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Publication Order of David Shirazi Books

The Twelfth Imam (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tehran Initiative (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Damascus Countdown (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The David Shirazi book series is an exciting series of suspense, Christian fiction, thriller, religion, and mystery genres. It is written by an award winning novelist from the United States named Joel C Rosenberg. The series is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2010 and 2013. Author Rosenberg has set the title of this series based on the name of its chief protagonist, David Shirazi. He is described as an agent of CIA assigned to carry out secret missions for the agency in Iran. In some places of its publishing, the series is also known by the title, The Twelfth Imam. This is based on the series’ first book’s title. Throughout the series, David Shirazi is depicted as taking up various missions with the intention of eliminating the rising tensions in the Middle East and prevent attacks on American soil at the hands of the enemies. He works out a number of plans to find out what the enemy masterminds are planning and manages to destroy the various plots of their’s that could affect America or its people in any way. Joel Rosenberg has done the settings of all the 3 novels primarily in Iran. Other than that, some of the sequences are also shown taking place in Israel and U.S. Among the important characters that Joel Rosenberg has described in the stories other than David Shirazi, there is Mahdi, William Jackson, etc. The readers from across the world liked the stories as well as all the characters created by Joel Rosenberg in this series. They appreciated the author’s efforts in developing such unique stories of suspense and mystery, and praised him and his books with great reviews. The books were also liked by numerous critics and writers of suspense genre from all over the globe. They gave many positive reviews and ratings to the novels. Author Joel Rosenberg was praised by them too and given a lot of credit for his excellent style of writing. Many literary journals mentioned the novels of this series and included them in their lists of top sellers. With the tremendous success of the novel series, author Rosenberg gained a lot of fame and popularity. This motivated him to work towards writing many more exciting novels in the years to come.

Joel C. Rosenberg is a NY Times bestselling author from America, who is known to have produced several successful works such as The Last Days, Epicenter, The Ezekiel Option, Dead Heat, The Copper Scroll, etc. Most of his writings are based on religion, suspense, and thriller themes. There are over 1.5 million copies of his books available in the printed format. Author Rosenberg has won the Gold Medallion prize in 2006 in the category of the Best Novel of the Year. He has founded the Joshua Fund and strives towards making the world a peaceful place to live through his writings. Author Rosenberg has the background of an evangelical Christian. His father is Orthodox Jewish, while his mother is a Gentile. Rosenberg is said to have worked with a few leaders from the United States and Israel such as Steve Forbes, Israel’s former Deputy PM Natan Sharansky, former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, etc. He has been called for interviews over a hundred TV and radio shows. Author Rosenberg is happily married and resides in Washington, D.C., along with his lovely wife and 4 sons.

The debut book of the David Shirazi series written by author Joel C Rosenberg is entitled ‘The Twelfth Imam’. It was released by the Brilliance publishers in the year 2010. Its plot takes place in Tehran, Iran, and consists of the main characters as Mahdi and David Shirazi. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Middle East’s growing tensions start to take the form of a major problem and every other country fear that it could affect them badly. The president of Iran vows that he will annihilate US & Israel. On the other hand, Israel’s PM fears that Iran might use its nuclear weapons on his country, so he wants to work out a way to put a ban on the nuclear sites of Iran. His talks with the US president go in vain as he believes that striking the nuclear facilities is not a permanent solution to this problem, but negotiating can help bring peace. Meanwhile, a rumor spreads all over Iran that a mysterious man is claiming to be the messiah of Muslims and calls himself Mahdi or the 12th Imam. Everywhere people seem to be talking about Mahdi’s miracles, his wonders, signs, and healings, etc. The CIA sends David Shirazi to Tehran as an undercover operative. He is given the task of disrupting the program of nuclear weapons of Iran by using any or all means. David Shirazi is told to take care that he does not get caught or his cover does not get blown. The American president gives strict orders to the CIA that Iran must not come to know that he has ordered this mission or else a new apocalyptic war could erupt and it could cause them a huge loss. There is not much time left and David Shirazi is asked to make his moves quickly and bring Iran to its knees.

Another very interesting book of this series is called ‘Damascus Countdown’. The Brilliance publication released this book too in 2013. Once again, David Shirazi is shown in the lead role, working as an operative for the CIA. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Israel launches a successful attack on Iran. The attack destroys its nuclear sites as well as their 6 nuclear warheads. William Jackson, the US president, condemns this act of Israel and threatens that he will support a resolution of the Security Council of U.N. for condemning the unwarranted and unprovoked act of aggression by them. At the same time, it is learned that Mahdi has declared to launch a genocidal attack in retaliation. In the middle of all this, David Shirazi succeeds in infiltrating the regime of Iran. He intercepts a couple of top intelligence reports that indicate that Iran’s 2 nuclear warheads have survived in the attack and they have now been shifted to an undisclosed and secure location. David Shirazi lives dangerously because of the ongoing clashes between Iran and Israel, and also due to the hostile governments of many neighboring countries. He knows he must race against the clock and find the hidden nuclear warheads as soon as possible or else a cataclysmic event will take place which even the top powers of the world will not be able to stop.

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