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Publication Order of David Sloane Books

The David Sloane Series by Robert Dugoni is known as a critically acclaimed series of well loved fictional books. Robert is a best selling author known for his knack for getting fiction just right. With books sold world-wide and translated into more than a dozen languages, he is definitely a writer worth reading and has millions of fans from all corners of the world. When it comes to mysterious twists, secrets, surprises and treachery, this series is definitely a good way to sate fictional needs.

Published in 2006, the first book kick starting the famous David Sloane series is ‘The Jury Master’. This first book made ripples in the world making it as New York Times best seller after its release. It was also awarded as on of the three ‘Best of the Best’ debut novels released in 2006 by the Deadly Pleasures mystery magazine. With just this first in the David Sloane books released, Robert Dugoni was likened to the renowned John Grisham at a young age by the Seattle times with the book described as a captivating narrative of murder, skulduggery and deceit at its peak.

The book features the focus of the series who is David Sloane. Sloane is known to be the very best in the realm of wrongful death attorneys in the big affluent San Francisco city. In court Sloane is nothing if not a god. Grabbing the jury and making them dance to his tune is a perfected art. Wit the uncanny ability to read the expressions of the jury and play them to suit his desires, feel their emotions and fine tune them and even read their hidden thoughts, Sloan is a formidable force in the courtroom.

Sloane has gained a reputation for getting the jury to believe the most unfathomable things, excuse the most incredulous of happenings and come up with the most mind blowing verdicts ever given.He has reached the peak of what can be described as ultimate professional success. That however does not distinguish the fact that his life is far from perfect. With the nightmare of a childhood he cannot remember consciously hanging over his head, Sloane comes out as a law guru with issues. His conscience might just be his undoing.

His well presented perfect demeanor is rocked when Sloane receives a package from a confidant in the White House who then turns up dead. the contents of the package turn out to be life changing revealing a history he would never have thought of. It is the beginning of a long road with twists and turns that will have readers captivated and wowed as this successful man’s life plunges right out of his control. Get a taste of this and more as you journey on through the life of ‘The Jury Master’ and discover things that will have you gaping, gasping and turning the next page as you sate your desire to know just what will happen next. Will Sloane conquer the demons of his childhood or is this just the beginning of a hard fall?

The second book in the highly awaited series came three years later in 2009 in form of ‘Wrongful Death’. The book kicks off with an exciting tone when shortlyafter winning a $1.6 million verdict in a wrongful death hearing, our famous David Sloane finds himself handlingthe single case that might just be the one to break his outstanding unbeaten and unblemished record in court. The case is centered around Beverly Ford who wants Sloan to sue none other than the formidable United States government and military because of the mysterious demise of her husband, James. James had worked as a national guardsman and was killed in Iraq.

The case presents some pretty impossible odds even for a courtroom guru like Sloane especially because of the presence of a long lived military doctrine. Even knowing this, Sloane find himself keen on finding justice for this widow and her kids-having been a soldier himself. This might just be the hardest challenge yet he has faced in his career. Worse still, there is very little evidence o back their case.

This forces Sloane to call on a friend; a former CIA agent who is now a private investigator Charles Jenkins. Jenkins is to find the rest of the men who were serving with Ford on the night that he died. The case continues to reveal alarming facts when Jenkins uncovers that two of the men who returned home died shortly after. Their only salvation would have been the remaining two but the commander who is bound to a wheel chair and now works independently for a civilian contractor refuses to talk to them. This leaves one last option; the youngest soldier is their last resort.

This soldier also happens to be the most elusive and tracking him down is a task. Still, they leave nothing to chance as he is their single shot at finding out the truth. This depends on whether Sloane and his new partner can keep him safe from the killerslong enough for him to shed light on the case. This turns out to be a very deadly task however and as Sloane delves deeper and deeper into the case, those intent on concealing the truth resort to dangerous measures.

Sloane’s family is threatened forcing his new bride Tina and his step son Jake into hiding in fear for their lives as they are caught in the middle of the investigation becoming the new targets of a dangerous killer. Sloane must now race against time and odds not only to uncover the truth and bring justice to the wronged family but also to protect his own kin. Will he succeed in the deadly mission or will his family be the casualties in his bid to win his case? Will Sloane’s record remain unbeaten or is this the case that will render him fallible? This book is definitely a thriller worth reading.

The rest of the series definitely lives up to the excitement and adventure ushered in by the first two escalating as they proceed so as to keep readers interested and entertained. The only thing lacking in this awesome series is boredom because it is simply thoroughly exciting.

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