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Publication Order of Agent Micah Dalton Books

The Echelon Vendetta (2007)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Orpheus Deception (2008)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Venetian Judgment (2009)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Skorpion Directive (2010)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

David Stone is a prominent and highly decorated British Army Officer, who later turned into a military author and historian. Also known by his four names; David John Anthony Stone, Stone was born in the year 1947 and was educated in Devon and Cheshire. Currently, David is married and resides in Devon, England. Being an ex-military officer, most of his publications are about the various aspects of the military conflict and tactics. He started his military career at the royal military academy Sandhurst in 1965. As a routine, David Stone was commissioned by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment in July 1967 after graduating from the RMAS.

Through David’s 35-year span as a British officer, which ended in 2002, he was involved in many military services across the globe. Some of David Stone’s principal duty stations included West Berlin, West Germany, Hong Kong, Croatia, and Bosnia among others. David commanded the 1st battalion as a lieutenant colonel in service. He also carried out a wide array of command, training, staff and other military assignments in both the UK and other parts of the World. Listed under David’s operational experience include command at platoon, company and battalion level with 1st DERR and other regimental and non-regimental appointments. David was among the dispatched in 1984.

Besides graduating from UK and NATO training centers, David is a graduate of the Army Staff College Camberley and the US Army John F. Kennedy special welfare center. He spent a total of 14 years in Germany during his service. David describes this in his publications at the time that offered him a unique opportunity that saw him write and research on Germany experience of war. David also serviced frequently alongside the German and NATO troops. In 1987, David was awarded the Abzeichen Fur Leistungen im Truppendienst in Gold.

Due to his vast experience, knowledge, and research in writing military affairs, David became a member of the Society of Authors among other literacy, professional and heritage related groups and organizations. After retiring, David maintained a close connection with the heritage and historical perspectives earning him a senior trustee position within The Rifles Museum at Salisbury from 2002 to 2005. In 1994, he was elected a fellow of The Chattered Management Institute and became a member of the institute of directors in 2000.

As indicated prior, most of David’s publications are military related. He began his publication way before retiring from the military in 2002. However, he developed a greater and more successful career writing and researching about the military and conflict-related topics after retiring from the military. Stone’s publications are drawn from his service experiences, assignments and travels appropriately. Some of the top read write-ups of David Stone include The Cold War Warriors (1998), First Reich (2002) Wars of The Cold War (2004), battles in focus (2004), war summits (2005) and many others. David’s recent publication, “The Scorpion Directive” has been rated as to be the fourth best entertaining thriller.

The Scorpion Directive

The Scorpion Directive by David stones is the fourth book in this book series. Like the first installment, this novel has a very powerful and a fast-paced plot that reunites two CIA operatives, Micah Dalton and Mandy Pownhall. The story captures the avenging death of a long-time friend. As the plot continues, the author introduces the reader to the protagonist, Micah Dalton, a former military intelligence operative and a CIA agent. Micah travels around the world to find the killer of his friend, Issadore Galan, a Mossad agent. In the story, Stone outlines and explores the possibility and repercussions of someone in the intelligence creating a rift between two allies, America and Israel.

Dalton was on his way to Vienna for a clandestine meeting with his friend Galan. On his way, he noticed that he is being tailed within the streets of Ring District. This, in turn, compromised the planned meeting leading to its postponement. Thus, Micah responds aggressively to the enemy who was trying to determine who they were. Shortly afterward, he finds his friend Galan tortured and murdered. Dalton becomes the first suspect pitting him against an ultrasecret US agency and a cadre of trained KGB killers. In a desperate effort to save his honor, he puts himself to the edge of sanity through a series of trajectory events leading from Vienna to the shoreline of North Africa.

The Scorpion Directive also revolves around the current political issues and trends in the political arena. Stone explains the quote “judgment was easy. War was not” by saying that it only takes a leap of imagination to make a judgment. David Stones describes the death of Galan in details that as a sympathetic reader, you will suffer and torture along with Galan. In the story, Galan is used as a symbol for Israel. Galan maintained his humanity despite the inhuman and horrible torture he underwent through. He explored the meaning of torture from Galan’s suffering. Galan is compassionate and maintains his character despite being betrayed by the West thus has no friend. In the book, David made a comment that Israel has no friend in the white house. This is an accurate prediction of the current political cinema after Obama took office.

Dalton, the main character, is depicted to be a complex personality. He is unable to share and talk about his feelings and emotions at times. Symbolically, it is equated that he built a wall to separating him from the outside world. He is trying to keep a demilitarized zone around his environment. Mandy Pownhall and Veronika Miklas, the two women characters of the story are of immense importance. They hold the most important intelligence centers in the story. Stone depicts how women in this business can listen, analyze and put intelligence patterns together. Dalton embraced this and used their talent to solve cases. However, Veronica dropped the story, and was never seen again.

All said, Stones creativity, complex sentences, sarcasm and intelligent phrasing makes this book a favorite for many readers. The novel, according to David Stone, portrays the reality and current operations within the military. Betrayals, false intelligence and foreign involvement are the order of the day. Like Micah Dalton, Stone saw similar operations and framings during his service in the military. Published in 2010, this book was not supposed to be the end of the installment. However, no other books of the series have been released yet. This series is a good political thriller that blends reality and fiction thereby taking the reader through simultaneous human feelings.

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