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Horrors Beyond 2: Stories of Strange Creations(2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

About David Wilson

An American author of military action thrillers, the novelist David Wilson is well known for his exciting style and pace. Really pulling the reader in, he creates a sense of momentum quite unlike any other, pushing the stories and premise to their full potential. Keeping the reader guessing throughout, he perfectly understands what it is that the reader is looking for, delivering it in a fun and entertaining manner. Establishing a compelling narrative, he then holds the audience on the edges of their seats, not letting go until the final page.

This approach to the military thriller has worked extremely well for him over the years, seeing him become hugely successful around the world. Bringing his own extensive research to the genre, he gives his material a high level of authenticity, making it feel wholly real and believable every step of the way. With a wealth of knowledge, he really understands his subject matter inside out, and it definitely shows on the page. Allowing each story to speak for itself, he manages to create some extremely realistic and highly immersive narratives for the reader.

Not only that, but his characters also feel wholly three-dimensional too, as they essentially come alive off of the page. Setting himself apart from other novelists in his field, he creates personalities and people that the reader can really relate to easily. This then gives the reader a certain level of insight they may otherwise not have had, giving them some clear characters to root for and follow. With the room to continue expanding indefinitely with his writing career, he will carry on for many years to come yet.

Early and Personal Life

Raised in the Ozarks, David Wilson grew up with an affinity for the great outdoors, spending a lot of time learning from his grandfather. Taught how to hunt, trap, and fish, he would gain an insight quite unlike any other, and one that would stay with him into his adult life. Joining the military at the age of seventeen, he would sign-up to the Marine Corps, staying with them for quite some time and attaining the level of sergeant.

Following this, he would move over to Counterintelligence, and he would then stay with them for over twenty years. After retiring, he would work with several different government agencies, operating as a contractor in Afghanistan and Iraq, gaining a wealth of experience. Currently working as a contractor still, he writes on a regular basis living on his Texas ranch with his wife and children, using his past to help influence and inspire his many different novels.

Writing Career

It would be back in 2019 that David Wilson would publish his first novel, releasing ‘Lone Star Odyssey: First Steps’ to an already eager public. That book would come out in May, and then he quickly went on to release his second title that very same year, which was called ‘Obstacles.’ Both of these were in the same ‘Lone Star Odyssey’ series of novels, continuing on in much the same vein as each other.

Using his experiences of life in the military to help inspire him, he would draw from the world around him when it came to writing. This approach to the page really did allow him to become a more versatile author, creating something quite different in the process. Continuing to write regularly to this very day, he has lots more set to come on the horizon, with further books planned.

First Steps

Originally coming out on the 4th of May back in 2019, this began the ‘Lone Star Odyssey’ series of action-thriller novels. Using military realism, this book incorporates the author’s own knowledge and experience, making it far more immersive and believable. Setting up the series, it’s best to read this before the other, with this being published primarily through the Kindle publishing platform.

After finishing twenty years in the United States Marine Corps, followed by a five-year tour working as a contractor in Afghanistan, Talon Clark wants to settle down on his ranch in Texas. That’s when the country is hit by a number of false flag operations, along with EMP attacks against the nation’s infrastructure. Stuck in Washington DC, Clark will do whatever it takes to get back home, surviving all the dangers in his path as he fights his way back. Will he be able to get back and protect his family, can he survive the ordeal before him, and what will happen as Talon takes his first steps?

This book is both an exciting and exhilarating entry into what promises to be an intense and action-packed series. There’s lots to deal with here, as well as plenty of character development, and even more world-building, as it fully establishes the premise. Pushing the concept to its fullest, it’s a straightforward story with a lot to offer, really keeping the reader pinned to their seat.


Initially released on the Kindle platform back in 2019, this would come out on the 22nd of December to much acclaim. With an already eager audience waiting, it was published not long after the first, with it being the second in the ‘Lone Star Odyssey’ series of novels. Following directly on from the previous book, it’s best that they’re all read in order so as to get the most out of them all.

Following the attacks against America’s infrastructure, Talon Clark really just wanted to get home, but that isn’t easy. One of his team members has died, and the odds seem to be against them, with morale now being low, with the Iranian Supreme Command after them. Being hunted, they’re fighting for their lives against the odds, as well as engaging in a rescue attempt that could provide assistance along the way. Will they be able to survive the dangers, who will stay alive, and can they manage to make it back through the many obstacles?

Building upon what came before, this further establishes the world of Talon Clark and the United States facing danger. There’s a lot of development with the military team featured, too, creating many more narratives and arcs to follow. It’s another strong story in the series and one that definitely works on a number of different levels while remaining entertaining.

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