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London and the South-East (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Innocent (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spring (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

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David Szalay is an English published author of fictional novels.

David was born January 1, 1974 is Canada. His family would move to London in 1975. They insisted that the arrangement would be temporary, however, David still resides there.

He enrolled in Oxford University, where he graduated with an English degree.

Besides novel writing, he has tried a variety of other things, including being a film maker. However, his debut movie The Old Soldier did not get the reviews that he wanted, and was hailed as ‘the worst film ever made’. He also tried his hand at photography, but his only paid assignment was to shoot a wedding, where the couple eventually divorced (unrelated to his photography skills, it should be noted).

David also worked in telesales but used the time productively, writing several radio drama plays for the BBC.

His first novel was published in 2008 and is called London and the South-East. It won the Betty Trask Award for best first novel. The novel also received the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize. He has also written the novels The Innocent and Spring.

Szalay was named one of the Top 20 British Writers Under 40 by The Telegraph, and the 2013 list of Granta Magazine’s Best of Young British Novelists. His novel All That Man Is made the long list of The Man Booker Prize in 2016.

The author resides in London.

London and the South-East is the critically acclaimed first novel from David Szalay. If you are looking for a new novel that is going to draw you in, check this book out!

Readers who have been into advertising will certain be into this book. Darkly comic, this novel is all about advertising salesman and the lives that they lead.

The author starts out by telling the reader that advertising and sales are part of what makes our world go around. For instance, around 43% of people have sold advertising space at some point in their lives. Perhaps you may not know that the average person sees over a thousand advertisements every day, clocking in at 1,004? Perhaps the last time that the average person saw an advertisement was in the past 57 seconds.

This book dives into the story of and tells all about main character Paul Rainey. He sells ads with Park Lane Publications Ltd. But you would be wrong to presume that he is satisfied with his life. He finds an outlet for his dissatisfaction with psychoactive substances, to try and shake things up.

However, no matter what he does, Paul feels like he can’t do anything to change his life. He’s dissatisfied with his professional life, his sex life, the weekends, and more. The only thing is that he isn’t sure what he can do to make it better.

Paul desperately wants something to make things better, and this appears to happen in the form of a meeting with Eddy Jaw. A friend from the past and another salesman, Eddy’s appearance leads to the promise of a new job. He is out of luck, though, because the offer is misleading. But it might just lead to a change that he never saw coming.

This is a work of fiction that focuses on the world of work. Being an ad salesman isn’t always easy, but Paul’s determined to do his best at it while it’s still his line of work. This book takes the working world and brings it to life in British fiction at the hands of David Szalay. Check it out and see what you think and what happens to Paul along the way!

The Innocent is the second novel to be published by David Szalay. It came out in 2009. If you’re looking for something new and interesting to read, check this book out!

The year is 1948 and main character Aleksandr belongs to the MGB as a major. This was a group that came around before what would become the KGB.

Aleksandr is dispatched to go to a psychiatric clinic for the purpose of investigating one of the patients there. The individual is a man that was thought to be dead but has instead been hidden away in an isolated clinic for years.

While the man is a veteran of the second World War, it also appears that his memory has taken a hit along the way. Whether it happened in battle or sometime before or after he came to the unit, Aleksandr can’t say. All he knows is what he sees with his own eyes, which is a man that appears to have no ability to recall anything that happened in the past.

As he leaves the clinic, Aleksandr is continually haunted by the memories that he has from the clinic. He also finds that his Stalinist faith is forced into a corner as the Cold War recedes.

Can he find out why this case has bothered him so? He must comb through his memory to find out how it has affected himself and those he loves. Check out The Innocent to find out how this compelling story ends!

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