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Police Sergeant, David Wolf, is the main protagonist in a crime thriller series written by American bestselling author Jeff Carson. The author of David Wolf series was born in Seattle, in the U.S and specializes in writing, thriller, mystery and suspense novels.

The author, Jeff Carson began the publication of David Wolf series in 2012 after the publication Foreign Deceit the first book in the series. The latest release from the author is Signature and feature Chief Detective David Wolf and his sidekick Special Agent Kristen Luke racing against a sadistic killer whose crime activity have been reported in the four corners of Colorado and now already spilling into Rocky Points, the small town in Colorado.

Foreign Deceit

The Colorado Deputy Sergeant David Wolf life takes a complete turn when he receives news that his brother who had been living and working in Italy has committed suicide. Wolf is at the crucial point in his police career; he is just a few days from being potentially elected by the town’s council to replacing the retiring Sheriff of the county and has a serious conflict with his rival, the son of one of the board members.

Having no choice, Sergeant Wolf travels to Italy since he is suspicious to the cause of death of his brother. He finds that the local police in Italy, popularly known as the Carabinieri have already ruled it out as a suicide but are hesitant to cooperate with him for a short period as he investigates his brother’s recent activities that could have led to his death.

His investigations lead him into discovering a Romanian underworld realm in the small Italian town that he now believes had something to do with his brother’s murder.

The first novel in David Wolf series is a kind of interesting one, the author Jess Carson showcases his outstanding skills in crafting an international mystery and thriller. While reading this novel one thing that you will love is how the characters are developed. For instance, David Wolf has a taste for investigations, he was an army ranger and now has returned to his small town in Colorado to work as the deputy sheriff, but his goal is to become sheriff of the county just like his father.

David is strong alpha male, handsome and quite smart. However, he somehow lives a secretive life because when another deputy attempts to kill him, he does not say a word to anyone about the incident.

The Italian part of the story adds some flavor to the atmosphere of the novel. The beautiful Carabinieri officer who is assigned to work with the sergeant adds some interesting element to the story.

This story also features some well-done twists and turns, the sergeant family (ex-wife and the 12-year-old son) provided some dynamics.

Alive and Killing

In the third installment of David Wolf series, we find the Colorado Sergeant David Wolf enjoying the camping trip of his life with his adorable son. Having had to go through months of grinding over the murky meltwaters of the Rockies and the dirtier politics of the small town taking a vacation was a way to relief the pressure on him.

While on camping a man with fresh burns shows up on their trailing, he appears to fallen from due to the heavy load on his bag and running hell wild from something. Wolf suspects that his father and son outing might have been compromised and taken a swift turn for the worst.

Unfortunately, he is dead right; Wolf is put into deadly battle while with the last person he wants to be by his side in a violent action- his only son. When the news of their unpleasant encounter in the woods travels through the valleys, the local FBI agents want to take of David’s Wolf investigations. They hope that they will help halt corruption and murder emanating 7000 miles in the heart of Afghanistan.

David Wolf does not heed to the FBI call to stand down even if this case is connected to the matters of national security, goes ahead with the investigation and does not give a damn especially when his son’s safety is at stake.

In this thrilling third installment of the David Wolf series, Wolf joins forces with a cute FBI agent whether she likes it or not to bring to light a cross continent border conspiracy threatening anyone who has stumbled on it.

Alive and Killing is a good example of a compact crime mystery novel with a fascinating setting- Colorado. The main character, Wolf, has less than twelve months on the job as a sheriff of the small mountain town; however, his military background skills are quite impressive. He shares custody of their twelve-year-old son. Reading this novel, you will love every detail on each page as you march side by side with Sheriff David Wolf who in this case becomes the hunted and the hunter.

Deadly Conditions

A major snowstorm has hit Rocky Points, a small town in the mountainous Colorado, and while the skiers are having a moment of their life, the rest of the people in the small town are struggling to move around.

It is not long before a dead body is unearthed from the snow- the person was brutally murdered and the body marked with some cryptic message. The town’s sheriff, David Wolf, and his team are put on the clock and are left with a puzzle to solve- to find the serial killer and stop him before more bodies start piling up in the icy, rocky town.

Wolf, the now elected sheriff of the town, is determined to stop at nothing until the killer is identified. His investigations lead him to discover corruption involving highest authorities, and thus he is forced to gamble out almost everything including his life and his career to surface the truth above the white dead snow.

Deadly Conditions provides more thrills and actions like never seen before. With a killer on the loose and Wolf higher on ranks, it is epic races that will only see the brave survive. The series provides a close attention to details, some good chemistry & friendly interactions between characters thus making it a hard to put down.

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11 Responses to “David Wolf”

  1. Martin: 6 months ago

    Was there a time jump between 13&14? I’m listening to the audio book and the same narrator sounds like he doing David’s coo differently, plus there’s very little of the 2 years when he was the interim sheriff ?

  2. Rose Hauge: 2 years ago

    I have read all of the David Wolfe series and have preordered the newest on Amazon. Your writing is compelling, entertaining, fair, exciting honest and much more. Wolfes’ respect for women comes through and I really appreciate that as a female reader. At the same time he’s very masculine without being macho for the most part. Great reading!

  3. Edwana Dean: 2 years ago

    Love this series. I’m on # 10, Dark Mountain. He has a new one out or coming out soon. Death Canyon

  4. Susan Hudson: 2 years ago

    I LOVE your David Wolf series. I am on #14. I wish you would keep writing this series. I am trying to read slow and savor the rest of the books. Let me know if you plan to write more of this series.


    Susan Hudson

  5. WILLIAM FORISTAL: 3 years ago

    Great books. I’ve read them all and really like the characters and the clever plot lines. I do have a question. What did Paul Womack mean when he said “I pushed him” at the end of “Dark Mountain”?

    • Good question I didn’t think about that till you mentioned it just now ?: 2 years ago

      When you find out please email me ? I would love to know. I have been listening to the series thru Audible’s audiobooks because I’m Dyslexic and have trouble reading. I really love the series and started book 14 today. I may have to read #16 the Dark Canyon because it isn’t on audio yet. I almost feel like I know all the Characters. The books have made me laugh , cry , and think a lot. The narrator of this series is awesome too. Feel like I have known him for ever.

    • Cat Westcott: 1 year ago

      Just got done with Rain and I love these books. I have been listening to the books on Amazon Audible. I think Paul pushed his brother when he was younger to cause his brothers brain damage. He’s remembering so “I pushed Him”. He is so guilt ridden when he feels at fault with his fellow soldier that he goes off the deep end.

      • Brenda hakr: 1 year ago

        I have have read all your books sets up to number 17 have bought the all I’m enjoying them a lot can’t wait for more

    • Kate: 11 months ago

      Means he pushed his brother when he was younger,

  6. Pam Winters: 3 years ago

    Really great series!

  7. Betn: 3 years ago

    Best series I’ve read in a long while.


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