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Dawn Altieri
Dawn Altieri, who is a lifelong resident of northern New Jersey, has been writing stories since birth pretty much. After she reached a milestone birthday (she won’t say which one), she figured it was time she tried writing professionally.

With a slightly twisted mind and an overactive imagination, she enjoys reading dangerous and dark tales almost as much as she likes to write them. When she isn’t curled up on her sofa with her laptop, a box of chocolates, her latest story, and a cup of tea (or glass of wine, depending on what time of day it is), she can be found volunteering in the animal rescue world. Dawn could also live off of chocolate alone. Particularly dark chocolate with raspberries.

In order to keep a roof over her head, she works as a graphic production artist in the printing industry.

Dawn shares her home with a menagerie of rescued fur-children, her husband, and daughter.

In her whole life, she has had three dogs and seven cats, just not all at the same time. Those that are close to her and know her love for animals, are usually shocked at just how low these numbers are.

During college, she was a DJ at Seton Hall University’s heavy metal station, WSOU in New Jersey. A very good buddy of hers nicknamed the late-night shift “The Dawn of the Dead Show”. She can also name almost every classic rock or heavy metal song in under ten seconds.

Dawn’s also worked jobs in food service, retail, and child care, however none of these jobs have ever held a candle to being a writer. She finds that she is an extreme introvert, but figures all writers are.

“Burn” is Dawn’s first novel. Unless the baby kidnapper story she began writing in junior high and never completed counts. But then, there’s also that rock-star girlfriend she wove during high school. Or that one she also never finished writing in college, about the mom that’s haunted by the infant daughter she lost. Or there’s the tale about the detective that falls for the victim of this crime he’s attempting to solve. Okay, so “Burn” is about the sixteenth or seventeenth novel, but really who’s counting?

Chloe Addison, the heroine of “Burn”, was named after her friend Nancy’s kitty. She also did a lot of research online regarding arson techniques as she wrote “Burn”, and she very well might be on some kind of FBI watch list as a result.

Dawn’s had a girl crush on Jennifer Aniston since the very first episode of “Friends”. It might be because she has been married to two of the hottest men in Hollywood, or the hair, or it could be the string of romantic comedies. She is unsure why, but she just loves Jennifer.

“Burn” was nominated for a 2018 New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award Finalist for Best First Book and was a Runner-Up for Heart of Denver Romance Writers’ Aspen Gold Readers’ Choice Award for Best Romantic Suspense.

“Burn” is Dawn’s debut novel, and was released in the year 2017. Her work is from the romantic suspense, and chick lit genres.

“Burn” is the first novel in the “Romance in Ridgeport” series and was released in the year 2017. Things are heating up in the Ridgeport Fire Department.

Chloe Addison is right on the verge of a promising career in real estate development until one explosion ruins her first major project and throws suspicion on her in the arson investigation. Her career is all of a sudden at risk, and potentially her life.

Ryan Monroe, a firefighter, wants to land a spot on the arson team, and getting close to Chloe could be the best way for him to solve his first investigation. Despite having a painful past of his own, Ryan’s dedicated himself to saving others, and when he realizes that she is in danger, she is no exception. He just may be the perfect guy to rescue her, however their attraction might bring them both down in flames.

Fans of the book found this to be an outstanding tale with some real characters that you connect with and feel for. Both Chloe and Ryan are wonderfully flawed characters that you cannot help but fall in love with, as they are fantastic characters by themselves and together. Their chemistry between them is off the charts right from the start. The mystery in the novel keeps you guessing the entire way through, and you keep reading to find the answers to the mystery.

“Dangerous Desires” is the first novel in the “Killer Instincts” series and was released in the year 2020. He would do anything he had to in order to save her.

Three years after Emma Sloane’s wealthy fiance died mysteriously, she is finally ready to move on and start pursuing her own dreams. Her plans get derailed when she is attacked outside of her New York City apartment in what she believes is just a random violent incident. The other women that look just like her begin ending up dead.

Jake Quinn, a homicide detective, is haunted by that one case he was unable to solve. He is put in charge of a new high-profile murder case, and he interviews one victim that escaped one similar attack. To his shock, it is Emma, the former fiancee of his unsolved murder victim.

Neither one expects the sparks of attraction between the two of them. The killer begins to escalate, obviously targeting Emma, and Jake’s job is put at risk. Will he be able to solve this case before it is too late for the both of them?

Dawn pulls off the proper balance between supercharged suspense and steamy romance in this, weaving a fine line between the two. The storyline keeps you interested as you attempt to figure out who is stalking Emma, as Dawn tosses a few suspects into the mix and keeps you guessing who the culprit is. Readers like how protective and sweet Jake is with Emma, since he’s always been a sweetheart and had a soft spot for her.

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