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Publication Order of John Dies at the End Books

as Jason Pargin
John Dies at the End (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Book Is Full of Spiders (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
What the Hell Did I Just Read (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
If This Book Exists, You're in the Wrong Universe (As: Jason Pargin) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Zoey Ashe Books

as Jason Pargin
Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Zoey Is Too Drunk for This Dystopia (As: Jason Pargin) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

David Wong is a pen name for Jason Pargin. He is an American humor writer. He has written three novels namely; This Book is Full of Spiders, John Dies at the End, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits. John Dies at the End was featured in a film in 2012 using the same name. He is also the editor of Cracked, a humor website. Jason was born on 10th January, 1975 in Lawrenceville, Illinois. He attended high school where he met Mark Leighty also known as John Ceese. These two writers met in an art class where they shared ideas. Wong proceeded to attend the Southern Illinois University where he enrolled into a radio-television program. He was part of Consumer Advocate, a TV show on Alt.News cable TV. After campus, he lived in Marion, Illinois until late in 2014. He then moved to Nashville.

Two years after graduating he started his own humor site called Pointless Waste of Time. This developed into the renowned Cracked website. He developed PWOT while working as a copy editor at a law firm. He edited insurance claims for the firm while posting humor articles on his site. He published a web serial based on the story he wrote on every Halloween. The free online versions were read by at least 70,000 people before they were removed in 2008. John Dies is based on the feedback provided by the readers of the web serial. He adopted the name David Wong as he started the online writing career. This was an effort of keeping his online and real life separate. He did not want his work mates to get around his writing career. This is because most of his work was inspired by real people. His real name became common after signing a book and a film deal. He went on to defend himself my claiming that he wanted to live a simple life.

The web prominence forced Demand Media to hire Wong. Demand was unaware of Wong’s book writing career. He became the head editor for the online magazine, Part of the deal was to merge PWOT with Cracked forums. There were many incompatibility issues as reported by Wong. He is known to have published an article that talked about Dunbars number with humor. This was again seen in his book, This Book is Full of Spiders. He is now responsible for running the Cracked website. He has a monthly column called David Wong’s End Times Report. He also wrote the script for the Starship Icarus, a Cracked video series. The series had a production controversy which elevated it to a national level. The story is about common people who are responsible of keeping the ship running while high people enjoy the adventure.

John Dies at the End was the pioneer book-project. The publishers rejected his book at first. Fortunately, Permuted Press accepted to publish the book in 2007. Additional material was included in the second edition published by Thomas Dunne Books. The book was received well in the market. This success caught Don Corscarelli`s attention who decided to make a film based on the book. He went on to produce the film after acquiring the rights. The filming was done in Southern California from late 2010 until early 2011. The actors include Chase Williamson, Paul Giamatti, Rob Mayes and Clancy Brown. The film was premiered during the Sundance Film Festival on 23rd January, 2012. It was also played in Austin, Texas at South by Southwest on 12th March, 2012. The book is about a drug that promises to provide a super-body experience. It is refereed as the common sauce in the streets. People appear to drift across time and space. Some come back as non-humans. Later, a space invasion takes place and mankind needs saving. John and David, two college drop outs get a chance to do something worthwhile. These two are expected to stop this horror. This book enabled David Wong to win a cult status.

David Wong went on to write another book called This Book is Full of Spiders. It was published by St. Martin’s Press in 2012. It is a follow up to the previous boo. A year has passed since the events of the outer world invasion. Both David and John continue with their lives. One day they follow up a military convoy and discover a strange box at the back. While asleep, David is attacked by a spider-like creature. The creatures turn on to the officer who comes to investigate. The creature takes control of his body with a zombie effect. The infection spreads throughout the town. Panic ensues as the town is isolated in attempt to stop the spread of the infection. David Wong talks about the possibility of having a living spider in your skull. This creature secrets a chemical in your brain that stimulates skepticism. This prevents you from seeking a cure. It cannot be felt since it controls the nervous system. It decides what you feel and what you see. There is no telling what will happen if everyone around you has spiders in their skull.

The Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits is a third novel written by David Wong. It is the first book that steered away from the Soy Sauce Series. In this book, he decides to taken people into the near future. A young woman and her smelly cat found themselves in a world of fortunes, assassins and technology which provides super powers. Zoey Ashe, finds herself at the center of a wild war between the rich and powerful people. In the street nothing is illegal especially for the rich. She can only trust the associates of her dead father. The associates are called The Suits. They are well dressed individuals who seem to be the only form of order in this chaotic future. But still Zoey has to figure out if they can be trusted. This book is filled with class divisions, an overbearing media presence, suspicious military technology, gaudy, Christmas decorations and corporate over-saturation. David Wong has proven to be a master of humor and horror in this book. His work exhibits a brilliant and cynical comedy. He appears to be a keen observer of human condition and proceeds to predict their future.

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