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David Swinson is the writer of the best-selling novel Detailed Man. He began his career in the late 1980’s a period which was marked by the height of punk rock music. After being admitted to the California State University, where he majored in film, he not only booked but also promoted alternative music and punk rock music at Melody Dance Center, Fender’s Ballroom and the Bogart’s nightclub. Swinson was also a founder of Wednesday Night of spoken word and conversation with achievers such as Dr. Timothy Leary, Hunter S. Thompson, and Jim Caroll. After numerous years of promoting and booking, together with developing lasting relationships with Hunter S. Thompson and Timothy Leary; it was an accepted segue to co-produce and develop Sound Bites. This compilation of spoken word featured orators, politicians, and writers including Caroll, Eugene McCarthy, and Abbie Hoffman.

Billboard termed this album as the Essential Listening Album. In the year 1990, while Swinson was having drinks with Billy Henderson and Timothy Leary, an idea for an eccentric buddy film which was called Roadside Prophets. This film was eventually was adapted by FineLine Features was distributed by the critically acclaimed New Line Cinema. This film featured John Doe and Adam Horitz, John Cusack, Arlo Guthrie and Timothy Leary. In the year 1994, Swinson decided to pursue another passion; law enforcement. After graduating from the Police Academy, David Swenson began to serve as a police officer. A few years later he was posted as an undercover police officer, where his job was mainly to target crime and narcotics. In the year 1988, David Swinson was posted as an investigator for the Third District Detectives Office where he mainly covered offenses such as armed robbery, homicide, and burglary.

In the year 2000, he was promoted to the rank of detective and thus he was posted to the Special Investigation Bureau and Major Crimes. He became the lead detective in the District of Colombia where he was in charge of investigating organized crime, serial burglaries, and high profile cases.

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The Streets of Washington DC are usually an ideal location for crime writers. It is a city that mixes the depths of poverty with heights of political powers. In Washington, willy detectives can find themselves tangled up all types of tangles and scrapes that can be unbelievable in any other city. There is the work of George Pelecanos who is a native of Washington DC and has dedicated his career to tracking the changes and dissecting the city’s quadrants in his novels. However, with the author’s second novel, The Second Girl is David Swinson’s second novel, a former police detective. He has made a mark by ignoring both the White House and the Capitol Building along with the endless list of VIPs who trickle down from these buildings.

Nonetheless, he focuses on the hustlers and low-level drug dealers whose delinquency resonate way beyond their corners. He also lays emphasis on the strange intersection of the suburban and city life of Washington DC. In this book, Swinson introduces the reader to Detective Frank Marr, who had silently stepped down from his line of duty after his addiction with cocaine eventually caught up with him. He was not only promised discretion, but he was also allotted approximately 40 percent of his pension. Thus, he managed to pick up his remaining finances and join a private detective firm, which was led by Leah Costello, a cop who later on turned into a defense attorney. One day while working for the private firm, Frank Marr stumbles onto a case that even his dishonored principals believed it needed to be put right.

After he managed to break into an empty house, Marr hears noise coming from another room, and upon opening the door, he discovers that there was a young girl, who was duct-taped and had nothing on apart from her underwear. Her hands had been secured in front of her while she was sitting down on the floor. Due to the fact that he could not lie about his presence in the house, he decides to take the girl back to the office, while also hoping that he could stay as far as possible from the case. There is also another high school girl who had gone missing several months ago. Once the news concerning Amanda began to spread, Marr is summoned by the family of the girl who had disappeared so that he could be able, to locate their missing girl.

The delight of this book is how easily the engine runs and how it also avoids the drawbacks of half-considered and over-stuffed novels. The premise of the story is straightforward; a former police officer is seeking redemption by reuniting girls who are missing with their family. A Detailed Man is also another best performing book by the author David Swinson. This book is categorized as police procedural. The standard police topics that appear in the book include autopsies, forensics, the gathering of evidence, interrogation and the use of search warrants. In this book, the protagonist is Ezra Simeone, and the book has been written using Ezra’s voice. Ezra is a police detective who is based in Washington DC. From the very first page of the novel, we get to learn about the unfortunate physical condition that Ezra has to live with. We also get to learn about, the work ethic dominating Ezra’s life. Bell’s palsy paralyzes Ezra’s face on one side. Ezra does not deny the fact that he has worked exceedingly hard, but he does not want the other people to use his current condition for their extremely low work ethics.

Ezra is detailed about the cold case. This is a unit, which houses the unresolved cases. Ezra’s authentic voice is what will penetrate your head from the very first page to the last. The voice used an amazing range, constantly bringing up images that we may not, from the word realize are images. Ezra is a middle-aged man, who has decided to leave behind a failed marriage, working on a job that is constantly wearing him down. The great thing is that he is constantly moved from one position to another. There is a woman who Simeone appears to love but whose friendship he is not ready to lose.

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