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Davin Goodwin
Davin Goodwin’s family members have always been epic storytellers. Davin himself wrote short stories regularly in high school and college. Later in life, he freelanced many articles for industry and trade publications. Writing a novel bounced around in the back of his brain for many years, however it never found a way out of the darkness.

He became hooked on reading after he read “Call of the Wild” by Jack London, which was mandatory reading for the sixth grade. It is a book that changed his life for good.

Robert B. Parker’s Spenser is Davin’s favorite literary character. This is because he likes his no-nonsense style. The tales are straightforward, yet they have well developed characters in them. Also, he likes Spenser’s snappy dialogue and his way with words. Davin cites Robert B. Parker also as being his largest literary influence on him.

His wife, named Leslie (Double L, Lovely Leslie), and he have visited the island of Bonaire close to thirty times over the years, many of these trips for extended periods. They have also accumulated over eight hundred scuba dives on the island. The place is their home away from home.

The island was a perfect place to set the type of novel he was looking to write. Yes, the book would be a murder mystery. However, he needed a more laid-back and slightly exotic setting. He wanted the novel to partially be centered around scuba diving, which is an activity he and his wife enjoy doing together as often as they can.

During the Spring of the year 2010, with some mild coaxing coming from family and friends, the idea for “Diver’s Paradise” came to fruition. But, after almost a year of writing, he gave up on it, not touching the story for close to six years. In the Spring of 2017, he pulled the now tattered manuscript, rewrote and edited it until he was blue in the face, then he endured the daily heart palpitations, waiting for submission responses from both publishers and agents.

Nine months after he sent his first submission in, and after agonizing over the many rejections, Oceanview Publishing, to Davin’s good luck, offered up a contract. Now he would be a published author.

Davin enjoys being outdoors while the weather is nice. He isn’t especially fond of cold weather and snow, which can be tough living in the midwestern and frigid state of Wisconsin.

Exercise is a passion of Davin’s, however, he doesn’t do it nearly as intensely as he did in the past. Biking, swimming, and running are his favorites. Golf and Davin decided that they can no longer be friends with another.

Through both high school and college, he played violin in both the orchestras and the community ensembles. Much to the chagrin of the people closest to him, around the age of sixteen he was struck with the uncontrollable desire to play five-string banjo. Play he did. Hours and hours each day. Every single day.

In the year 1992, the band he played with at the time, traveled to the Ukraine and performed for the International Kiev Music Festival. Davin has also recorded many albums and performed on television and radio.

Originally he is from Rockford, Illinois and attended college in Jonesboro, Arkansas at Arkansas State University and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. He is married with a daughter and a stepson, both of whom are grown.

Professionally, he has about thirty years’ experience in the technology industry and manages a group of software developers for a mid-sized and local company. Previously, he has owned many small businesses, a semi-professional banjo player, aerial photographer, a flight instructor, and a real estate investor.

Davin’s debut novel, called “Diver’s Paradise”, was released in the year 2020, and is from the mystery genre.

“Diver’s Paradise” is the first novel in the “Roscoe Conklin Mystery” series and was released in the year 2020. Detective Roscoe Conklin, after 25 years on the job, decides to trade in his badge for a pair of sandals and shorts and moves out to Bonaire, a tiny island nestled in the southern part of the Caribbean. The palm trees, warm water, and sunsets are wrecked when his long-time cop buddy and friend back home gets killed.

Conklin dusts off some markers and phones his old department trying to get information. It is slow moving, although, that’s no surprise, since it’s an active investigation and his old compadres back home won’t say a thing. He is two thousand miles away and living in paradise. Does he actually think he will be able to help out? They only suggest he head to the beach and get some sun.

For Conklin, it is not all that simple. Being on the outside looking in? Not him and it never has been. Nor will it ever be.

A suspicious mishap lands Arabella, his significant other, into the hospital, the island police conduct a sluggish investigation, at best, stonewalling all progress. Conklin questions the evidence and challenges the methods of the department. Something is not at all right. Arabella wasn’t the intended target of this hit. Roscoe himself was.

Davin Goodwin delivers a debut novel that is engaging and fast paced that is sure to linger long after the final page. This is a heady and fun combination of intrigue and suspense that appeals to the underdog in everybody, and delivers what mystery fans crave. The novel kicks off with a bang and never lets up for a moment, and it is a fantastic Caribbean mystery. Fans enjoyed each of the characters and the way that Davin writes. It is the ultimate beach read for those who love sand, sun, and turquoise water.

Readers enjoyed this one and felt like making room at the table with authors like Harlan Coben, John Grisham, and Lee Child, as here is a stay-up-all-night page turner book in all the great traditions of the American thriller. This is due to Davin be a big new voice, who is now an author to watch and a great talent.

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