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Davila LeBlanc is a science fiction thriller, and horror writer from Ottawa, Canada. He went to college to study journalism but soon after graduating, he began working in the circuits in Montreal where he had found work as a performer and part-time writer. It was while he was working the Montreal circuit that he co-created “The League of Super Evil” a children’s comedy series. This was his debut into television production, where he would become a well-known name in the space. In 2013, he took a year off as he wanted to pen the manuscript for his first novel “Dark Transmission” after years working on TV shows. He followed it up with “Syndicate Pawns” in 2016 published by Harper Collins that had also published his debut. During this time, he was also still working on TV and produced “Deadshack,” a comedy horror film that was produced and filmed in British Columbia and released in 2018. Davila adds his voice from the inspiration he gets from the comics, occult, fantasy, magic, and science fiction novels that he likes to read. The gifted storyteller currently lives with his wife in Ottawa.

Davila was brought up in a big family where he learned how to observe how different family members related to each other. He started writing as soon as he could write and read though he was critical of almost everything he read in his early twenties. He remembers complaining about movies and books and how he thought he could do it better. It was then that he was struck with the thought of why not do it himself, after all he had nothing to lose. His interest in writing originated from reading “The Lord of The Rings” as a ten-year-old. He loved it so much that he wanted to make something similar when he grew up. As a fourteen-year-old, he was reading “The Gunslinger” and “Dune,” which further cemented his desire to become an author. He first believed he could make something of a writing career when he got the payment for the pilot script for “League of Super Evil.” Up until then, he had been making very little editing other people’s works for nothing and hence once he made a significant amount, he knew that he had a viable career.

Davila LeBlanc gets much of his inspiration from the real world. Much of the time he is thinking in narrative/story mode as he loves telling stories and crafting new worlds. It is during these times that he is most productive and at his happiest. He has said that the more he writes the closer he is to the self he has become and hence he has a hard time when not writing. Since LeBlanc has been inspired by science fiction and fantasy, he finds it easier to write in the two genres. Moreover, he cannot remember a time when he was not reading or writing science fiction and fantasy. Given his love for these genres, he finds writing them easy and incredibly fun. He was inspired to write when Jocelyn Baxter his friend encouraged him to take the annual NaNoRemo challenge. He thought it would take a month to pen a manuscript for his debut novel but the end of the month found him having written only the outline. He got depressed for a time until Jaymie Dylan a fellow creative reminded him that the best way to get published was just write, even if he did not feel like it. Once he began, he was inspired by Jessie Mathieson his wife who gave him so much encouragement, especially when he told her that he would model the lead character of his debut novel on her. She kissed and thanked him profusely and he believes that his bestselling novels “Dark Transmissions” and “Syndicate’s Pawns” would have been impossible without her help.

Davila LeBlanc’s “Dark Transmissions” is set in the distant future of the 23rd century, where the engineering couple of David and Jessie Madison are conducting routine maintenance of Moria 3 orbital mining station under contract. They just woke up from cryo-stasis to find that while they were sleeping, machines had invaded their homeland and defeated humanity. They are now maroons and at the mercy of OMEX, a malicious intelligence that controls the station. Desperate, they rig an emergency transmission trying to send out a message to anyone that had not yet been subdued by the invaders. Out in space, Captain Morwyn Soltaine of the Jinxed Thirteenth which is part of the Covenant Patrol picks up the distress signal sent out by the maroons. But the message is broadcast in an ancient language that had been spoken by the conquered peoples of Earth and had not been spoken in thousands of years. Even more incredible he is carrying two survivors on his ship. They decided to mount a rescue operation not knowing that this would be one of the most dangerous missions they ever undertook. As the future and past collide, what would have been a routine mission is now a dangerous game of wits.

“Syndicate’s Pawns” by LeBlanc is set a month after the crew of the Jinxed Thirteenth completed a dangerous mission on Moria 3, the derelict space station. They had rescued the only crew member that they found on the station, though the deranged AI on the station had all but corrupted the motherboard on the ship. The small crew is now frantically attempting to repair the computer since the ship can hardly function in its current state. Jessie Madison had woken up from his cryo-state induced sleep to find her worst fears had come true. She is the last human in the galaxy and all around her ate descendants of the human race but she understands very little about them. Even their basic alphabet is like Greek to her and the only person she can communicate with is Marla Varsin the ship’s doctor and Machina Chord the translator. Then Althena the trading vessel comes onto the scene and Domiant the shrewd trader and valiant captain of the ship offers to sell the crew of the crippled Thirteenth whatever they need. They allow the crew of the Althena on board to help with repairs but it is not long before they realize they had allowed a cunning enemy to infiltrate their ranks. Jessie Madison, the crew of the crippled ship, and Captain Soltaine are facing the fight of their lives as a dangerous game of deception plays out.

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