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Publication Order of Heaven's Shadow Books

with Michael Cassutt

David S. Goyer is one of the noteworthy authors of America who is well known for writing some of the very successful books in his writing career. He is particularly famous for writing down the scripts of many popular Hollywood movies. As a screenwriter, Goyer has written the scripts of the movies like Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Trilogy, as well as the Blade Trilogy. Author Goyer has also directed several films such as The Invisible, Zig Zag, The Unborn, Blade: Trinity. Apart from these, author Goyer is also in the professions of film production and comic book writing. Goyer has also co-written a few video games including the Call of Duty : Black Ops as well as its sequel. Author Goyer has won the Saturn Award in the category of Best Writing for his screenwriting work of the movie Batman Begins. He has been nominated for the Dark City and has also received as many as 4 nominations for the Hugo Awards in his career. Author Goyer was born on December 22, 1965, as David Samuel Goyer. His birth took place in Ann Arbor, Michigan, The United States. He and his brother Jeff were mainly brought up by their mother. Author Goyer was of a Jewish descent from the side of his mother. He used to attend the Hebrew School during the early days. Author Goyer has said that he did not have a much pleasant experience during his school days as most of the other students used to beat him up frequently, saying that he is the killer of Christ. He always believed that he was very much different from the other students as he grew up with a chip like thing on his shoulder. Later, author Goyer went on to complete his school education from the Huron High School. After this, he attended the Southern California University and completed his graduation from the School of Television and Cinema in the year 1988.

Author Goyer was one of the students of the well known screenwriter named Nelson Gidding at the Southern California University. Eventually, when he established himself as a popular screenwriter himself, he frequently returned to the classes of Nelson Gidding as a guest speaker. After the completion of his graduation, author Goyer sold his debut screenplay in the year 1989. It was in the film titled Death Warrant that featured Jean-Claude Van Damme in the main lead. Goyer has said that he had purchased a new model of Isuzu Trooper with the first paycheck he received. But, it got stolen on the very first night that he drove home win it. Later on in his career, author Goyer developed his skills of comic book writing and went on to develop a few screenplays based on some of the famous characters from comic books such as Superman, Batman, Blade, and Ghost Rider. Following a few stints in which he wrote scripts for television series, author Goyer went on to write a short story featuring the Superman in the year 2011. This helped him to gather the much required attention as well as a chance to work with the Legendary Pictures for their next 3 upcoming projects. After experiencing some success in the field of screenwriting, Goyer decided to try his hand at writing novels. Eventually, he wrote and published his first novel titled ‘Heaven’s Shadow’ in the year 2011. In the following years, he penned down a couple of other novels in the trilogy series. Author Goyer received a lot of positive reviews for the novels and subsequently sold the film rights of the first book to the Warner Brothers. Currently, he is working on the adaptation of the novel into a movie for the production company.

The Heaven’s Shadow series written by author David S. Goyer consists of three books published between the years 2011 and 2013. One of the earlier books in the Heaven’s Shadow series was published under the title ‘Heaven’s War’. It was released by the Ace publishers in the year 2013. The story of the book opens with the description of an asteroid which gets named as Keanu by the astronomers. The asteroid appears to be heading for the sun. When a group of humans reach out to it, they discover that Keanu was more like a huge rock traveling in the space. Soon, a couple of astronaut teams are sent to explore the Keanu. They discover that it is actually a huge spacecraft filled with alien crew. The astronauts also discover that the spacecraft approached the Earth with the mission of getting help. However, the aliens on Keanu take away several groups of humans from different parts of Earth without any prior warning. These humans are generally from the scientific background. They are required to find out why the aliens have brought them to the huge spacecraft. Also, the human groups are needed to find out a way of controlling the Keanu so that they can come back home as soon as possible.

One of the other books in this series is titled as ‘Heaven’s Fall’. It was released by the Ace publication in the year 2013. At the start of the book, is shown that a mysterious object named Keanu appeared in the sky round 20 years ago and took some humans into the interior. The captured humans came to know that the Keanu was a hugely built and long range spaceship. There, they joined forces with a group of aliens named Architects that had come from a faraway galaxy. They fought against the vicious group called Reivers together and thought that they defeated them. When Keanu comes in contact with Earth once again, the inhabitants come to know that the Reivers have captured the planet. As a result, a majority of the population was placed under the dominion of the Reivers. A small group of human population was still carrying out the resistance against the Reivers, even though they knew that they were going to be assimilated at any time. Soon, it is learned that the Reivers are planning a devastating attack against the Architects. One of the inhabitants named Rachel Stewart leads a small group of humans to infiltrate the fortress of Reivers located in the American West. However, the hope of their victory lies inside the Reiver’s NEO. If Rachel and her group are not able to find it, then the humanity might face the danger of extinction.

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