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David Santos Donaldson is a literary fiction author that is best known for his debut novel “Greenland.”

The author was brought up in Nassau in the Bahamas even though he has lived in places as varied as the United States, Spain, and India.

In his teenage years, he went to Julliard School where he studied drama, and then to Wesleyan University. He has since written many plays that have gone on to get a commission by the Public Theater.
His debut work Greenland was first published in 2022 and the author has said that he will be producing even more works in the future. For his work, he made the finals of the Emerging Playwright at the Urban Stages Award.

He has also been employed at the Nassau-based Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts, where he was the Artistic Director.

David currently works as a psychotherapist and usually shuttles between Seville, Spain, and Brooklyn, New York.

Santos Donaldson was sixteen when he graduated from high school in the Bahamas. He would then attend the Buxton School in the Berkshires, a super progressive school, where he was encouraged to live his education.

According to the teacher at the school, it is always important to understand education and knowledge in terms of their application in one’s life. It was a school where reading Tolstoy in junior years was a huge tradition.

As such he was introduced to the different works of Tolstoy such as War and Peace and Anna Karenina.

Through these works, he came to learn what he really was, how he wanted to live, and what he believed in life.

He is eternally grateful to the school as it made him into what he is today. According to the author, Tolstoy was a genius at providing an honest recording of life in explicit detail.
He believes that in the modern world, Tolstoy and many other icons of Western canon are not held in high esteem as they were once.

Nonetheless, Santos believes reading the likes of Tolstoy allowed him to0 discover and accept himself as a queer black person.

The idea for his debut novel “Greenland,” was sparked he started thinking of writing a novel about Mohammed and E.M. Forster. When he was a child, he had access to all manner of E.M. Foster novels as his mother was an English teacher.

Reading Forster, there was always the feeling of an older white man from a different world. He always seemed like a buttoned-up and very British man who was very influential yet he was gay.

Later on, he read about his relationship with the Black Egyptian guy Mohammed and it made him curious about how these could have an authentic relationship with so many barriers to overcome.
He got obsessed with the idea and in fact fell a little in love with E.M Forster. He also liked the author’s works and he would be the inspiration for much of Greenland.

Soon enough, he got an agent to help him sell the manuscript but selling it was not as easy as he thought it would be.

After rewriting the novel from Mohammed’s perspective, he finally got a publisher interested and ultimately “Greeland” was published in 2022.

“Greenland” by David Santos Donaldson is a mesmerizing debut that chronicles the secret romance between Mohammed el Adl and E.M. Forster.

The work is set in 1919, where a young Egyptian man named Mohammed el Adl spent half a year in jail after it was discovered that he was the lover of E.M. Forster the bestselling British novelist.
Kip has given less than a month to immerse himself in the feelings and emotions of Mohammed and his publisher is not about to let up on the pressure.

Just like Mohammed the lead, Kip is a gay, queer man and also black. Both men have also been very much affected by having to confront upper-crust education, homophobia, whiteness, and their white romantic partners.

Kip dives into his writing as he pens Mohammed’s story and soon enough, Mohammed starts to speak to him. Mohammed’s life soon turns into a Proustian window that looks into the psyche and memory of Kip.
“Greenland” seamlessly comes up with two distinct but overlapping worlds where the present is the mirror of the past. The artist’s journey also becomes a quest for truth in a world full of possibility.
Unforgettable and electric, this is a tour de force that explores the challenges of interracial relationships, the dream of white assimilation, and the legacy of literature and a literary agent.

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