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David Wishart is a Scottish historical crime writer. But before we discuss about his life and work we first need to understand what does it mean to be a historical crime writer? Well, this happens to be a subgenre of historical fiction or mystery. Novels belong this genre is set in a historical period while the lead character solve the crime mystery. This happens to be a relatively difficult genre, to write on as it involves a great degree of research and care as to not distort historical facts. But this catch or challenge actually didn’t stop David Wishart from writing historical thrillers.

Wishart was born in Scotland’s Arbroath. He graduated from Edinburgh University and has a degree in Classics. After graduating, he took up a teacher’s job and taught in a secondary school for almost four years.

Up, close, personal

Interestingly, David Wishart, happens to be a great cooking enthusiast. When he is not writing then he is busy testing his culinary skills in his kitchen or going for a really long walks with his pet dogs. Wishart believes that in doing so, his creative juice starts to flow. However, this author unlike many of our time doesn’t believe in promoting his books, as he believes that he is a writer and not a marketing agent.

Wishart, who has been a teacher in foreign shores, wrote his first book in Greece. It was science fiction that drew inspiration from a strange dream of David Wishart. So, you can see for yourself that the first book for this historical crime writer was actually a sci-fi book for the kids. In fact, for several years, he even believed that he was best suited for being a children’s writer.

However, his first novel I Virgil, the fictional autobiography of a Roman poet, borrowed heavily from an essay that he had written during his Edinburgh days. This wasn’t an historical thriller, but there was little bit of a historical mystery shrouding it.

It was after this book that Wishart got more and more interested in finding historical mysteries and crimes that could make the central plot of his novels. This paved the path for his famous Marcus Corvinus series. His novel Ovid was the first offering of his Corvinus series.

He has taught in Kuwait, Greece and Saudi Arabia before returning back to his roots in 1990. Since then Wishart, who now lives in Carnoustie, mixes both his passions – writing and teaching. At the Dundee University, on any working day, you can find him teaching EFL, Latin and study skills.

He is married and has two kids and doest play golf. But yes, he love to walk with his dogs, as that’s therapeutic for him.


Ovid was the first offering of the Corvinus series. After having tasted success with I Virgil, David Wishart was itching to write a historical thriller, by keeping the plot intact or sync with the historical mystery. As felt that it would be really interesting to write a fiction based on real people.

The characters Corvinus and Perilla in his book were actually based on real characters. This series is a humorous series where the character though placed at a historical period speaks contemporary dialogues. In his series, Wishart generally loves to spin a story around historical event, using a series of such event he miraculously comes up with a fictional solution all his Corvinus series.

In this series of his Corvinus, reasons, analyses, dissects key characters, comes up with theories that can explain the situation and then eliminates suspects that no longer fit the bill in light of new leads to finally solve the case.

Corvinus, who is depicted as a clever and sharp person is kept on track by his wife Perilla, who is a more logical character than the protagonist. While Cornivus build a hypothetical solution to solve the mystery, his wife keeps bringing him back to reality. So, she in a way actually helps in keeping a balance in the plot.

I, Virgil

This is a fictionalized autobiography of poet Publius Vergilius Maro, who is popularly known as Virgil. Born near Mantua, 70 B.C a time when Rome was undergoing enormous turmoil post Julius Caesar’s assassination.

With whatever little detail that was available about Virgil’s life has been cleverly used by Wishart, to spin a story that has superb blend of history and personal colour and flavor added to it. As one reads through the novel they also read about the mighty Caesar, Brutus, and many others.

In his novel, Virgil’s story is as compelling as it was historically. Virgil the hero of Dishart’s novel was torn between his private his private life and public duties.

Poems penned by Virgil were quite popular during that period. Having befriended Maecenas, the cultural minister of Augustus Caesar, Virgil moved about with the big wigs of the Roman court.

Keeping toe with history, Augustus is seen telling Virgil that they together have the chance of building the perfect world, where he gets to rule over people’s mind and Virgil their hearts.

Virgil, is commissioned to write the Aeneid, where he is asked to justify the acts of Augustus. In this fictionalized autobiography, Wishart clearly makes a point that Virgil may enjoyed the benefits of moving around in the right circle but was not open to sell his soul.

So, he decides to write Aeneid with an underlying subtext, which he presumed that Augustus wouldn’t understand. But his friend Maecenas understands the context and reveals it to Augustus, who has Virgil poisoned on the ship while returning to Italy.

However, according to History, Virgil died after catching a cold.

As, we know that it’s a historical thriller and no one actually knows what happened. But that mystery perhaps makes this book a wonderful read.

What now?

After fifteen years of being an author and having many book to his credit we hear that Wishart has moved on to build a new association with PlashMill Press, a small print-on demand publisher and has his book, Bodies Politics, the latest offering of his Corvinus series, all set to be published. He has broken his association with Hodder & Stoughton,as his association with them didn’t leave him with enough funds to market his books.

He runs his own blog, which aims at promoting authors associated with them.

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