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Publication Order of Karin Müller Books

Stasi Child (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stasi Wolf (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Darker State / Stasi State (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stasi 77 (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stasi Winter (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stasi Game (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

A British writer born in Hull, the mystery thriller novelist David Young has a definite gift for suspense and tension. Studying history he also has a clear eye for accuracy, as he is able to convey a very real sense of realism in his stories too. This gives his premises a grounded feel to the action, as they allow the characters to come alive within them, fully exploring their worlds.

Early and Personal Life

Born near Hull in the United Kingdom, David Young would grow up with a strong passion for both reading and writing. Focusing himself on his craft, he would largely become fascinated with the crime and thriller genres, taking everything about them into account. Over time this would allow him to flourish as an author, giving him the voice that he needed to continue as a writer.

Attending and graduating from Bristol University whereby he gained a science degree, he also went on to study Humanities at the Bristol Polytechnic. During this time he would continue to nurture his love of the written word, whilst also acquiring an academic background. Specializing in the subject of Modern History whilst at the Polytechnic, he would also give himself a wealth of material from which to work from.

Following this he would also go on to undertake a number of odd jobs prior to graduating, such as driving a butcher’s van, along with cleaning ferry toilets. After that he would go on to work as a journalist for local provincial newspapers before going on to a London news agency, followed by the BBC. Not only would all this allow him to build his brand as a writer, it would also provide him with the necessary tools required when telling a story for public consumption.

Still writing to this very day, David Young currently lives in both the Isle of Wight and Hull, where he continues to put out work on a regular basis. Writing from his garden shed for much of the time, he mainly focuses on thrillers, many with an air of Cold War paranoia about them. This allows him to get his message across, giving him the standing he needs to continue taking his writing career forwards as a whole.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first book through the ‘Twenty7’ books publishing label, Young initially released ‘Stasi Child’ to much acclaim in 2015 on the 1st of October. Setting up the ‘Karin Muller’ franchise, it would come to be the first in the now much loved series of books from David Young. It would also work at giving the reader a self-contained mystery for the police investigator, as well as setting up the overall arc and premise.

The series of ‘Karin Muller’ itself is a period piece set during the Cold War, specifically in the seventies. Following the leading protagonist of Karin Muller herself, it sees her time as a Oberlieutenant operating in East Germany at that time. Conjuring up the atmosphere and ambiance of the time, it works well to create a style and tone evocative of the period in question.

Winning awards for his various efforts too, Young has managed to gain recognition for both him and his work. Gaining the course prize from his Crime Thriller MA from City University, he won an award for his debut novel ‘Stasi Child’. Following this he has become one of the top five bestsellers on the Amazon Kindle as well, giving him commercial recognition too.

Translated across the world, Young has an international audience, largely thanks to the universality of his themes and ideas. With readers from far and wide discovering his work every day, he has managed to find success in a variety of different countries. Not only that, but he has also had his work optioned for television, which will see his novels adapted for the screen soon.

With a lot more to come as an author, David Young continues to grow from strength-to-strength as a writer. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, he manages to keep up a public profile that’s respected throughout the industry. Not showing signs of stopping any time soon either, he will carry on writing into the foreseeable future for some time to come yet.

Stasi Wolf

Released in 2017 to much acclaim, this was first published on the 9th of February just a little over a year after the first. Carrying on from the last it manages to replicate the tone of the original, whilst simultaneously taking it forwards in the process. It also gives the reader a clear idea of what’s to come in the series ahead, whilst providing plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Following Karin Muller in East Germany, 1975, she has been effectively sidelined by the murder squad there in Berlin. It is then that she gets sent to Halle-Neustadt in order to investigate a pair of infant twins who have apparently gone missing there. With the town itself being an exemplary example of the Communist establishment she is forbidden from making the disappearances well known. Will she be able to find the infants? Can she solve the case? How will she cope with the Stasi wolf?

A Darker State

Published in 2018 about a year after the previous novel, this title originally published in February on the 8th. Initially released through the ‘Zaffre’ publishing label, this would continue on from the last, further developing the world and the characters. It would also build upon the initial ambiance created in the previous novel too, establishing it all even deeper than before.

Given a new assignment by the forensic pathologist in Berlin, Karin Muller is left wondering whether or not she’ll be able to juggle the case and her family. The case involves a young man being tortured, though, and it seems she can’t ignore it as she finds herself embroiled in a massive conspiracy. Operating behind the backs of the Stasi this time, she aims to investigate undetected, as she looks to solve the case without any supervision. Will she get to the bottom of it? Can she find who’s behind the torturing? What goes on in a darker state?

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  1. Derek Graham: 3 months ago

    I have enjoyed reading the Karin Müller series very much. Having visited the DDR in 1969 despite being cosseted by our “minders” we were able to feel some of the oppression. We went out as a group for the night, when our S-Bahn train reached Friedrichstrasse Station we sat waiting for the train to continue not realising that this was the “end of the line” for anyone in the DDR. A couple informed us curtly that we had to leave the train. Stasi people perhaps? We ended up walking down Wilhelmstrasse to U Bahn station Mitte it was dark , dingy and dismal whilst the lights of W. Berlin shone brightly a mere few hundred yards away.
    Not all the DDR system was so crushing I got tonsillitis while in Dresden staying in the Inter Hotel. A doctor came to see me at first I was given sulphonamides which achieved nothing so the doctor administered a shot of penicillin instead of tablets as per the UK. He took out a vial cut off the top to allow him to fill the syringe. Just a couple of my experiences in the DDR!


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