the Thermal Maximum event. This event damaged the atmosphere, leading to displacement of people, hunger, and wars. But humanity found a solution through fusion energy, which needs Helium-3, a substance abundant on the Moon. The United States, China, and Russia set up mining stations on the Moon to control the supply of Helium-3 and keep each other in check.

Survivors came together to rebuild the Earth. This led to an unexpected unity and thus resulted in the major world powers colonizing the Moon. Their goal was to prevent extinction and strive for a better future by harnessing resources from the Moon.
However, as time passed and the crisis faded from memory, humans returned to their old behaviors. They forget the unity and cooperation they had during the crisis, falling back into their previous ways of living. This shift happens once the immediate danger has passed, causing humanity to lose sight of the collective goal for a better future.

The protagonist, Caden Dechert, is a retired soldier. He starts his life afresh on the Moon to escape Earth’s conflicts. He’s in charge of an American Helium-3 mining station located in the Sea of Serenity. Dechert foresees trouble brewing as the United States seems eager for a confrontation. This leads to an intense tension buildup between nations, where no one wants to step back due to fear of appearing weak. Amid escalating tensions, Dechert challenges his leaders, believing that someone engineered a bombing incident to provoke a war between nations.

The daily routine at the mining outposts is disrupted when what seems like an accident takes a miner’s life. It soon becomes evident that this was deliberate sabotage. Initial clues point towards the Chinese, the primary competitors in Helium-3 mining, escalating the situation closer to a potential war. However, Dechert remains skeptical of the evidence presented. He relies more on understanding the people living in this harsh lunar environment rather than political posturing. His attempts to be the voice of reason are faced with resistance. This forces him to uncover the truth behind the escalating conflict that threatens the Moon with the same chaos as Earth.

Gunpowder Moon blends science fiction, a murder mystery, and politics, creating a fast-paced and engaging story. It mirrors present-day social and political dynamics, allowing readers to see reflections of our world. The book offers a glimpse into what life might be like in future Lunar or Martian outposts and the adaptations humans must embrace to colonize other planets.

This novel stands out because of its attention to realistic details in world-building and political structures governing the Moon. It meticulously describes the scientific aspects, such as filtration systems maintaining breathable air and the physics behind mining operations. This focus on scientific accuracy doesn’t overshadow the readers emotional connection to the characters.

Nevertheless, the novel presents a compelling and chillingly imaginable scenario. It highlights humanity’s historical drive to control valuable resources and maintain power. The power struggle between China and the US for dominance over the Moon and potentially the entire Solar System feels less like mere fiction and more like a cautionary tale about the real dangers of global tensions. It echoes current geopolitical realities, portraying a world where such tensions persist, and the consequences could extend far beyond Earth’s boundaries.
The Never Wars is David Pedreira’s second novel. The story takes place in a future where powerful corporations compete for dominance, fighting in the shadows while dealing with the challenges as they come. These corporations struggle for territory, brand recognition, and survival. To maintain their power, they require skilled workers. However, as time passes, these skills diminish, or employees want to leave, leading to constant challenges in recruiting and training new talent.

An Artificial Intelligence project proposes placing a ship near a black hole where time passes differently. Years in the real world would translate to mere weeks for those aboard. However, things begin to go awry, resulting in unforeseen consequences exploring human space colonization’s complexities.

A former soldier and veteran in various space conflicts, Owen Quarry, finds himself in prison among the stars after a fatal mistake. A corporation gives him a choice: work for them on missions to safeguard Earth from hostile planets settled by humans or face death in prison. Quarry accepts, only to discover that the team operates near a black hole where time moves slower, making missions last for decades. As more problems arise, Quarry and his team face unforeseen challenges.

Gunpowder Moon blends military science fiction with scientific concepts, making for a wonderful read. It introduces readers to a world shaped by the characters’ experiences without overwhelming them with technical details. Pedreira’s writing is engaging, and the action sequences are well-executed through innovative ideas in tactics and weaponry. The story bears resemblances to the 1967 American war film Dirty Dozen. However, it stands out due to its compelling plot twists and surprises, keeping readers hooked to the last page.

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