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Publication Order of Corbbitt Trilogy Books

No Shortage of Evil (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Infusion of Evil (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Extension of Evil (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Fudge Nut Squirrel's First Christmas (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Position Twelve (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The HungryDragon (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Obvious Answer (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Over the Edge (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Memoirs of a Space-Time Travel Victim (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just One Day (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

David S. Rosenberg is an author who made his debut as a novelist in 2005 with the release of No Shortage of Evil.

The author was born in Cleveland, Ohio to Sidney and Wanda Rosenberg. His father was from Hungary while his mother was from Tennessee. After high school, Rosenberg joined the U.S. Navy in order to avoid being draft into the Army to fight in Vietnam. He spent years in the Navy and learned about nuclear power. This served him well later in his life as he worked as a control room operator at a nuclear power plant. He’d later go on to work in engineering as a consultant, solving complex problems for the utility industry.

Rosenberg considers himself to be an avid reader. He has two children who have gone on to successful careers of their own. David also likes traveling with his wife as it helps to bring him the inspiration he needs for his next novel. The couple also enjoy ballroom, big band, jitterbug, and Latin dancing.

He didn’t come to writing novels until later in his life. One day he read a novel that he found to be particularly awful which made him realize that he could do something much better. He wrote No Shortage of Evil, but he didn’t fully consider himself to be a writer until someone actually paid for the book. His writing style was inspired by Michael Crichton as he also writes political and technological thrillers with multiple storylines.

His first book, No Shortage of Evil, was inspired his own experience with investing. He saw several times where a company’s chief officers ended up driving their company to bankruptcy.

No Shortage of Evil begins as terrorists try another attack on the United States. Special Agent Donald Corbbitt is great at his job and he’s assigned to investigate the attempted assassination of the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman. The Committee is in the midst of investigation the Common Cause Communications Company bankruptcy case, but the executives of the company are being murdered. There are thousands of suspects who lost money based on their actions. However, Corbbitt is looking for a connection between the two cases. Corbbitt is all about his work which makes him great at his job, but when he meets a Communications Specialist mamed Jocelyn Hafner, he starts to think there is more to life.

Infusion of Evil is the second book in the Corbbitt Trilogy. The clock is ticking on Special Agent Donald Corbbitt in this one as the U.S. learns of a threat of a nuclear attack on the Fourth of July. He ends up saving millions of people then heads out on a much needed vacation. However, he is soon pulled back into the fray to investigate an assassination attempt on the President. Not only that, but the enemy has a stealth weapons system that can strike at any time. The pressure will be on with so many lives at stake in the next possible attack.

Donald Corbbitt returns in Extension of Evil. The world of terrorism doesn’t stop and now he faces one of his toughest tests to date. There is a group of terrorists which wishes to terminate all railway transportation along hte Eastern Seaboard. A liquor tycoon is running for President as a third party and he is really gaining traction. His family is faced with a series of threats and his granddaughter is kidnapped, which only increases sympathy and media attention for the candidate. Pressure from on high leads to Corbbitt being assigned to investigate the third party candidate’s campaign. What he’ll find will lead him on the case of a complicated plan of global deception and the manipulation of the U.S. government’s most powerful office.

Rosenberg went a different way when he wrote The Hungry Dragon. The book sees a man named Allah bin-Wong orchestrating major changes in China, replacing the communist government with the New China Republic and it has lead to China gaining foothold in the quest for world domination. China has the latest in aircraft and weaponry which leads to the U.S. preparing for turmoil. China makes their way into the Russian states which leads U.S. President Claymore to play peacekeeper with Russia. It’s a high pressure time made more difficult by the First Lady’s illness and Claymore’s extramarital affair. The President will need to use his diplomacy to prevent bloodshed across the world.

Memoirs of a Space-Time Travel Victim is about a new form of transportation that ends up sending one woman on an uncontrollable journey. She is meant to meet her lover Harold in Venice, but a malfunction sends her back in time and far away from her intended destination. She ends up in the desert where she is captured by cutthroats. Her only hope is that a local Sheikh will decide to bargain with the men for her. The men are dangerous though and the two will end up fleeing together in the malfunctioning reporter.

Just One Day is a short story from Rosenberg about a woman named Carol who go on vacation with Don and learns all about herself and Don. Mainly, that he’s more than she could’ve ever hoped for- the perfect man. She retells the story of one day in paradise and how it changes everything for her.

Over the Edge follows an investigative reporter named Alena Garotti as she launches a campaign aimed against the ones who commit atrocities towards American citizens. Unlike other shows, Alena’s show features graphic images and shows the real consequences of crime in the land of the free. The viewers are shocking to viewers, but they are also a clear wake up call. However, ratings and offending advertisers is a problem for the network. A man named Thomas Dusart has struggled finding work and his wife isn’t happy. He ends up coming up with an elaborate plan to get money from insurance companies and lawsuits. After she is accused of false reporting, Alena must follow a lead with the potential to save her career…and bring down Dusart’s perfect crime.

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