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About David Stone

David Stone is a well-known name in the realm of American military thrillers, and it’s an alias used by an author hailing from a family full of military tradition. So it’s fitting that an individual with such a profound family history in the armed services excels at writing books in this specific genre. As an author he exhibits a keen understanding of military life due to his personal connection, crafting characters that readers find alluring. This sense of authenticity makes his work appealing to those who enjoy military thrillers.

Every character in his books is meticulously crafted; this attention to detail is a fundamental aspect of Stone’s writing prowess. His protagonists are not just characters but are comprehensive portrayals of individuals who encapsulate the trials and tribulations faced by military personnel. This ability to perfectly create believable characters makes his stories intriguing, convincing his readers to invest emotionally in his narratives.

In addition, Stone’s talent bloom doesn’t stop at the construction of individual characters but extends to the design of his stories as a whole. His ability to weave compelling stories makes for an engaging narrative and keeps readers on the edge of their seats. This knack for storytelling, combined with his richly-textured characters, offers a thrilling ride that keeps his readers perpetually entertained, making David Stone an absolute standout in the world of American military thriller authors.

Early and Personal Life

David Stone, an acclaimed American military thriller author, is no ordinary novelist. Through his Stone alias he draws from his lineage, embedded firmly in a military family carrying a rich history of honorable service. Coming from such heritage, Stone’s fascination with literature developed over time as a way to relate his stories and experience.

Serving in the military, working as an intelligence officer, and an investigator for a state-level law enforcement agency, Stone’s life is a treasure trove of experiences that inspire his writing. Having lived and worked across Central America, North America, and Southeast Asia have also provided varied cultural and geographical insights, adding an extra layer of richness to his narratives. These experiences undoubtedly fuel his creative flair, knitting captivating stories that draw readers into a world that mirrors his own.

David Stone’s growth as an author is a testament to his passion and commitment to the craft of storytelling. His life experiences, professional knowledge, and personal interests harmoniously meld into his work, making it not just readable, but relatable and intriguing. His journey demonstrates how harnessing personal experiences and transforming them into compelling narratives can result in remarkable literary accomplishments.

Writing Career

David Stone has spearheaded his writing career with the Micah Dalton series, debuting with ‘The Echelon Vendetta’ in 2007. This thrilling start provided a solid foundation for the series and marked his initial foray into the world of military thrillers. He continued to grip his readers with the sequel, ‘The Orpheus Deception’, which was published the following year in 2008.

The momentum of his Micah Dalton series grew with the release of ‘The Venetian Judgment’ in 2009 and ‘The Skorpion Directive’ in 2010. Stone’s narrative prowess and skillful character development have strengthened with each novel, carving out his unique space in the military thriller genre.

As he continues to write, readers look forward to more enthralling installments in his rewarding literary journey.

The Echelon Vendetta

‘The Echelon Vendetta,’ a mystery espionage thriller by David Stone, was first introduced to the public on February 15, 2007. Stone’s inaugural novel was published under the umbrella of Putnam Adult. This book also marks the debut of the ‘Agent Micah Dalton’ series, setting the tone for the thrilling franchise ahead.

Micah Dalton, a no-nonsense CIA operative, usually handles the fallout when things go awry. He finds himself questioning things when his friend Porter Nauman dies horrifically in a quaint Tuscan town and Nauman’s family is violently killed in London.

Dalton is propelled on a mission that takes him from Venice, London, Washington, D.C., to the breathtaking mountains of the American West, following a killer with a unique, Native American mystic-influenced knifework pattern, who is targeting those linked to ECHELON, a shadowy operation. The killings seem to be a form of revenge, but the question Dalton seeks to answer is, revenge for what?

The Orpheus Deception

‘The Orpheus Deception,’ again penned by David Stone, hit the shelves on March 27, 2008. This espionage thriller, published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, is the second installment in Stone’s ‘Agent Micah Dalton’ series. Continuing the suspenseful storyline of its predecessor, it further enlivens the franchise with a fresh mystery.

Commencing with a thrilling assassination attempt on CIA agent Micah Dalton in Venice, landing him in a deadly conflict with a Serbian warlord. Due to his encounter with Serbians, he finds himself prematurely separated from the CIA and falling into a complex maze of conspiracies. Dalton tries to figure out the connection between a merciless act of piracy in the South China Sea, a vanished CIA agent, and a mysterious ship named The Orpheus.

As he tries to unravel the secret behind these mysteries, Dalton embarks on a global chase involving Venice, Bangkok, Washington, D.C., ending up in a tense standoff with Serbian terrorists in Chicago’s port.

The Venetian Judgement

David Stone would release ‘The Venetian Judgment,’ the third installment in the ‘Agent Micah Dalton’ series. The book was published on April 16, 2009. The publisher of this celebrated mystery espionage thriller is G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

Amidst Venice’s winter, CIA cleaner Micah Dalton embarks on a personal quest for vengeance against the Serbian gang responsible for his lover’s death. His journey takes an unexpected turn when he receives a jade box containing a stainless steel glasscutter, an item of significant import to a small group within the American intelligence sector. This box kick-starts a worldwide hunt to identify a possible traitor within the senior ranks of the CIA, leading Dalton from Venice to Santorini, and finally to Istanbul.

In the process, Dalton and his ally, Mandy Pownall, endure high-stakes confrontations from high above the Sea of Marmora to the mangroves of Florida’s Emerald Coast as they seek the creators of a deceptive espionage plan concocted by an old enemy of America.

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    Baldacci, Flynn and Greaney and yourself in any order of greatness…hope you get back at it…miss Micah as much as Mitch and the Gray man

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